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  • 5 Ways Moms Can Stop Feeling Anxious About Alone Time

    yogayogaThe concept of "alone time" takes on such a radically different meaning once you're a mom. Before baby, taking time to yourself meant spending the night at home with a book instead of on the town with your girlfriends or going on a weekend yoga retreat without your spouse. After baby, alone time can mean anything from a 10-minute shower to a quick diaper run (without the wee one strapped to your chest).

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    When my kids were babies, anytime I left the house without them, I felt like like I was missing something. Did I forget my wallet? My phone? Walking down the street without a kid in a sling and/or stroller was nothing short of bizarre. I felt so ... light.

    But not always in a good way. At first, those rare child-free moments were both disorienting and guilt-inducing. Not only had I forgotten how to function as an individual, I felt like I'd abandoned the tiny creature who, until recently, actually

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  • 6 Toddlers Try Lemons for the First Time & Hilarity Ensues (VIDEOS)

    sour toddlersour toddlerYou know what never, ever gets old? Watching toddlers and babies try to eat lemons. That sour-face picker, the little shudder they do -- priceless! I couldn't get enough of it when my son was a toddler.

    That's why I've curated this lovely selection of toddlers eating lemons and limes. Watch these kids' faces turn inside-out with sourly sour sourness. Mmm, lemons, tasty tasty.

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    You gotta give it to this little guy -- he's persistent. He knows this thing the grownups gave him is painfully tart. And yet -- strangely intriguing! He tries it over and over again just to make sure it really is that sour.

    Same with this guy. I think we have a lemon fan on our hands. Can Sour Patch Kids be far behind?

    What makes the toddler sourface so fun is that their little faces are already so chubby -- so those sweet cheeks look hysterical when they pucker.

    Oh the cute! This baby slays me. Apparently he slays

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  • Misleading EpiPen Ad Could Have Seriously Harmed Kids (VIDEO)

    epipenepipenYikes! It's not every day that I get to use the phrase Who are the ad wizards who came up with THAT one? in TWO posts, but this is apparently that day: First there was the scary demon baby breastfeeding commercial, now there's the shockingly ignorant EpiPen ad pulled for causing a huge (valid) uproar among parents of kids with severe food allergies.

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    Since the commercial has been yanked, the only online evidence is a blurry clip with bad sound. But here's the gist of it: A smiley mom is driving her smiley son to a birthday party, which, she says, "Should be pretty awesome, right? Even with your peanut allergy and a cake made with who-knows-what. Because we're prepared, right Dave? We have an EpiPen."

    D'oh! No, smiley TV mom, no!! A life-threatening food allergy is not a scrape on the knee, and an EpiPen is not a Band-Aid!!

    If you have a child with severe food allergies, you know what I'm talking about. One

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  • Shaving My Lady Mustache is Wildly Liberating

    bic soleil razorbic soleil razorIf you are female with dark hair, then you know what a pain in the ass it is to have to deal with lip hair. Guys - avert your eyes now before you are forever thinking about your lady and her 'stache!

    Are you gone? Good ... now I can open up. From the time I was in the fifth grade, I had to contend with the dreaded female mustache. The things we girls do.

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    First it was bleaching - inexpensive and perfect for an embarrassed tween in an age where you couldn't yet get a wax at every nail salon in town. I actually managed to take bleaching right into my early 20s but was told repeatedly by friends, relatives, and strangers at makeup counters that I was too old for the bleach. Ugh ... waxing. Please ladies, can I get a collective "we feel your pain!"

    After succumbing to peer pressure and coming close to permanently scarring my upper lip because of an overzealous waxer and some overly

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  • Elderly peopleElderly peopleGood skooga mooga, heaven heal my ailing virgin eyes. A video has gone viral of gray-haired folks getting freaky in various positions and it looks like, sans the mile-high polyester pants, the Hawaiian shirts, and the Sophia Petrillo hairstyles, the wild thing isn't that much different in the golden years than it is now. My favorite: the lady in the handstand. Hip replacements and arthritis be darned. These folks are getting it in.

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    Thankfully (whew!) the actors in this public service announcement are clothed, because I could not handle any more realistic simulation that what's played out in this here clip:

    But there's a method behind the madness-and not just the wide range of methods demonstrated by Mrs. Witherstone and her man friend from the senior center. The rate of STD infection has skyrocketed among active elders in the last five years, to the tune of more than 70 percent. Syphilis

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  • Latest 'Real-Life Barbie Doll' is the Scariest yet (VIDEOS)

    valeria lukyanovavaleria lukyanovaMeet Valeria Lukyanova. She's a 21-year-old who is reportedly the most popular person on the Russian-speaking Internet ... thanks to just one thing: She appears to look like the real-life version of Barbie -- complete with long blonde hair, flawless skin, vacant blue eyes, itty-bitty waist, and big breasts. She's made herself known mostly through a treasure trove of thousands of photos of herself looking like the world famous plastic doll. But major side note: There's a ton of speculation that the pics are heavily PhotoShopped. Still, wow, is she deserving of thousands of followers and admirers or what?! (Yes, that statement was laced with a hefty dose of sarcasm.)

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    I would hope that we've seen this desperate ploy for attention far too many times before to really fall for it again (at least over here in the States).

    Remember the "Human Barbie" who gave her 7-year-old a liposuction voucher? Yeah, psycho! Or

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  • The 9 Times It's Okay to Date a Jerk

    Dating a jerk can be underrated. Your friends say, "Ugh, why are you dating that guy?" Your parents fret that they are "worried" for you. Magazine articles delineate all the reasons your relationship is "unhealthy." But as long as a guy isn't dangerous (i.e. threatens you, gets violent, or breaks any laws) or is cruel (to you, animals, or children), there are certain times dating an average garden-variety jerk can be advantageous.

    What makes a guy a jerk? Let me count the ways. Actually, you count them, since every woman has a different jerk tolerance level. But we can agree there are some basics: Someone who is unreliable, who lies, who cheats.

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    Don't try to change a jerk or, heaven forbid, deliberately marry him or bear his children. But jerks can come in handy. Here are 9 times it's forgivable to (briefly!) date a jerk:

    After a bad breakup. This might sound contradictory, but after the breakup of a long-term

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  • Dove's New Ad Makeover Campaign is a Body Image WIN (VIDEO)

    DoveDoveDove already has made a name for itself by featuring real women in its advertising.

    Now, the brand is taking that body image message a step further with a new 'Ad Makeover' campaign that actually replaces negative Facebook sidebar ads with positive messages.

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    The campaign comes in response to a survey that showed only 4 percent of women consider themselves to be beautiful.

    Awesome idea, right?

    This from Fernando Machado for Dove:

    Dove has always listened to women, and we are giving them a new way to be heard through this first-of-its-kind Facebook app. We chose to use Facebook because of its power and reach in social media, which would propel these positive beauty messages to be seen by as many women as possible.

    But there's bad news ... currently, this only works if you live in Australia or Brazil!

    That means that unless Dove decides to bring this campaign stateside, we American

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  • Stuart ChaifetzStuart ChaifetzStuart Chaifetz said he knew something was wrong when his 10-year-old son Akian started acting out school. Akian has autism, but had always been "sweet and non-violent." So when things took a turn, his dad said he wanted to find out why.

    When meetings with school officials at his Cherry Hill, N.J., school and therapists failed, he took action into his own hands. He wired Aikan and sent him to school. The six hours of audio he recorded confirmed his worst fears.

    More from The Stir: School That Allowed Students to Bully Autistic Kid Is Reprehensible

    He says his son was "verbally tormented and humiliated" and he's launched an aggressive campaign online to bring awareness to the case. In a 17-minute YouTube video, he outlines just what happened and plays some of damning audio clips. From one of the teachers calling Akian a "bastard" to the yelling and demeaning tone of voice they use toward the children, it's pretty tough to hear.

    After taking the tape to the school

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  • Giada De Laurentiis Stays Fit by Eating Pasta -- a Lot!

    Giada De LaurentiisGiada De LaurentiisIt's been a while since I had a full-fledged celeb girl crush on someone. And well, after stumbling on Giada De Laurentiis' show Everyday Italian last weekend on a whim, I've officially come down with my latest love. The way she makes linguine with avocado pesto makes me all hot in the face! In the latest issue of Health, Giada talks about how she maintains her slammin' bod, even with all that delicious cooking she does.

    More from The Stir: Latest 'Real-Life Barbie Doll' Is the Scariest Yet (VIDEOS)

    "Pasta doesn't make you fat," she said. "How much pasta you eat makes you fat."

    Shoot, if Giada can cook all of these insanely caloric amazing meals and still look that good, then OMG -- there's so TOTALLY hope for the rest of us!

    Seriously, how many of us complain that we just don't have the means to eat well during the day (raises hand)? Wahhh, I'll complain often. I'm sitting at my desk, slightly bored, thinking of what I could nosh on as the day continues. But here

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