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  • The Cardiwrap: I Tried It. I Liked It!

    CardiwrapCardiwrapI've always been intrigued by cardiwraps -- cardigans that are designed to be worn dozens of different ways.

    So when Kymaro offered to send me a sample of its own Cardi Wrap, I was excited to try it out for myself.

    Of course, in the ads for Cardi Wraps, you see them worn all kinds of exotic ways (check out this model to the left, for example), but how would a real woman like me, one with less than five minutes to get dressed, wear a Cardi Wrap?

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    Keep reading and I'll show you all I came up with.

    I think you'll be surprised ...


    Here's the Cardi Wrap at its most basic. I'll admit I'm not crazy about this color, but I didn't get to choose it. The Cardi Wrap comes in seven different shades, including my favorites -- red, gray, and black -- so keep that in mind. I love the Cardi Wrap worn like this.

    CardiwrapBut I also like it with one side tossed over the shoulder, like so.

    CardiwrapIt even

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  • Your Kid Is Safer With a Pit Bull Than a Babysitter

    pit bulls
    You know the rep pit bulls have. Vicious fighting dogs. Maulers. Baby killers. Sounds a little like certain despotic rulers we've encountered in recent years.

    And it's all bull (pun totally intended).

    At this point, if you still believe all that crap, you're either completely ignorant or just plain stupid. You really think that dogs are that ferocious just because of their breed? That's like still believing that Indians are savages, out to steal your scalp and rape your women.

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    It makes me sick that people are still such breedists. That's right, I said it. People who feel negatively towards pit bulls just because they're pits are breedists.

    And there are assholes out there like Michael Vick who perpetuate the myth by maintaining dog fighting rings. I actually have to thank him, because if he wasn't famous, that story never would have gotten the attention it did. Think about it, how

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  • Best & Worst Kid Role Models of 2010

    The under-18 set has been crazy in the news this year. Shouldn't they all be home studying? For the ones making news in the "bad" category, let me just say: We get it. You never wanted to be a role model. You were forced into fame and screw those people who think you have to live a certain way. Blah, blah, blah. Still, you're getting called out, Taylor.

    Luckily not all of them are smoking Salvia from a bong (but some of them are!), so we can bring you the best and worst kid role models of 2010.

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    Here are a few of each:


    • Alexis & Collin Gosselin: Physically abusing a teacher and other children is pretty high up on the list of offenses I wouldn't want my children committing, but the two Gosselin children were even expelled from school for the offense! Sounds like someone is going to be getting a lump of coal in their stocking this holiday.

    • Miley Cyrus: Pole-dancing was just the beginning
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  • 10 Worst Fast Food Products of 2010

    grilled cheese burgermelt

    Fast food isn't good for us -- that we know. But there are some particular menu items that came out in 2010 that were bound and determined to repulse us into submission -- or worse -- kill us altogether.

    The worst offenders made this Top 10 list either because they were egregiously unhealthy or because the general concept made our gag reflex kick in (ahem, lasagna sandwich).

    Join us as we count down to the worst fast food product of 2010.

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    10. Sausage Pancake Bites

    You can run, but you can't hide from Dunkin' Donuts Meat Munchkins -- the ads for which have been terrorizing people on TV, online and even on the subway. It's true: Fast food breakfast was trendy in 2010. But that's still no excuse for DD to pawn off these greasy little breakfast balls on innocent customers.

    9. $2 Meal Deals (from Taco Bell)

    One measly taco, one cup of watered-down

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  • Here's My Mom Uniform -- What's Yours?

    Lindsay FerrierLindsay FerrierThis season, "The Look" that everyone's wearing was made for moms.

    Cozy flyaway cardigans, skinny pants, and boots -- it's a look that's totally mom-friendly, provided you know how to wear it.

    We've discussed aspects of this look before, but in this post, I'm going to get specific on how to make what's become my Mom Uniform this season work.

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    I'm also going to tell you where I've found my favorite pieces.

    Want the skinny?

    Read on ....

    First off, the look above is a combination of a few old pieces and a few new ones.

    The cowl neck top is from Ann Taylor. I got it last year and it's probably my favorite black top. It's still available as the Modern Cowl Neck Sweater (Ann Taylor, $88), but if you're quick, you can get it now for 40% off (like I did!) with the code HOLIDAY.

    I got the cardigan about a month ago at 40% off from Ann Taylor and I LOVE it. The Open Front Cardigan (Ann Taylor, $68)

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  • Breaking Up Is Now Even Harder to Do ... Thanks, Google

    Regardless of how a break-up ends, the transition from becoming lovers to friends (or to strangers) is extremely difficult. Not having the ability to forward along a funny email you know he'll laugh at, or shoot a quick text when you're bored is, for me personally, the most challenging aspect of a break-up.

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    Usually due to loneliness or alcohol, I end up caving and sending along that prohibited email, confessing how unhappy I am without him. Nothing good ever comes from it, and I end up spiraling into yet another lovesick depression and eating yet another pint of Ben & Jerry's.

    To keep myself from getting repeatedly heartbroken (and fat), my personal solution has been to just sever all contact. At least until my heart has had time to mend. I delete his number in my phone, unfriend him on Facebook, and delete his email.

    This has always worked in the past because with a simple click, he's out of my life until I'm

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  • Kardashian Christmas Card: Was Goth a Wise Choice?

    There are so many things wrong with this Christmas card from the Kardashian klan, I don't even know where to start. Actually, I do. What were their stylists thinking?

    While there may not be any ugly Christmas sweaters in this year's Kardashian Christmas card, there's surely not a lack of awkwardly serious faces.

    First, why is Kourtney dressed like a man? Is it because she plays the dominant role in her marriage with her entrepreneurial and trouble-causing husband? Sorry, Kourt, this isn't dress-up time. Halloween was two months ago.

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    It seems like Kylie is also still stuck in October with her Addams Family getup. Haven't her sisters been spending a lot of time in New York City lately? I'd recommend that Kylie head over to Broadway to see the show's revival. Maybe she'll get an autograph from Bebe Neuwirth (oh ... how I miss her Chicago days).

    And of course, who could forget Kim? Oh Kimmy, dressed

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  • Junk Drawer Psychoanalysis: What Your Crap Reveals

    junk drawer
    We all have one, possibly more. It's where we put things like batteries and receipts and other things we find useful. It's where all the odds and ends from the kitchen counter go when company is at the door.

    You know what I'm talking about: it's the junk drawer.

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    It's the great abyss, Streganona's pot of junk. It grows until finally there is so much crap you have no idea what's in there. You open it intending to organize it only to slam it shut in disgust. Those drawers are some intimidating beasts!

    So I rounded up photos from six of our staffers and brought them to Jill Pollack Lewis, organizer extraordinaire and quite the junk psychologist.

    Did you know your junk has a type? It does. Jill took one look at the photos and identified each type of junk and the perfect solution. See if you find your brand of junk in the mix.

    junk drawer

    The Archaeological Dig

    She's made an attempt at

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  • You’ve Been Eating Fake Chocolate All Along

    chocolatechocolateChocoholics, grab your pitchforks! I just read that the average American chocolate bar has only 4 to 10 percent of actual chocolate in it. While I scarf down a Godiva to lessen the blow, I'm not sure which complaint to lodge with the Candy Man first: false advertising or how badly Americans are being ripped off?

    Let's start with the obvious complaint here. They're advertising chocolate bars, but according to this Sun Journal report, the number one ingredient seems to be refined sugar, followed by milk solids, cocoa processed with alkali, artificial flavors, emulsifiers, and other fillers. Finally, we know why just one chocolate bar at that time of the month does nothing to tame the Incredible Hulk-sized craving.

    More from The Stir: Yogurt -- You Might as Well Drink a Soda Instead

    I was shell-shocked (and hungry), so I had to check up on this one. It seems about right. The better name for them would be "refined sugar bars," but the Food and Drug Administration doesn't

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  • Ex-Husbands With Benefits: A Bad Idea?

    candy bars in bedcandy bars in bedDear Dating Mom:

    Can I start dating while still sleeping with my ex-husband?

    We can't stand each other but we love sleeping together. Of course now that the divorce is final, I really want to get back out on the dating scene and start meeting new men. Do I need to permanently boot my booty call before meeting new guys or can I keep my little sugar on the side?


    Screwed Him More Than My Lawyer

    Dear Screwed Him More Than My Lawyer:

    Things I could imagine myself doing before I would ever sleep with my ex husband:

    1. Give myself a root canal

    2. Move back in with my parents.

    3. Pick up my dog's poop using nothing but my bare hands.

    Which leads me to wonder, how good is your ex in the sack that you would actually want to continue having relations with him even though you say you can't stand each other or, better yet, what the hell kind of technique are you using on this guy and do you give classes?

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