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  • 5 Incredibly Obnoxious Email Habits

    baby emailbaby emailIt's hard to imagine a world without email. It's pretty much our main way of communicating these days. You don't call a business to file a complaint anymore, you email them. You don't stop by your friend's house to show her photos of your kids (that's crazy!), you email her. And if you work in an office, odds are there are days where you send and receive up to 100 emails a day.

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    But some emails are better than others. Some emails you open and you chuckle to yourself, because they're funny and well thought-out. Other emails, not so much. Other emails make you want to hit delete delete delete, because they're so annoying!

    Here are 5 incredibly obnoxious email habits we've surely all been on the receiving end of ... and on the sending end, too. Don't lie.

    "Sent from my ... ": We get it. You have an iPhone. Or a BlackBerry. Congratulations. But by not taking off the "Sent from my" setting, you're

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  • The Must-Have Shoe for Fall

    NordstromNordstromWondering how to update your shoe wardrobe for fall? Wonder no more!

    Mary Janes are back, and better than ever.

    This is one trend I like, both for its retro feel and the fact that a well-positioned strap makes almost any pump more comfortable.

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    I'm crazy about this Prada Wedge, but not so thrilled with its $790 price tag. Not to worry, though. I've got a range of Mary Janes that are far more budget-friendly!

    Lord & TaylorLord & TaylorGet the Prada look for less with these Nine West wedge pumps (Lord & Taylor, $52.49 on sale). This is a PERFECT shoe for work -- sharp, stylish, and reasonably comfortable as well!

    ModClothModClothModCloth is making shoes now, which is not good AT ALL for my bank account! I love this Patent Trending Heel (Modcloth, $57.99). So retro!

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    Lord & TaylorLord & TaylorThere are a lot of lower-heeled Mary Janes out there, but many of them look

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  • 7 Secrets for Making Brown Hair Look Better Than Blond

    natalie portmannatalie portmanNatalie Portman has deserted us. The Oscar-winning actress has gone and abandoned her brunette locks, and we brown-haired beauties have been left wondering what the hell she was thinking. Really, Nat? Ashy blond? Darling, everyone knows that the yellow tide is never as good as the chocolate wave. Brown hair is where it's at, girl.

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    So don't let Natalie's decision scare you, my dark-haired beauties. We may have lost her now, but she'll be back. In the meantime, let's show her what she'll be missing.

    Use these 7 beauty products for brunettes and your chestnut hair will never look better. (Take that, you Black Swan Benedict Arnold!)

    Davines Alchemic Conditioner in Chocolate, $28

    This awesome color-depositing conditioner will give your brown hair a dark boost. High color impact in less than 10 minutes? Brilliant.

    Yves St. Laurent Lipstick in Extreme Coral,

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  • 6 Cold Weather Coats that Will Make You Look Hot (PHOTOS)

    fall jacketfall jacketA fall coat is unlike any other coat, amirite or amirite? I mean, you've got winter coats that are impossible to look cute in, spring coats that you buy and don't really ever wear because by the time you've bought them, hey, look, it's warm outside! and summer jackets that just guarantee a sweaty back and sweaty pits. There's just something about autumn. Maybe it's the style of autumn coats, the cut, or maybe it's the fact that you can dress them up with boots, infinity scarves, and leg warmers. Whatever it is, let it be known: Fall coats are the golden tickets of our time.

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    When you're marching through store after store, shopping for the coat to make all other coats jealous, you've got to keep your eye on the prize. I shop for outerwear that's comfortable and cozy, warm and affordable, but most importantly, I want something unique and fashionable.

    Here are five tips on how to keep your coat collection cool and chic when

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  • Furniture Dipped in Bright Colored Paints: Pretty or Just Plain Strange?

    I've been seeing dipped furniture everywhere -- furniture that's been partly "dipped" in brightly colored paints. While I think it's a pretty cool way to perk up a piece, I'm wondering if this trend is here to stay or just a passing phase.

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    Either way, it's a lot of fun to look at. Click through to see 5 more dipped furniture ideas below!

    Hmmm ... hot pink was a pretty bold choice for these table legs, but I love how it livens up the space.

    If painting good wood makes you nervous, why not just do it halfway?

    I've spotted this side table several times in my browsings, and I have to say, I think it looks awesome!

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    These colorblock dipped chairs are so cool!

    Still not sure how you feel about this trend? Keep it simple by doing a small stool for starters.


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  • 10 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Lose a Few Pounds

    Losing weight is one of those things that tends to sit in the back of our minds, taunting us - if we lost those extra five (okay, 10) pounds, we could wear those old jeans, and that shirt would look SO much better on us! Besides, being a healthy weight is important to so many aspects of our well-being - emotional AND physical.

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    So how do we do it? How do we set out to lose those pesky pounds? It's so hard to do it one gigantic life-changing chunk at a time - and try to take drastic measures like cutting out ALL snacks and refined sugars. Diets like that just set us up for failure.

    Here are some quick and easy ways to get started down a weight loss path.

    1) Park far away from the store. Sure, there's a ton of parking RIGHT THERE at the front, but parking in back is a sure way to get a little exercise without having to go to the gym.

    2) Take the stairs when possible. Notice I didn't say "always," because

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  • 'One-Handed Condom' Could Help Moms Have a Lot More Sex After Kids

    One-handed condom wrapperOne-handed condom wrapperIf I didn't have "quickies," I'd probably never have sex. I hate to say it, but that's what happens when you have four kids. Or for some people, any kids.

    So when I saw this condom that you can open with one hand, I thought it was the perfect invention for busy parents like me who are trying to have good sex after having kids.

    Originally designed with people with disabilities in mind, the one-handed condom wrapper is actually pretty genius for parents too. Considering we're already so rushed in trying to "squeeze one in," even simple things like being able to pop a condom out of the wrapper with one hand is quite helpful. With the perforation in the middle of the packet, all it takes is a quick flip of your wrist and you're ready to go.

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    And if you're anything like me, in the time it takes you (or your partner or spouse) to rip open a condom wrapper with your teeth like a rabid dog tearing through a bag of

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  • 8 Tips for Dating in Your 30s Without Going Completely Crazy

    Dating in your 20s is a whole 'nother ballgame than dating in your 30s.

    Times change, we grow and learn, and frankly, I wouldn't go back to those days if you paid me (okay, if you paid me a LOT I might ... maybe).

    Being in your 30s comes with a lot of pretty rad changes - you're wiser, you're smarter, you've learned what you want and what you don't, and you're ready to find someone worthy of you. Because you're awesome.

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    Here are some tips for dating in your 30s.

    1) Opt for men, not boys. Men in their 20s are a different breed from men in their 30s. Like you, they've gotten their lives together and are ready to find out what they want from a partner.

    2) Learn to let the small stuff go. It's NOT all small stuff (contrary to the popular book), but there are a lot of fights you'd have had in your 20s that you've now learned are NOT WORTH IT.

    3) Look for a partner who shares the

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  • 7 Reasons Your Mystery Man Doesn't Want to Talk About His Feelings

    Men. That word alone can make any number of us roll our eyes, laugh bitterly, or smile (if we've been fortunate enough to have found a soulmate). Men, they're enigmatic creatures. I wouldn't go so far as to say they're from another planet, but I would say that they can be incredibly hard to read.

    Especially when it comes to feelings. While you're gearing up for a good old emotions talk, he's ... well, not. Why? And how can you get over that?

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    1) He's insecure. Most men are raised to be strong and brave, which means they're not "supposed" to have feelings. So when you want to talk about emotions with your guy, go ahead and reassure him that feelings are all valid - he's allowed to talk about them.

    2) He's got trust issues. Maybe it was a bad relationship or three. Maybe it was his upbringing. Maybe it's just the way he is. Either way, he's afraid to bring up how he feels around you. Show - don't tell - him that

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  • foodfoodGet out your poster board and your markers because you are going to want to take some serious, if not large and colorful notes on this topic -- food waste. Sounds boring, sounds kind of gross, but I'm here to tell you that it's a problem, my friends. Guess what percentage of the food supply in the U.S. goes uneaten?? Guess.

    Oh! Then guess how much money a family of four tosses out in food each year.

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    You're going to be astounded. Here are the facts:

    Newser broke down the L.A. Times story on food waste in America nicely, and derived that:

    • About 40% of food in the US supply chain goes uneaten.
    • A family of four tosses $2,275 worth of food each year, which translates into 20 pounds per person each month.
    • Americans waste 50% more food today than in the 1970s, and 10 times as much as people in Southeast Asia.
    • Supermarket produce aisles are bountiful at a cost: Some $15 billion in fruits and
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