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  • 11 green foods for St. Patrick's Day

    Photo from Picky PalatePhoto from Picky Palate

    When else but on St. Patrick's Day is it acceptable to eat anything so shockingly green? Our round-up of the best green food from around the web will hopefully inspire you to use your own exorbitant amount of green food coloring this year.

    1. Lucky Green Velvet Baby Cakes (above) from Picky Palate are an easy green dessert for St. Patrick's Day.

    2. Pandan Pistachio White Chocolate Cookies from Pham Fatale are so very vibrantly green!

    Photo from Pham FatalePhoto from Pham Fatale

    3. Mint Ice Cream from One Perfect Bite gets it's lovely pale green color from fresh mint leaves.

    Photo from One Perfect BitePhoto from One Perfect Bite

    4. Your local McDonald's doesn't offer Shamrock Shakes? Make your own like The Homesteading Housewife does!

    Photo from The Homesteading HousewifePhoto from The Homesteading Housewife

    5. What would the French think about a green version of their traditional Madeleine cookie? These Macha Madeleines from Evan's Kitchen Ramblings get their green color naturally from macha, a green tea powder.

    Photo from Evan's Kitchen RamblingsPhoto from Evan's Kitchen Ramblings

    6. It doesn't get greener than this: Green Coriander Chutney found on No Recipes.

    Photo from No RecipesPhoto from No Recipes

    7. Even the rice is green in this

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  • When one sibling kills another

    Last month, Amy Bishop, a biology professor at the University of Alabama, went on a killing spree and shot three colleagues when she found out she didn't get tenure. As the media delved into Bishop's life to find out more about this Harvard-educated neuroscientist, they discovered that she had done all kinds of crazy thing in the past, including this humdinger: Bishop killed her brother.

    More than twenty years ago, Bishop shot her teenage brother Seth to death in their Braintree, Massachusetts, kitchen. Their mother, Judith Bishop, was the only witness.

    A little background from the Boston Globe: "According to the investigation report, after Amy and her father had a disagreement, he left for a shopping trip and she went to her room. Amy decided to go to her parents' room to teach herself to load the shotgun the family had acquired the previous year for protection after a break-in. She succeeded but could not remove the shells, and the gun fired in the bedroom. Amy then went

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  • 10 jobs where you shouldn't bring your kids to work

    An air traffic controller was just suspended for letting his 7-year old son give flight departure instructions to a pilot leaving JFK Airport (listen to the tape)! Now the controller and his supervisor could face losing their jobs.

    There are simply some jobs where you cannot bring your child to work.

    Here's a list of some other work scenarios where it's probably better if kids are kept off the scene.

    10 Jobs Where You Shouldn't Bring Your Kids to Work

    1. Brain Surgeon: "Sally, how many times does Mommy have to tell you? No running in the O/R with a scalpel."
    2. OB/Gyn: "Yes, Mrs. Turner, you're about two centimeters dilated. Could be any day now. Hold on... Son, let's try to keep your big eyes on your little book, okay?"
    3. Secret Service Agent: "Okay, he's walking. I got an eye on him. Walking, walking, walking, a little close to the crowd, a little close to the crowd, keep it movin', keep it movin', wave, wave, wave...awww, look at him waving like such
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  • Was Dr. Seuss a sexist?

    Photo from Powell'sPhoto from Powell'sOh, I love Dr. Seuss as much as the next gal, but was he a sexist?

    Margot Magowan points out in her recent article on SF Gate, Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss, no girls invited, the possibility that the good "doctor" had a problem with girls.

    In his writing career, Theodor Seuss Geisel, under the pen name Dr. Seuss, published over 60 wonderfully imaginative often genius rhyming children's books. However, these books only included a handful of girl characters, including Cindy Lu in The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and the sister in The Cat and the Hat.

    Now honestly, while I think Ms. Magowan makes a valid discussion point (why didn't Dr. Seuss include more girl characters?), I don't really have any reason to believe he was actually a male chauvinist.

    He was a writer after all and oftentimes, writers write about what they know. Theodor was once a boy, so it's not so strange that he often included boy or male characters. But probably more importantly, there's the part about the era

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  • Oscar night party ideas

    Awards Night Sugar Cookies From BakerellaAwards Night Sugar Cookies From Bakerella

    Having people over to watch the Academy Awards on Sunday? We've got some ideas for a glamorous Oscar Night soiree...


    Recreate a night out at the movies with easy concessions stand-inspired foods:

    • Popcorn. Classic buttered-flavor is always a crowd-pleaser, but you can also make this snack more special by sprinkling the following toppings over top: cinnamon-sugar; Italian herbs and Parmesan cheese; or spicy taco seasoning.
    • Candy. Treat your guests to the classic movie theater offerings: Milk Duds, Raisinets, Jujyfruits, Red Vines, and Sno Caps! . Download festive DIY Popcorn Bags and Candy Bags on Twig & Thistle.
    • Pretzels. Make your own big, soft pretzels (just like the ones sold at the theater) and sprinkle them with salt or cinnamon-sugar.
    • Nachos. Multi-grain tortilla chips with queso is an upscale take on the classic movie theater nachos. And, the queso doubles as a dip for your pretzels.

    Check out for even more

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  • Postpartum stress: do you have it?

    Let me start off by saying I don't think I have postpartum depression, but according to what some doctors list, I do have postpartum stress.

    Stress and depression -- not the same thing, but the stress, if it continues and increases, it can lead to depression.

    Do all moms have stress? OK, that's a really silly question, I know. But I'd like to think I was cool and calm -- my friend Kim even told me how relaxed I seem.

    So why am I getting in a tizzy about what The Postpartum Stress people say?

    Well because they say if I can say yes to three or more of these bullet points, I have postpartum stress.

    Do you:

    • feel tired a lot?
    • have trouble sleeping?
    • have anxiety attacks?
    • wonder if you ever will have time for yourself?
    • get angry easily?
    • isolate yourself?
    • don't have much of an appetite?
    • worry about little things that never used to bother you?
    • think your children would be
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  • Play date parents -- do you really trust them with your kid?

    I just got an email from a mom I scheduled a play date with for today who gave me the best news of the day: I don't have to stay. I can drop my daughter off and leave.

    You know what this means, don't you? Two words: sweet freedom.

    Now that my daughter is on the older side of toddlerhood - she's 5, but still in preschool - I'm finding that I'm not required to be present at every birthday party or play date. The older my children get, the more dispensations I get to drop off and leave. And what a magical, wonderful thing that is.

    It means I don't have to sit and make polite conversation about what I do, how hard it is to balance job and family, where I shop for kids' clothes, and all the other standard blah blah blah that you talk about over tea on play dates.

    It means I can grab a tea all by myself. It means I can go back home and watch an hour of TV ... alone. It means I can go to the grocery store ... alone ... without having to move at warp speed through the candy

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  • Review round-up of the Burger King's new A1 Steakhouse XT Burger

    Photo from Slashfood.comPhoto from

    Burger King revealed its new 7-ounce A1 Steakhouse XT Burger this week-have you tried it yet?

    Our friends at tried it and, sad to say, were underwhelmed. Check out their A1 Steakhouse XT review to see exactly why they gave it a lowly C+.

    More burger reviews after the jump...

    • Serious Eats says the burger gave them smoke-scented burps for the rest of the day.
    • The burger fared a little better with the tasters at GQ.
    • Burger Conquest was impressed with the thick, juicy patty that had a "whole lot of flavor."

    Have you had the new Burger King burger? What do you think? How does it compare to McDonald's Angus Burger?

    Written by Kim Conte in Food & Party for CafeMom Life & Home

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  • Are stroller-pushing moms just lazy?

    There are many battles in the stroller wars - sling vs. stroller being the biggie (for people who are passionate about that kind of thing) - but here's another that one mom (of a 28-month-old daughter) brought to my attention. Some people think that pushing a toddler in a stroller makes a mom lazy when a tot is of a certain age. She asked me if I was one of them.


    1. Pushing a stroller can be a workout even if it's carrying nothing but your kid (though we all know that's rarely the case). There are even fitness routines designed around strollers such as Stroller Strides and StrollerFit. Most moms have shopping bags, a purse, and a diaper bag to juggle. Maybe even a latte and a dog leash. How are you supposed to hold your toddler's hand or keep him within safe reach on top of all that?

    2. Toddlers get tired. And cranky. And tired! MAMAAAAA! PICK. ME. UP! If you've got a big day of walking ahead of you, a stroller will not only help you keep your sanity, but the

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  • A guilt-free dessert for Lent: brown sugar grapefruit

    Every year I give up traditional sweets and chocolate for Lent. It's only day 7. It's super super hard. No more hot chocolate in the morning, cookies for lunch, cupcakes at work (they're big here), hot lava cakes after dinner (so easy, and one of my specialties), a handful of chocolate chips before bed.

    I'm exaggerating. I don't eat everything on that list every single day, but I like having the option.

    I simply can't give up sugar entirely (because my body would go into glucose shock), so I've been forced to explore some non-confectionary alternatives to satisfy my sweet tooth, namely fruit.

    Here's a simple and fairly healthy idea using grapefruit to try if you're abstaining for religious or bikini reasons. But you can also eat it because it tastes really, really good!

    -- Half a red grapefruit, individual portions sliced with paring knife

    -- Teaspoon or two of brown sugar

    -- Pinch of cinammon

    -- Handful of sliced or slivered almonds

    Mix the sugar and

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