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  • Does pregnancy make you want to faint?

    When my mom was pregnant with me, she almost fainted when shopping...and she said the manager of the store got nervous and wanted her out. Turns out, she was hungry. Still, it's not good when you are feeling lightheaded during pregnancy.

    I haven't fainted or felt faint...until yesterday.

    It was 86 degrees and humid it was like there was no air. I got really winded when walking underground to my subway transfer and didn't feel right. It's hotter than hot in the subway, and there's even less air.

    My heart started racing so much I could feel my pulse everywhere and I started breathing heavy.

    Then I felt faint. So I stopped, tried to calm my breathing, took a couple of sips of my juice, and just waited a few minutes.

    Apparently overheating could cause you to feel lightheaded and faint. Thankfully I was OK and didn't faint.

    Fit Pregnancy wrote that besides overheating, fainting during pregnancy can be caused by dehydration, having low blood sugar, or

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  • Fat kids get teased more than poor kids

    Kids tease their peers about a lot of things: athletic ability, shyness, weight, and more. But, says a Kansas State University Study, they tease them most about things the children have in their control.

    According to Parent Dish, researchers tested third and sixth-graders on their opinion of and willingness to help hypothetical kids who were poor, nonathletic, obese, aggressive, shy, asthmatic, and who had attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

    The study showed that sixth-grade boys had the lowest tolerance for others, while girls had more compassion.

    Which kids get picked on the most? Aggressive kids are the most likely to be teased. Girls were also given a harder time because they have "more power to change themselves than boys because girls seek out and follow the advice of adults." The children showed an understanding of wealth and poverty and things that impact that like the fall of Enron, which affect the unluckiest Americans. As a result, poor kids were

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  • Mom confessions: I am not a fun mom

    It's time for a Mom Confession - because, let's face it, we're real mothers and sometimes it doesn't work the way the parenting books say it should.

    This Week's Confession:

    I am not a fun mom.

    The other night, while on a playdate at the park, I watched my sister-in-law play tag with my niece, nephew, and my daughter. She was running all over the place and screaming and laughing. My daughter was having a blast. I just stood there frozen and watching. I felt so awkward. I would never feel natural playing with kids like that. I don't even think I played like that when I was a kid. I'm pretty sure I'm the most un-fun mom on the planet. -- anonymous

    Question: Do you ever feel like you're not a "fun enough" mom?

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    We all have secrets and opinions - so thanks to this brave mom for sharing her honest thoughts, and thank you for keeping this conversation non-judgemental!

    Past Confessions:

    I Don't Set Up Play Dates for My Kids

    I Wish I Had a

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  • Mom gets kicked out of Burger King because her baby isn't wearing shoes

    "No shirts, no shoes, no service!" We've all seen those signs in restaurants, but I never really thought about it applying to a baby. I've brought my baby into many an eating establishment with buck naked feet, and no one ever said a word. But a woman in St. Louis, Missouri, was ordered out of a Burger King because her six-month-old daughter wasn't wearing shoes.

    Jennifer Frederich was in the process of ordering at the counter when a manager told her she could order to go, but she'd have to leave because her baby daughter didn't have shoes on and "it's against health code."

    Jennifer was with a group of people on their way to a concert so she put socks on the baby's feet thinking that would satisfy the manager. "She doesn't own shoes," Jennifer told him. "She's only six months old, she doesn't walk. She's not touching the ground. So there's no reason for her to have shoes on."

    The manager threatened to call the police, so the group ate quickly and left.

    What do you

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  • Moms who like to be alone: are you one?

    I have been thinking about Uma Thurman's doctor's prescription for alone time.

    Now that's a prescription to which I could get addicted.

    Human beings are complex. We often feel seemingly contradictory feelings about something at the same time. That doesn't make one feeling or the other any less real or less valid. It might just mean something is a little out of balance in our lives.

    For instance, sometimes I just want my family to go far, far away and leave me alone.

    However, then I want them to come back!

    I also secretly want my own apartment down the street.

    But I still want to live here with my husband and kids!

    This is all completely normal. Taking breaks and even "vacations" from motherhood - or wanting to - is a completely healthy response to the everyday challenges of raising kids.

    Nothing chaps my hide more than when a mom expresses that she's overwhelmed with some or all aspects of parenting and someone responds, even jokingly, with, "Maybe you

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  • 5 ways to create family rituals this summer

    Family rituals can inspire self-confidence and a secure foundation in your kids that can last a lifetime.

    But don't get out your planner and the calendar - there's no need to get overly detailed and elaborate about creating shared family time. In fact, the simpler, most basic routines are probably best (less stress, for one!). The simplest things are the ones we remember forever.

    You probably already have simple rituals in place, like bath time, bedtime routines, and family dinners. You might even have slightly more elaborate rituals you enjoy seasonally or only on certain holidays or on birthdays.

    Family rituals should be enjoyable. That's the idea. So if you're looking to create some in your family, then choose something that everyone can agree on (that's why meals work; everyone likes to eat!). The kids are probably not going to be down for "Let's Repaint the Kitchen night!" Similarly, parents may not want to promise to indulge regularly in "Let's Watch Star Wars: The

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  • Meet the new teacher before the first day of school

    Bringing your new kindergartener or grade-schooler in to meet the teacher before school starts is a really good idea. Our school district holds a special orientation day for parents and students a few days before school.

    It was great to meet the new teacher and classmates at the same time, but we also "stopped by" the classroom the day before school, while the teacher putting the finishing touches on the classroom, for a few minutes of one-on-one time.

    Being able to talk to his teacher made all the difference for my son, who was pretty nervous about starting grade school for the very first time.

    Question: Will your child get a chance to meet his or her teacher before the start of school? Take our poll on CafeMom.

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    Written by Cynthia Dermody for CafeMom's Big Kid Buzz
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  • Delaying kindergarten — or pushing it a year early?

    If my little girl had been born five days earlier, I might be getting ready to send her off to kindergarten in another month. And I'd be getting nervous. She'd have been the youngest in her class, and I'd be going back and forth on whether I'd made the right decision to send her.

    I'm glad she missed the cut-off and the decision was made for me. As much as my husband can't wait to get rid of the day care payment -- and even considered asking the school district to make an exception -- I feel she's still very much a toddler, both size and social wise.

    Another CafeMom in the Newcomer's Club is going through a "do I hold him back?" debate, but with a three-year old and preschool.

    "My son was born nine days before the cut off," the mom says. "Normally he should be starting preschool this year, and kindergarten next year, but I don't want him to go yet. There will be kids there that are a full year older than him, and I don't want him to be at a disadvantage."


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  • Special needs education: what to expect

    As we count down the days to back to school, the Daily Buzz talks with moms and public school teachers about what you and your child can expect in the coming year.

    Today a CafeMom special education teacher and behavior consultant gives us the inside scoop about what to expect with special needs education.

    If a parent thinks her child may have special needs or a learning disability, what should she do?

    Set up a meeting with the child's teacher to discuss your concerns. The teacher will be able to direct you from there.

    What do parents need to know about special needs education in public schools? What resources are available for special needs kids in public school?

    At every Individual Education Program (IEP) meeting, the parent receives a handbook that explains in detail the rights they have. READ IT! Special Education is broad in the services it can provide, and each child is different. The IEP team, which includes the parent, will work together to determine the

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  • Does refusing to consent to a C-section make you an unfit mother?

    A New Jersey women refused to give her consent to a C-section in the event her baby was in distress (which was entirely within her legal rights). And although she went on to give birth vaginally to a healthy baby, her parental rights were terminated and her baby was taken away. According to the court, she "abused and neglected her child" by refusing the C-section and she behaved "erratically" during labor.

    The court pointed to hospital records that stated the woman was "combative," "uncooperative," "erratic," "noncompliant," "irrational" and "inappropriate."

    The court's opinion also focused on the fact that the mother had been under psychiatric care for the past twelve years. However, if she had not refused the C-section, her psychological state would not have been put under a microscope-and she would have gone home with her baby.

    Custody of the baby has been given to her foster parents.

    You can check out the court's official ruling at MomLogic.

    Do you think a

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