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  • 8 Flirting Mistakes You Don't Want to Make!

    Flirting comes pretty naturally to a lot of us - we've been doing it so long it's hard to remember how not to flirt. Others, well, we're not so great at flirting, which means we do stupid things when we try our darnedest to catch the eye of that one guy across the bar from you.

    It happens. Mistakes happen.

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    Here are of the most common flirting mistakes.

    1) Filling the empty silences with blabber about nothing. I'm hugely prone to this one - I hate silence, so I chatter through it. Instead of doing that, simply let the silence be.

    2) Acting bitchy. Dudes don't dig bitchy women. So rather than complaining about your job, your roommate, your best friend's sister's boyfriend's girlfriend, be positive about your life. It's a good one!

    3) Going on and on about yourself. You know you're fab, and if you let him talk about himself for a while, he'll know it too.

    4) Being oblivious to

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  • Sex Confession: I Cheated on My Husband with a Famous Actor

    kissing shadowkissing shadow"Sex Confessions" is a series featuring your naughtiest bedroom secrets and fantasies. Some will sound familiar, others may give you ideas, some will turn you on, and some are dark and twisted. You might want to sit down for this.

    Today's sex confession comes from Rose*, a 30-something married woman with two young kids. Before she married her husband, Kip, she cheated on him with a very well-known actor. She fears mentioning the actor will make her husband upset if he happens to read this, so she's keeping everything anonymous. Her story of infidelity is a fascinating one. While in a fully committed relationship with Kip, three years strong, she met this actor we'll call M. There was an instant attraction. Some drinks. And ... well, let's let Rose tell you the rest.

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    I was living in NYC at the time and Kip and I were even living together. Everything was great in our relationship and we even

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  • 9 White Hot Looks You Should Wear After Labor Day (PHOTOS)

    wedding dresswedding dressOk, really serious question here: Do you or don't you believe in wearing white after Labor Day has come and gone? Some nix the hue after the holiday like it's the law -- and you do not mess with the law. Others seem to think the unwritten decree is flexible. They're all yup, my tan faded months ago now STFU and check out my creamy white tee. Ugh. Can't choose? Let me help.

    Why not wear white after the three-day weekend? It isn't strictly reserved for bronzed skin and sunkissed faces. Um, hello, snow is white, guys. If Mother Nature can pull off the style (and y'all know she can be a big B) I think we'll be alright to try it too. The color is clean, sophisticated, elegant, and refreshing. Not to mention totally on trend.

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    But since I'm no expert on the matter (formally, at least), let's put the debate in the hands of nine fabulous fabrics. Spoiler alert! They're all white. So take a peek and

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  • 5 Ways to Get in Shape While You're Having Sex

    Most of us love a good romp in the sack -- it's fun to get butt-naked and down and dirty. The problem is, sometimes, when we've been with the same partner, we find ourselves in the same old position having the same old sex every couple of days. Is it good? Sure. Satisfying? Yes. But is it all there is?

    NO. You can get creative. But guess what? You can also get in shape while having sex! Seriously!

    Here are some ways to make sex a body-sculpting workout. Bye-bye, gym!

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    1) Girl on Top - This may be an old standby for some, but for me it's nearly impossible to do. I don't bend that way easily, and if I get on up there, I need a support system to hold me in place. So I use the bed frame when needed and work out those thigh muscles so I'll someday be able to do it all easy style.

    2) Missionary (Plus Legs) - The most common position, missionary, does very little for your legs and abdominal muscles ...

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  • 12 Wedding Dress Shopping Tips to Make 'Saying Yes' Less Stressful

    wedding dress hanging in fitting roomwedding dress hanging in fitting roomSeems like back when our mothers got married, shopping for a wedding dress was so much simpler. They went with their moms to one shop where they picked their gown, or they had a family friend who made the dress, and that was that. It was like the opposite of today's Say Yes-fueled marathon try-outs involving dozens of designer dresses. Forget about "Running of the Brides," huge sample sales at Kleinfelds, or weekly trunk shows. Those are conventions we 21st century brides-to-be have exclusive rights to -- for better or worse.

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    Thankfully, I was able to find The Dress -- with my mom and my soon-to-be mother-in-law and other VIP ladies' input via iPhone! -- without enduring too much of the complete crazy you might witness on reality TV shows. But I certainly learned quite a few lessons along the way. Here, 12 of 'em I hope will help brides be better able to say they found

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  • 5 Reasons Why Sunshine is the New Wonderdrug

    sunny daysunny dayThe sun gets such a bad rap, you know? And it's really not fair, when you think about it. I mean, consider what the big fireball can do (wrinkles and skin cancer and bleached-out highlights not withstanding)! The sun sustains life on this planet. In about a billion different ways, some of which we're still discovering. Perfect example: Researchers recently found that high doses of vitamin D, which the body produces when exposed to sunlight, can help fight drug-resistant tuberculosis. (Good thing, since the drugs don't seem to work anymore!)

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    Guess doctors were on to something in the 1800's when they sent TB patients to "retreats" where ailing types basically sat in the sun all day. Back then they called it "heliotherapy," but the sunshine treatment can do wonders no matter what you call it. (Of course, back then they didn't use sunscreen either, which I am OBVIOUSLY not advocating, but you get the idea.)

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  • Organic Food Isn't Better for You -- Do You Buy It?

    organic fruits veggiesorganic fruits veggiesBeing the devout organic shopper that I am, I've occasionally gotten into debates with friends about the benefits of buying organic vs. conventional food. They often snicker, "Is it really worth your 'whole paycheck'?" And my argument has always been that it doesn't have to be your "whole paycheck" if you shop smart, not everything you buy needs to be labeled "organic," and ultimately, yes, I'd rather spend more on my food in the short-term, because I see it as an investment in my long-term health. But researchers from Stanford University seem to have a bone to pick with that argument.

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    They combined data from 237 studies and examined a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and meats over the course of four years for signs of health benefits from adding organic foods to the diet. Their sweeping conclusion? Organic food isn't necessarily more nutritious than non-organic. Unfortunately, the study didn't take into

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  • 100 Best Fall Baby Names

    child in fall leaveschild in fall leavesWhile 'Pumpkin' is a great nickname for your little cutie, most people wouldn't put it on the birth certificate. I think it's adorable, but I tend to like different names. And now that Fall is just about here, I'm thinking of all the beautiful baby names that go well with my favorite season. The air gets more crisp, the leaves change into vibrant colors and then fall, and we harvest for the winter. Sounds like the perfect time to have a baby and then nest.

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    Check out 100 of the best autumn baby names -- 50 for girls, 50 for boys, and of course many on both lists that could work for either. Some are unique, some common -- there's a name for everyone this season.


    1. Autumn
    2. Amber
    3. September (Sepi for short)
    4. November (Nova for short)
    5. Berry
    6. Ivy
    7. Emerald
    8. Emmy
    9. Eve
    10. Jade
    11. Jada
    12. Coral
    13. Cora
    14. Saffron
    15. Cinnamon
    16. Ginger
    17. Raven
    18. Moon
    19. Rain
    20. Breezy
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  • Childbirth Classes Are a Waste of Time

    pregnant bellypregnant bellyIf you're debating over whether or not to enroll in childbirth classes at your local hospital before your little one arrives, let me spare you some grief -- because there are way better things to do with your time than sit in a room with a bunch of other expectant parents and try not to giggle at the fact that the instructor's breathing noises sound like something right out of the pages of Fifty Shades of Grey.

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    As nice and sweet as the whole concept of preparing pregnant moms for labor and delivery is, the truth is that unless you are 100 percent dead set on going the natural route with your birth plan, there's really just no good reason to subject yourself to those classes each week.

    Like plenty of other moms-to-be, I too figured it was my duty to go ahead and enroll in childbirth classes, well -- because that's what you do when you're expecting your first baby. But I realized very

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  • How to Make Your Own Sunburst Mirror -- You'll Be Seeing Stars!

    I spotted this easy (and cheap!) tutorial from The Nesting Place a few days ago. It shows readers how to make this chic sunburst mirror, and I thought you might enjoy it. Click through for all the details below!

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    First, you'll want to create a template to follow in order to make the "rays" of the sun. The Nester made hers by using paper towels. Fold them in half for uniformity and then cut to whatever length and shape you prefer.

    Next, she cut up four strips of poster board (POSTER BOARD!) and folded in half. Then she used the template to trace and cut out all the rays. Easy peasy.

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    I forgot to mention that you'll need to find a small, round mirror for the center. The one pictured was $20 at a local shop.

    Arrange and layer your rays before gluing anything together. Work

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