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  • What NOT to Do on a First Date

    First-date jitters - we all have 'em.

    It's unfortunate, but most of us are aware that the first date is like a job interview conducted over dinner and a movie. That makes the jitters that much more absurd and severe.

    So on that note, I'll give you a brief, yet helpful, primer for what NOT to do and what NOT to say on a first date.

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    1) Do not, under any circumstances, point out that you've got a scorching yeast infection.

    2) Do not, under any circumstances, ask your date what his or her yearly income is.

    3) Do not ever say, "my last boyfriend/girlfriend was amazing in bed." He could've been Ron Jeremy (ew), but no one needs to know that information.

    5) Do not, under any circumstances, whip out your cell phone and Google stalk your date while he's sitting across the table.

    6) Don't ask for "his number" (the number of people he's been with) and reply, "Oh hell, I did that many guys my

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  • Woman Claims to Have Had 15,000 Orgasms Just by Using Her Mind

    strange sexstrange sexHere's something you won't be able to unsee. There's a woman on TLC's series, Strange Sex, who claims she's had over 15,000 orgasms in her lifetime. She also says she can reach climax doing almost anything, because, wait for it, she has trained herself to achieve non-genital orgasms. I'm not really sure what that means, either, but it looks like she can get off by just eating some really delicious food. Yum?

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    Sheri, that's the orgasming woman's name, has mastered this mind trick, and by golly, I suppose it's a good thing she's using her powers for good rather than evil. Someone with this kind of brain power -- you don't know what they're capable of. One minute you're eating a peach, and the next Sheri has taken over your thoughts and you feel a little tingle where you tinkle. I'M JUST SAYING.

    Anyway, I think, and science I'm sure has my back somewhere on this, that women achieve the big O only if their

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  • 8 Things Men Are Most Insecure About

    It's weird to think that men could have insecurities. I mean, in my HEAD I understand it, but in reality, I can't quite seem to wrap my brain around it. Most women I know are their own worst critics -- they'll pick apart everything about themselves from head to toe (and ladies, you're beautiful as you are -- don't forget that).

    But guys? Guys seem immune to insecurities. I mean, okay, there is a large percentage of men who apparently suffer from eating disorders, so I'd guess that looking good does matter to most of us.

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    I did some digging and found out the things men are most insecure about. Some of them might surprise you ...

    1) The size of his penis. Thanks to the Internet and the large amount of free pornography on it, men are more insecure about their penises than ever. Remember, guys, it's all about the motion of the ocean, not the size of the boat.

    2) His abdominal muscles. Doesn't matter if a

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  • Kim Cattrall Says '50 Shades of Grey' is Doing Wonders for Women in Bed

    kim cattrallkim cattrallAs far as I'm concerned, there's only one actress who is a given for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie: Kim Cattrall. Although we've always seen her as Samantha Jones (or if you're thinkin' further back, maybe Andrew McCarthy's Mannequin), she would make a PERFECT Elena Lincoln, the stunning blonde cougar-next-door who introduces a teenage Christian Grey to the world of BDSM. Kim denied being up for the role, but she did tell The Sun that she read the book and "thoroughly enjoyed" it! (Of course she did.)

    Then, in that all-knowing, sex guru way she has, Kim went on to remark what a positive effect the series has had on women in her age group ...

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    Sounding a lot more open-minded than Khloe Kardashian, Kim noted:

    It's fun -- whatever turns you on. All these women of a certain age are finally having fun and what's wrong with that? We're all adults.

    Right on,

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  • 5 Bedtime Habits that Are Killing Your Sex Life

    couplecoupleFinding a married couple that complains about too much sex is as likely as coming across a mermaid or a unicorn. They just don't exist in this world.

    All those jokes are true. The nookie takes a serious dip after the 'I do's. But it's not the actual institution of marriage that's to blame, it's everything that comes with it.

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    You may not realize it, but all of those everyday responsibilities are getting in the way of your love life. That after-work routine is automatic, but a seemingly harmless to-do list can put a serious cramp in your couple time.

    Check out the 5 biggest habits that are ruining your sex life.

    Smartphone: The only thing that should be vibrating near your bed is a sex toy -- if that's you and your hubby's thing. Don't just silence your phone, cut it off. In fact, leave it in the living room and turn your focus to each other. Those emails can be answered in the morning.


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  • Plus-Sized Model Proves Sexy Lingerie Isn't Just for Skinny Girls

    Robyn LawleyRobyn LawleyWearing frilly lingerie can do wonders as far as making women feel sexy, but considering most of the lingerie ads we see show pin-thin models without the slightest curve or imperfection, sometimes it's hard not to associate lingerie with picture perfect bodies.

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    But now that plus-sized Australian model Robyn Lawley has been named the new face of U.K. lingerie line, Boux Avenue, there's living proof that looking sexy in the bedroom most definitely doesn't have a size requirement. And believe it or not, Robyn is a size 16 -- though she doesn't exactly look "plus-sized" in this ad.

    If anything, she looks like your average, normal, everyday woman -- which is exactly what we need to see more of on billboards and in the pages of magazines and catalogs.

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    Of representing the brand, Robyn said, "I am delighted to be chosen as

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  • Beyonce’s Insane Manicure Has to Be Seen to Be Believed

    beyonce nail artbeyonce nail artYou've heard of "nail art" before, but you've never really seen it taken to this level. Beyonce posted a photo of her extreme manicure, and let's just say, it's not nail art, it's a nail renaissance. With rhinestones, glitter, letters, and photos, this is the polish to end all polishes.

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    Queen B posted the pic to her Tumblr page and we haven't stopped talking about it since. My theory is that Jennifer Coolidge from Legally Blonde did the manicure, which, you know, bend and snap and lol and everything.

    Anyway, let's talk about her phalanges, k?

    Beyonce has the letters J, Z, B, and N emblazoned on her nails, and it's pretty obvious (or is that just what she wants us to think!) what the J, Z, and B stand for, but what's with this rouge N? Did Ms. Coolidge forget that Beyonce's last name, Knowles, starts with a silent K? Or are the letters not initials at all, but rather New York City Subway lines?

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  • 8 Meanest Things Moms Say to Each Other

    Catty momsCatty momsOne of the things moms quickly learn when they have a baby is that it's a mom eat mom world out there. This shouldn't come as a surprise. Women are awful to one another in many spheres. Sure, they can also be kind and wonderful, but they can also be passive aggressive shrews who say mean things because they are insecure and who generally make life a living hell for other women.

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    Yep, the means girls just keep on coming well after middle school has ended and they keep on coming in motherhood. And it's not like working moms get it more than stay-at-home moms or stay-at-home moms get it worse than working moms. This is some equal opportunity sanctimony and meanness, people.

    Here are 8 mean things other moms say they have heard that rankled them the worst:

    • I am a "Full Time Mom": Yep, so am I. With a full-time job, too. It's crazy, I don't have much time to chat.
    • I stay home
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  • The Worst Thing About a Migraine Isn’t the Headache

    migrainemigraineThe worst thing about migraines isn't the head pain: It's everything else. A new study by surveyed 2632 sufferers about their migraine experiences. Almost all of the respondents were women. Though we don't know how many of the participants were moms, almost half of them (40 percent) admitted that migraines affect their relationships with their children.

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    Half also said migraines have affected their jobs. And some (10 percent) even said their illness had led to divorce or separation. Meanwhile, employers lose about $13 billion due to their employees' migraine-related missed days. OK, I get it now: A migrane is way, way more than a headache.

    So the headache part of a migraine is a given -- we all know about that. But for most sufferers migraine is actually vicious combination of symptoms like sensitivity to sound and smell, difficulty concentrating, nausea, fatigue,

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  • 10 Invaluable Tips for Dating After Divorce

    If you've been married a long time - heck, even for just a few years - it's likely you've long forgotten how to date.

    Coping with divorce while attempting to get back onto the playing field can be a daunting task.

    So much has changed in the years you were married. Do you want to date again? Should you try out the waters? And if you DO want to get back out there, when is a good time to do that?

    It's hard to know. I know this because I'm going through a divorce.

    Here's what I've learned about dating after divorce (and trust me, I'll keep you in the loop once I really get out there again. Or, rather, IF I get out there again).

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    1) Divorce is a loss. It signifies the end of one life and the beginning of another. Before you jump back into a new relationship, make sure you're on your way to being healed.

    2) Don't hide what your life once was. Maybe you have kids. Maybe you share custody of your dog.

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