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  • Woman Jailed for Loud Sex

    Image via M i x y/FlickrImage via M i x y/FlickrA 49-year-old British woman has already spent time in jail for disturbing her neighbors with her high volume level during sex.

    Caroline Cartwright has been married 25 years and she and her husband have sex, apparently quite loudly, every night, causing her neighbors to claim sleep interruption that interferes with their daily lives. She was given a 12-week suspended prison term, but if she violates her antisocial behavior code, she will be sent to jail.

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    First of all, bravo for having sex every night after 25 years of marriage. If her neighbors are accurate, she and the hubs are getting it on from midnight until 3 a.m. (The couple did switch to daytime sex so they wouldn't disturb the neighbors' sleep, only to have complaints filed by the mailman and a woman taking her child to school.)

    Cartwright claims her noisiness during sex is involuntary and the antisocial behavior order is in violation of her civil rights:


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  • Coconut M&M'S: Where's the Coconut?

    I was recently browsing the candy aisle at my local grocery store and noticing how many different varieties of M&M'S are available.

    The recently released pretzel M&M'S seem very popular, and I'm a fan so I decided to try another specialty M&M flavor that I found: Coconut M&M's!

    I could hardly wait to tear open the package and sink my teeth into some sweet, chewy ... coconut?

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    I was surprised to learn there is no coconut in the coconut M&M'S! A quick glance at the ingredients confirmed it. I found that a little disappointing, but well, I'll get past it and tell you how they measure up in our highly scientific taste test:

    The coconut flavor is subtle; it tastes like chocolate with a hint of coconut, which isn't a bad thing, but not what I expected.

    Coconut M&M'S are slightly lower in calories (210 calories) than a comparable variety like Peanut M&M'S (250 calories). You know what that means?

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  • Are You Kinky? Take Our Quiz!

    Flickr photo by D.C. AttyFlickr photo by D.C. AttyOne woman's kinky is another woman's snore fest. But a lot of kink has to do with our imaginations. So it's not always what you do, but instead, it's about what you fantasize about doing. And that includes all those kinky desires. Our minds are powerful -- and the brain is one of the most important organs when dealing with sex ... right there with the penis and the vagina.

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    So let's get our brains thinking ... about kink. It may even inspire you tonight!

    How kinky are you? Take our quiz!

    1. You are at a party and one of the couples you and your partner are talking with start saying suggestive things. The word swingers was mentioned and there was a casual (or not so casual) stroke of your thigh by the other woman's husband. You:

    A) Suggest the four of you head to the bedroom.

    B) Feel a tingle from the other man's touch and recall that memory later when making love to your man.

    C) Excuse your self from the

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  • Expensive Face Creams: Worth the Cash?

    I have never really gotten the legions of women who are devoted to certain extremely pricey face creams.

    La Mer Creme de la Mer, for example, sells for a whopping $1,390 per container!

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    The Chemicals in Your Cosmetics

    And while most of us aren't exactly delving into our life savings for face cream, I know plenty of women with relatively modest means who spend hundreds of dollars on Arbonne or Estee Lauder or Shiseido or Lancome face products.

    The question I have for you --

    Are expensive face creams and serums really worth the money?

    I've tried a bunch of them and here's what I think ...

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    Thanks to my mom, for whom shopping at expensive department stores is a vocation, I have an enormous bag full of samples of pretty much every face cream and serum known to man. I have used all of them at one time or another. And I can't really say I've seen any difference between them and the drugstore

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  • 10 Sweeteners You Should Know

    If you're a health-conscious parent who checks the ingredient lists on packaged food, you already know to look for sugar. You can tell how much sugar is in a food by how far up it's listed in the ingredients. And you're familiar with other sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup, agave nectar, and honey. But do you know what maltose is?

    There are lots of sweeteners lurking in our food under, shall we say, assumed identities that come straight out of a science lab. Here's a few you might want to learn.

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    Cerelose® -- A corn-based sweetener.

    Clintose® -- Also a corn-based sweetener.

    Dextrose/Staleydex® -- Can come from plants, fruit, honey.

    Fructose -- The sweetest of all natural sweeteners; can come from plants, fruit, honey.

    Lactose -- Milk sugar.

    Maltose/Maltodextrin -- Powder form derived from various starches; only moderately sweet.

    Rice syrup -- How 'bout that, you can make sugar

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  • Your Caffeine Addiction Could Do You Good

    I love coffee. Love. It. My husband knows not to start any conversations in the morning until I am clutching a steaming mug (I haven't quite convinced the kids of this necessity yet) and I adore my grind-and-brew coffeemaker so much I think it's the one thing I'd save from a fire once everyone was out safe. Even my eye cream has caffeine in it.

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    There's some evidence now that consuming large amounts of caffeine can even protect the brain from the ravages of Alzheimer's disease. But even I would have a hard time getting in the amount that appears to have a protective effect.

    It appears that consuming more than 500 milligrams of caffeine a day -- the amount in five cups of coffee -- is the threshold for seeing any benefit. I don't know about you, but as much as I love the stuff five cups would have me absolutely vibrating with anxiety and jumpiness. I might not have Alzheimer's, but I wouldn't have many

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  • Get Over Your Ex, Already!

    Image via CarbonNYC/FlickrImage via CarbonNYC/FlickrWe've all had (or been) the friend who could not stop talking about the breakup. Analyzing every pause in the conversation, wondering "what he really meant" when he said you weren't on the same page. Because you totally were, he just couldn't see it! Right?!

    Over at HuffPo it seems "Valerie" is driving her own friends crazy agonizing over her recent breakup, so she asked for some advice. I'm glad they took this on because it's been so long since I've smarted from a breakup, I've lost perspective on how long is too long to crawl in bed under the covers.

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    Apparently, not very long. The advice to be thankful this guy broke up with her before they moved in together sounded right on -- you don't want to untangle that mess if you don't have to. Also telling her to get out, see friends, and enjoy being single sounds refreshing and, quite frankly, exhilarating.

    You spend so much of your time doing what your parents want, then

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  • Edible Greeting Cards and 5 Other Things I Wish We Could Eat

    Edible Greeting CardsEdible Greeting CardsChocolate, cupcake, or margarita, select your flavor and eat your greeting card.

    OK, so you can't eat the entire card, it's just a little strip inside the card that you can consume. But still, a really cool idea launched by American Greetings with their line of cards called Tasties.

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    "Just think, haven't you ever secretly wished you could actually taste that delicious looking piece of cake on the front of your birthday card? Well, now you can literally have your cake and eat it, too," touts a spokesperson from the company.

    It's one of those ideas that makes you wonder why no one thought of it before, which got me thinking about all the other things I wish we could eat ...

    1. Parking Tickets Sure, you'd still have to fork over the cash, but at least the financial bite would be a bit sweeter if you could eat it.

    2. Bills I'm thinking something salty that would counter the bitter taste

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  • Top 10 Uses for Nutella

    Nutella is a tasty spread made from the combination of roasted hazelnuts, skim milk, and a hint of cocoa. It has no artificial colors or preservatives and can be used on just about anything.

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    Seriously, I could write about this stuff all day long. My mouth is watering just thinking about it, so let's talk about my favorite ways to use Nutella:

    French Toast: I love to surprise my kids by spreading a layer between two pieces of French toast. It's such a happy way to start the day.

    Nutella and Peanut Butter Sandwiches: Everyone will want to eat two. At least.

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    Frosting: This recipe from Recipeczar is so easy to make and tastes a million times better than any pre-made frosting you bring home from the supermarket.

    Dip Away: Apples served with a side of Nutella make a proper after-school or midday snack. You can try this with

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  • 5 Perfect Picnic Foods for Summer

    Picnics are definitely one of the best parts of summer. But dining alfresco takes a bit of planning and finesse.

    The menu is a key element of a good picnic: Food must travel well and be easy to eat. Here are our favorite foods to bring on a picnic. (Now, all you need is for the weather to cooperate.)

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    A European-style picnic is oh-so-romantic! All you need is a fresh baguette; good, quality cheese; sliced, cured meat (like prosciutto or Serrano ham); grapes; a bottle of wine; sparkling water; and a few squares of dark chocolate. Just don't forget the corkscrew and cheese knife!

    Potato salad is classic American picnic food. We are in love with this heavenly version from our friends at Kitchen Daily -- Potato Salad With Bacon-Ranch Dressing . Serve with watermelon and chocolate brownies, and you've got yourself a top-notch picnic!

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    For something different, why not go

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