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  • 5 Extremely Valuable Dating Tips from Men

    Dating can be kind of mystifying -- it's so hard to know how to do it right. Everywhere you turn, it's "we promise you'll meet the man of your dreams," and "the TRUE dating secrets revealed." Everyone wants to tell you what to do.

    But, if you're not listening to the right group of people, you're bound to get it all wrong. The "right people"? MEN.

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    So here are some dating tips from men for women.

    Be honest. No, really, men mean it when they say it. Sure, there's a time to sugarcoat a bitter pill, but most of the time? Men prefer it when women say what they mean -- and mean what they say.

    Be upfront about yourself. You want kids? Okay. You don't? Okay. You want to get married someday? Okay. But men prefer to know things about you upfront rather than have to play the guessing game later.

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    If you dress provocatively, you're not going to pick up a nice guy.

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  • 8 Things NOT to Do on a First Date (If You Want a Second)

    asparagusasparagusOh, the joys of dating. The extreme anxiety, the self-doubt, the need to check your inbox in the middle of the night just to see if anyone in particular has responded ... it can be a passive-aggressive romp through personal hell.

    Then again, I hear it can also be a wonderful adventure that will lead you to your soul mate. Lovely prospect, I suppose.

    So if you're looking to meet your match, maybe there are a few things you should know before going on your next first date. After all, if you do it right, it could be your last. Here are 8 things never to do on a first date if, that is, you want a second.

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    1. Do not mention that your arms are really sore from carrying Costco-size bags of cat food for blocks and blocks because you're too poor to take a cab.
    2. Do not talk about how your doctor says you don't have gluten allergy? But you feel like you do? And you haven't eaten bread in, like, so long? Because you feel
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  • 5 Marriage-Saving Tricks You Have to Try

    By now we've all heard the statistics a zillion times: Half of all marriages end in divorce.

    But when you really weigh that, it's a scary thought, right? I mean, you're not standing there at the altar, all, "yeah, if this doesn't work, I'll trade him in for a new model," are you? I wasn't. But it's a frightening reality for many. Divorce happens, and sometimes it happens to us.

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    So how to you stop from going down that path? You're in luck because I'm here to tell you. Read on for some unique tips for avoiding divorce.

    1) Hang out with each other. One of the biggest relationship issues that can lead to divorce is, oddly enough, not spending enough time -- quality time -- together. Do stuff you guys enjoy: Watch some silly movies, laugh together, and bond. It's so easy to spend time just sitting quietly together but alone, so make sure that really hanging out with each other at least once a week is at the

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  • Jennifer Aniston's Monthly Beauty Bill is HOW MUCH?

    Jennifer AnistonJennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston is the beauty envy of millions of women across the world. Despite being 43, the actress has a dewiness and glow to her skin that seems to (naturally) only occur in 23-year-olds. And then there's her hair. It's shiny and healthy and always perfectly "sun-kissed." Oh, and her body, too. Yeah, it's incredibly toned and all around amazing (those arms!). And let's not forget about her teeth, and her nails, and everything in between. In short, woman looks gooood.

    But, obviously, all of this comes at a price. A steep price, actually. The Daily Mail just broke down the actress' monthly beauty bill, and ohmahgah, is it expensive! It takes a lot of work -- a boatloads of cash -- to make Jennifer Aniston look natural.

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    The rough sum they came up with is $8,000. A month. Eight-thousand dollars a month! That's almost a year's worth of rent for me! That's four 10-day trips to France! That's ...

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  • A Piperlime Pop-Up Outlet! RAWK

    PiperlimePiperlimeI don't know about you guys, but I am ALL ABOUT online outlets -- I'm even planning on writing a post soon about all my faves, because lately most of what I wear comes from one of them.

    Thanks to my favorite Internet "bargain bins," I'm able to pay mid-range prices (think Express) and end up with fabulous designer gear (think Neiman Marcus). What's not to love?

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    So I was thrilled to get an e-mail today about Piperlime's pop-up Outlet -- it's a one-week-only site that ends March 17th, so you'd better shop it fast if you're interested!

    Want to see a few of my favorite things they're offering? Read on!

    PiperlimePiperlimeI'm loving this Rachel Pally dress (Piperlime, $54.97), which is half off.

    PiperlimePiperlimeWith summer coming up, these Blank Denim Biker Cargo Shorts (Piperlime, $33.97) will make you look current without showing any cellulite!

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  • 5 Baby Sign Language Basics You Should Learn

    baby with bibbaby with bib
    What ya thinking, kid?
    Before having babies of my own, I was fascinated by a friend's baby son who was able to communicate when he was hungry or sleepy with just a few simple gestures. Later, that kid went on to become one of the most verbal little tykes I'd ever met, and I decided that I too would one day teach my babies sign language.

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    So, here we are, several years later, and I'm trying to do some baby sign language with my 7-month-old twins. I mean, it's going to be awhile until they're signing back, or until I even know that all my hand waving and cow-milking is getting through, but I'm sticking with it!

    Some small studies have shown that babies who are taught sign language learn to talk sooner, they're more verbal, and may even have higher IQs. Whether you believe all that or not, at the very least, we know that sign language can help your child communicate his needs before he

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  • Congratulations, It's a Girl! (P.S. You Have Cancer)

    BabyBabyOur daughter was born at 6:55 p.m. on Thursday, December 1, 2011. She weighed 7 pounds, 9 ounces and was 20" in length. Aside from a tiny bit of jaundice, she was perfectly healthy. We named her Magnolia Grace. We call her Maggie. Or Maggs. Or Magpie or Maggie Moo. Or simply the Moo.

    Late in life parents, this was a moment neither my husband nor I had ever thought would come.

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    The days following her birth were spent in a totally blissed-out bubble, with the Moo staying with us in our room at the hospital. This baby was a dream baby. She slept soundly for hours at a time. We had to wake her for diaper changes and feedings. She rarely fussed. She loved to snuggle. She wasn't bothered by loud noises. She didn't freak out over wet or dirty diapers. She didn't mind being held by new people. She was -- and is -- a totally chilled-out baby. How two semi-neurotic, Type A personalities were

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  • New 'Belly Armor' is Good News for Laptop Addicted Moms

    Um -- did you know that your laptop can be unsafe for your growing baby while you are pregnant? Because I had no idea. I always knew that you weren't supposed to stand in front of the microwave or have an x-ray or anything like that, but I had no idea that the simple act of trying to do your job each day or update your Facebook status could actually harm your baby. Isn't anything safe anymore? Good grief!

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    It turns out that you may be unknowingly exposing your bun in the oven to radiation if you are doing your typing with your computer in your lap. And considering how many of us have laptops these days, odds are good that there are plenty of women who aren't aware that they may be using something that can potentially harm their baby.

    Luckily, there is this new product out that can help ensure that you can still safely use your laptop while pregnant. It's called the Belly Armor

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  • Snag the Best ‘Hunger Games’ Looks for Yourself! (VIDEO)

    Hunger GamesHunger GamesIn case you missed it, Hunger Games fever is taking over. Our very own Sheri Reed attended last night's world premiere in Los Angeles, people everywhere are having their very own Hunger Games dinner parties, and I don't know about you -- but I can't stop GAWKING over the movie's leading men. Wowzers! Someone, anyone, PLEASE get Liam Hemsworth my phone number, STAT.

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    OK, while a date with Liam may not be in my immediate future -- it seems like some of the fly fashion from the movie, which comes out in theaters nationwide on March 23, is. Thanks to the video (top) from PopSugar, we all can get Katniss Everdeen's cute button-down blue dress and a whole slew of other cute looks from the film.

    For a price, that is.

    Don't get me wrong. I LOVE that they went out finding great options for us to channel our favorite Games characters. However, their look a-likes are so expensive! Not to worry, though. I've

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  • How NOT to Lose Yourself in a Relationship

    There you are, finally dating the awesome dude of your dreams (or just a guy you like very, very much). Suddenly, you're inseparable. You can't go anywhere without each other. Instead of taking time for yourself, you manage to spend every possible second with each other - and you like it!

    It's suddenly "our" favorite movie and "our" favorite restaurant and "our" favorite hot spots. You've gone from "me" to "us." While that's a major stepping stone in a relationship, it comes with some unexpected pitfalls.

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    Namely, losing yourself.

    Here are some slightly unexpected tips for avoiding that common relationship danger.

    Do not give up on old friendships just because you have a new guy in your life. Yes, your friends may understand for a certain length of time, but after that, they may write you off. You don't want that.

    Keep old traditions going. Sure, you want to spend every possible second with

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