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  • Awesome New Body Scanner Takes the Stress Out of Shopping for Jeans

    jeansjeansThe future is here and it's glorious -- there's now a body scanning machine that will tell you what kind of jeans will work best for your shape. All you do is step into the Bodymetrics booth and let the computer tell you what cut of denim will most flatter your hot bod. It will even recommend brands! Amazing.

    I don't know about you, but I dread shopping for new jeans. Taking 10 pairs into a Bloomingdale's dressing room is my idea of hell. But it sounds like all our problems will be solved with this fancy new scanner thing-a-ma-gig. In under a minute we'll be told what pairs to go pick up and try on. Best part? The scanner has a 90 percent success rate. This thing is going to be life changing.

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    No more sweaty sessions in stores, hauling pair after pair to a fluorescently lit dressing room only to discover that nothing you picked up makes you look or feel good. And there are so many

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  • Would YOU Wear a Gigantic Fur Hat with Ears? (VIDEO)

    Lindsay Ferrier I'll Take That DareLindsay Ferrier I'll Take That DareSure, celebrities and 'young adults' can wear a hat with ears and get away with it -- but what about a suburban mom?

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    in this episode of "I'll Take That Dare," I wore this ginormous hat in a VERY public place. See the priceless reactions in our video ...

    As you can see, reactions were decidedly mixed.

    Outside of kids and teenagers, not many grown-ups are rocking the fur hats with ears in the suburbs of Nashville -- and while young people all acted like I was rocking the latest new look, people in their 30s and beyond looked at me like ... like ... like I was wearing a gigantic fur hat with ears!

    Bonus points to those of you who catch the Twilight reference -- that was one of my favorite parts of the video.

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    This was the only dare of the series that has become pretty widespread -- I'm seeing all kinds of people in these hats

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  • I Wore a Booty Pop in Public! (VIDEO)

    Booty PopBooty PopWho hasn't wished they had a little more junk in their trunk (besides me)?

    Thank God there's the Booty Pop -- padded underwear that gives you a more shapely derriere -- and apparently, a penchant for oversized lollipops!

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    You know I couldn't resist this dare -- I wore the Booty Pop out in public to find out what people thought of the new and improved me!

    Yep, some thought the Booty Pop was just what my deflated backside needed -- but I won't be wearing my pair again. Here's why ...

    The pads are made of cheap foam. If someone were to touch that foam, inadvertently or not, it would become all too clear that you were wearing butt pads.

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    That's just embarrassing.

    Also, the guy who said my butt looked sort of angular was absolutely right. In darker lighting, my rear end looked nicely

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  • How to Make Sure Your Next Doctor's Visit Isn't a Total Bust

    doctors consulting patientdoctors consulting patientHow many times have you gone to the doctor, only to feel like the speed at which you were shuttled in and out left your head spinning? Or you laid on the table in a vulnerable position, trying to shoot off the questions you had made a mental (or actual) checklist of, while your doctor pretty much had his or her hand on the door?

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    I've experienced the above personally quite often and heard the same complaints from friends lately. It's almost as if the problem is getting worse. "Pink medicine woman" and author of What's Up Down There? Questions You'd Only Ask Your Gynecologist If She Was Your Best Friend, Dr. Lissa Rankin, has partnered with to help them launch a campaign aimed at empowering patients called No Question Left Unanswered. She notes that the shortage of time patients and doctors have with one another is definitely a sign of the times.

    As she shares on her blog,, many doctors

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  • Suzanne Somers' Secret to Everlasting Youth is Mind-Blowing (VIDEO)

    ray kurzweil futuristray kurzweil futuristPrepare to have your mind completely blown. Because futurist Ray Kurzweil (who predicted the web, the fall of the U.S.S.R. and the fact that a computer would beat a human at chess years before those incidents actually occurred) sat down to chat with Suzanne Somers on her CafeMom Studios YouTube show, Suzanne Somers Breaking Through, yesterday and his latest prediction is nothing short of WILD!

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    Kurzweil says that in 25 short years, computers will be the size of a blood cell. Not that strange in itself, unless you think about trying to text with something that tiny, but anyway ... And we'll put these "nanobots" inside of our bodies, to flow through our bloodstreams. Kurzweil explains that "robotic white blood cells" will augment our immune systems and destroy cancer, and "robotic red blood cells" could keep us oxygenated for hours, even if we have a heart attack. Whoa. I told you -- mind totally

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  • 5 Reasons Not to Dress like Kate Middleton

    kate middletonkate middletonSurprise, surprise. Those coral J Brand skinny jeans Kate Middleton wore last week to pal around with the British Olympic women's field hockey team? They're selling like hot cakes. In fact, coral jeans in general are selling like hot cakes. The Daily Express is reporting that sales of colored denim jeans at the British clothing store, Asda, recently rose an impressive 88 percent. And brand director for Asda, Fiona Lambert, predicts that, thanks to Kate, the trend is hear to stay, saying: "Wearing bright colours lifts us all and now we have the royal seal of approval for coloured denim from Kate Middleton, we know this is going to be the hot trend this summer."

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    You guys. Seriously. I know Kate looks amazing in everything she wears, but we really need to stop rushing out and buying everything she owns. It's getting ridiculous. Here are five reasons not to dress like Kate Middleton.


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  • Mustache Sunglasses: Would You Wear Them? (PHOTO)

    Aubrey PlazaAubrey PlazaI'll be honest ... I'm getting a tiny little bit tired of seeing "mustache masks" in photos.

    I'm sure it used to be hilarious and hip to pose for a photo with a mustache-on-a-stick, but when everyone's doing it, well ...

    It's not so hilarious anymore, now is it?

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    I'm giving Parks and Rec actress Aubrey Plaza a pass, though, because she took the idea and changed it up a bit, wearing these 'Sunstache glasses' at a step and repeat ...

    Letting the paparazzi photograph you in a false mustache that's attached to sunglasses?

    Now that truly IS funny!

    Best of all, these sunglasses can be yours for the incredibly low price of ...


    Urban OutfittersUrban OutfittersThat's right, girls. These sunglasses are up for sale at Urban Outfitters for just eight dollars!

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    And while they'd be a great gift for your man, I

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  • Should Facebook Passwords Be Given to Our Families when We Die?

    keyboardkeyboardKaren Williams' 22-year-old son, Loren, died abruptly in a motorcycle crash, and after he passed, Karen, understandably, wanted access to his Facebook account. Everything these days is online -- at least the most recent stuff -- and Karen just wanted to be able to go through her son's photos, read his comments, and look at silly posts from his friends. It helped her feel closer to him. So, she figured out his password, got into his account, and emailed the company to let them know what was going on. But two hours later, she was kicked out of the website and Loren's password was changed.

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    Karen said, "I wanted full and unobstructed access, and they balked at that. It was heartbreaking. I was a parent grasping at straws to get anything I could get." After a two-year legal battle, Williams eventually got her son's account back, but she was only granted 10 months of access before the page was

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  • Swan Attack of Woman Reminds Us They're Vicious, Scary Effers

    Swan attack
    On the outside, swans are graceful, revered members of the bird kingdom long held as symbols of ultimate beauty and love in literature and the arts. Now that mating season is upon us, you might see more of these majestic waterfowl at the town park or lake and even be tempted to move up close for a picture of the sweet white bird or to toss them some bread.

    Well. Don't buy into the deception.

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    Best advice is, run away. Keep you and your children away from these mean f**kers at all costs. Swans are the most underestimated and devious of all waterfowl. They just want to kill you and eat you, and they know they have us all totally fooled by their pretty exterior. Swans are scarier than pit bulls and hungry lions, and as proof take a look at this recent video of a Florida woman being attacked by a swan at a bank. Crazy bird actually walked into the bank!

    Granted, this video is not as horrible as

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  • Loud Sex is Just a Sign You're Faking It

    wolf howlingwolf howlingHowling for his pleasure.Whenever I see a movie where people are loud during sex (not the X-rated ones) I think of my mom telling me how women who moan are just putting on a show. Kind of a mood killer, yes. But my mom and I just have that kind of relationship where we talk about a lot of things and I think the topic was brought up when we were discussing pornos and how she dislikes most of them because of the overly dramatic moaning. Yikes. Bigger mood killer there. But you know how the saying goes that mom is always right? Well, my mom is right when it comes to this loud sex topic. A recent study has validated that.

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    Loud moaning, it seems, is just a big show on the woman's part. It doesn't help most of us ladies climax, nor are we saying "oooooooh baby yes!" because we are getting close to our O. We're just doing it for our partner.

    Researchers Gayle Brewer of the University of Central Lancashire and Colin A.

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