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  • 5 Things to Never Say to an Adoptive Parent

    A while ago I was thinking of adopting child. When I told a friend she asked, "But don't you want any of your own?" I was floored. Years later, a co-worker always referred to her friend's kid as "Lisa's adopted baby." That would be like saying, "Lisa's egg donor baby" or "Lisa's IVF baby" or "Lisa's got-drunk-and-forgot-to-use-a-condom baby." Grrrr.

    I just don't get it. Even the press feels the need to distinguish between a couple's biological and adopted children: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie ave "three biological kids and three adopted kids." Why don't they just have six kids? I never did adopt (although I haven't ruled it out), but all of this drives me completely nuts. I can't imagine how such remarks affect someone who has adopted a child.

    As a Baby Mama I'm around other Baby Mamas who conceived their children in all kinds of ways and I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. So I asked one of my friends here at CafeMom who has adopted, Katie (the very proud Baby Mama of

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  • Teen gets cigarettes from her mother!

    Closer magazine, a tabloid in England, reported a more-shocking-than-normal story this week. Really, this one is so bad, I feel a little guilty even repeating it. But Tracy Holt, mother of 13-year-old, Sam, actually "rewards" her daughter's good behavior by giving her cigarettes. The kid is up to a 15-cigarette-a-day habit (mom smokes about 20).

    Mind you, "good behavior" in this case is a very relative term. This tragic teenager is also indulging in all kinds of other risky things from drinking to smoking marijuana--and she's having sex--all with her mother's approval.

    There are times when you say to yourself every mom parents differently, and there are times when you think, call the cops. Well, call the cops, the Bobbies or whatever they call them across the Atlantic. Point is, this girl is being abused and somebody should stop it. Come on over to and, please, co-rant with me.

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  • Kids for Obama & McCain: Partisan Playmates

    The presidential election is only two weeks away (thankfully), and it struck me how much of a crash landing we're all going to make when it's over. Apparently, kids too. Never before (or at least not in any of our lifetimes) has a single political event charged up so many.

    For moms to be excited about a presidential candidate is somewhat expected (CafeMom has groups devoted to both Obama and McCain), but our children too? We had some warmer days last week, and when I picked my kindergartner up from school, I was overwhelmed by the amount of elementary school kids wearing Obama T-shirts. I just wasn't sure how I felt about that.

    Not that Barack Obama and John McCain aren't worthy of passionate supporters, but should they be, uh, 5?! Like it or not, this is the year for that. If you're into it, a quick Google search and it's not too late for your kids to be outfitted too. Check out these kids for McCain T-shirts, cups, you name it. There's even a "Yes, We Carve!" Obama site, where

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  • Project Runway makes me want to wear my wedding dress!

    I keep suggesting that my married lady friends and I get together for a wedding dress party. You know, so we can all wear that dress we spent so much money on. Some of our users in the CafeMom Newcomers Group suggest we all show photos of ourselves on our big day. There are some really great photos on there. And watching Project Runway last night, made me want to wear that dress even more....

    Warning: Spoilers coming!

    OK, so let's dish. Kenley, who has really annoyed me for most of the season, came through big time. I really loved her feather head pieces, but she wowed with this feather wedding dress. My friend Melody texted me during the show before Michael Kors said it was an Alexander McQueen rip-off, that in fact, it was a copycat. Um, yeah it was! But her bridesmaid dress was adorable, as was what we saw of her collection in her charming Brooklyn apartment (I think she lives near me, so I guess I should be nice). Oh, Kenley. Korto, who I adore, didn't wow me. And

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