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  • 6 Things in Moms' Closets They Can Wear All Year Round

    shorts and tightsshorts and tightsI don't know about you, but I'm seriously bummed that it's cold (and that there's snow on the ground!) in my neck of the woods. Where did summer go? Hell, where did fall go? It never even happened. Or did I blink and miss it? I miss the long days of summer. Driving with the windows down. Flip-flops. Good god, do I miss flip-flops.

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    When it comes to clothes, I'm a summer gal all the way -- tank tops, sundresses, etc. And if you are, too, dry your eyes, twinsy, you can actually wear some of your hot weather clothes when the temperatures start dropping. Hell, you can wear them in the dead of winter. And vice-versa! Winter clothes in summer! Radical, I know.

    Here are 6 articles of clothing you can wear year-round. And, yes, they're already in your closet.


    Forever 21


    Think your sundress only looks good on the beach? Think again! Pair it with a pair of tights,

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  • Target + Neiman Marcus = HEAVEN

    Neiman Marcus for TargetNeiman Marcus for Target

    I'm just going to cut to the chase here, ladies.

    Target and Neiman Marcus have partnered for a holiday design collection and I AM DROOLING.

    The collection includes clothing and accessories created by 24 of the world's top designers for men, women, and children, as well as other holiday gift items.

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    To give you an idea of the designs, just LOOK at this $99.99 Robert Rodriguez dress! Is it not TO DIE FOR?

    Keep reading to see more of my favorite selections, and to find out when the collection will be available!

    Neiman Marcus for TargetNeiman Marcus for Target

    This Prabal Gurung holiday cape (Target, $79.99) would look great over a holiday dress or with jeans. LOVE.

    Neiman Marcus for TargetNeiman Marcus for Target

    Don't tell my dog, but I think this Oscar de la Renta dog leash ($39.99, Target) will be under the tree for her this year!

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    Neiman Marcus for TargetNeiman Marcus for Target

    I'm also partial to this Oscar de la Renta tote (Target,

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  • Eeps! 8 Signs You're Dating a Psychopath

    Let's be honest here: there aren't a lot of actual psychopaths in the world, but if you run into one, and happen to end up dating him, you should be aware of the signs. It can save you a LOT of heartache and potential fear down the road.

    A psychopath, no matter HOW charming, is not someone you want to know, let alone allow into your life, so watch out for these red flags before you get sucked in and can't get out!

    1) He's very charming - Now to be fair, not every person who is charming is a psychopath, but it's important to note that psychopaths often are very charismatic and slick and have an answer for everything.

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    2) He's a narcissist - A psychopathic person often thinks EXTREMELY highly of himself -- to the point where he's self-obsessed at the least and very egotistical at the worst.

    3) He's a pathological liar - We all tell white lies now and then. You

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  • 6 Distractions that Could Destroy Your Relationship

    I remember the day I considered getting a smartphone for the first time. Before that, I'd been using a simple cellphone, one that made calls and occasionally dropped them. I didn't assume that I needed anything fancier than that -- I mean, I'm just a chick with a blog, right?

    Time marched on and I found myself actually needing a smartphone, which I bought. Then came tablets - I probably needed one of those, too, right? For those times when phones aren't enough?

    Those two things quickly became both a tether and a noose around my neck -- I was always reachable and available, which meant that I should respond, even if I was in the middle of living life in the real world.

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    Turns out? These distractions are things that can not only make us feel pressured to do more faster, but can ultimately put a serious damper on our relationships. Here are the biggest offenders.

    1) Games - Video games, computer games, games

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  • What Happened to Holly Petraeus is Every Aging Wife's Biggest Fear

    Poor Holly Petraeus. Not only do you find out your husband of 38 years, resigned CIA director General David Petraeus, is cheating on you with his biographer, Paula Broadwell, a woman 20 years your junior, but you find it out in the most incredibly public way. And then you're basically blamed for it. No one is accusing Holly of being a bad wife, oh no. David has described her as "the greatest source of support, wise counsel, and love that any soldier could have." They've been married for 38 years. But, um, look at her. Says one commenter on an article about her: "She looks like an old granny." Says another: "She looks like his great-grandmother ... She should be at least 75 pounds lighter ... I blame it on her appearance." Are we really surprised by this?

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    This is the gut reaction when any cheating scandal happens. Blame it on the wife. What did she do to make her husband unhappy? Did

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  • Edible Deodorant Candy Could Make Your Pits Smell like Posies

    deo perfume candydeo perfume candyCan eating candy make you smell dandy? Only if it's Deo Perfume Candy, apparently, an "edible deodorant" so powerful one dose will supposedly make a 145-pound person "smell like roses" for up to 6 hours. Sweet! Or ... scary. Or highly unlikely, you're probably thinking. That was my first thought, too: What a scam. Like sea monkeys for the personal hygiene market. People are soooo gullible.

    But then I did a little more research, and as it turns out, the science behind these sweets doesn't stink. Basically, it's like this: You know how when a person eats a lot of garlic, they start to smell like garlic? And I'm not talking about someone coming back to work after lunch with the scent of garlic lingering on their breath or clothes, I'm talking about someone who seems to have the odor oozing from their pores.

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    Well, it seems that way because garlic actually is oozing from their pores. See, garlic contains a

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  • 9 Easy Thanksgiving Appetizers Made with Tasty Seasonal Favorites

    thanksgiving appsthanksgiving appsThanksgiving dinner is going to keep a lot of us pretty busy in the kitchen. The turkey, the sides, the desserts, the relatives -- dinner itself is a big job. So whenever I hear "Thanksgiving appetizers", my first thought is, Are you freakin' kidding me? What am I, an insomniac with 80 arms? YOU bring me appetizers, glossy food magazine!

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    And then I find myself in the kitchen on Thanksgiving, stealing bits of food here and there and getting peevish on not enough food and too much cocktail. And I start longing for appetizers. Thanksgiving appetizers don't have to be super time-consuming and fancy-pants. And they don't need to take up your oven or stove-top. Here's a few simple, seasonal ideas to hold over the pre-dinner crowd (especially the cooks!) until the main event.

    Cheese plate. Hardly any prep work at all! I like to put out a couple cheeses, some crackers, and maybe some dried fruit

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  • Moms Who Don't Discipline Their Kids Make Me Crazy

    toddler tantrumtoddler tantrumMy friend does not believe in disciplining her 2-year-old daughter. Yes, you read that right. My friend, let's call her Lisa, once let her daughter, let's call her Megan, flush the toilet 30 times. Just because she wanted to. When both of them were at my home for dinner, I watched her daughter deliberately pour a glass of water right over my table. I had to say, "No, Megan!" while my friend just smiled.

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    My friend confesses that at a recent play date, her daughter smeared a gooey snack all over the host mom's bedspread. She apologized to the mom but didn't tell her kid she'd done anything wrong. I've stopped speaking to my friend on the phone while Megan is awake, because she screams endlessly while we talk, blasting a hole in my ear. My friend never once says, "Sweetie, I'm on the phone." Why does she allow all of this? "I guess it's just easier this way," my friend admits. "The truth is, I hate to make my

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  • 7 Things Moms Can Blame on Their Toddlers & Get Away With

    temper tantrumtemper tantrumLast week 47-year-old father Spencer Russell was in court for stealing some expensive designer handbags from a home his wife was paid to look after while the owners were away. When the owner noticed the missing items, he blamed it on his 2-year-old daughter.

    He said the toddler liked to play dress-up, and she'd snatched them. Um, yeah right. He later admitted he took them, and though the judge didn't give him any jail time, he did call him out for his pathetic excuse.

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    So yes, blaming criminal activity on your tike is pretty lame, but there are plenty of things you can blame on toddlers and get away with quite brilliantly. Toddlers are actually quite convenient patsies for a host of misdemeanors moms make. Here are seven things you can definitely blame on your toddler even when they're not exactly guilty:

    1. Unwashed Hair or a Slightly Rank Smell

    Who the hell has time to

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  • Moms Disgusted by Breastfeeding Doll Aren't Prudes

    Hbreat milk babybreat milk babyave you seen the breastfeeding baby doll? It's a doll that makes little suckling noises and movements with its mouth when you hold it up to your breast -- or more accurately when you hold it up to the specially made halter top you wear when you play with the doll.

    If you watch the video, you'll see it's not as weird and creepy as it sounds. Breastfeeding advocates and child experts love the doll. So why isn't it flying off the shelves? So far only 5,000 have sold in the U.S. since it was introduced about a year ago.

    Actually, there's something about this doll that turns shoppers off more than breastfeeding.

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    Hello, the Breast Milk Baby retails for $89! That's a lot of money for a doll for your toddler or preschooler. I mean, once you see the doll in action, it's not really that scandalous. After all, how many of us have seen kids pretend to breastfeed their baby dolls anyway?


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