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  • The Easy Way to Get Kate Middleton's Curls


  • Photo: Darren Braun

    Why Haven't I Found My Soulmate?

    To me, a soulmate is someone you feel you've known forever. It's not necessarily your most passionate relationship, or even the person you marry. I don't think there's only one partner for each of us; we can find happiness with a number of different people, and waiting for some ideal match may keep you from seeing what's right in front of you. People don't necessarily know what they really want, anyway. I see this with clients who say, "I want him to be self-confident but not arrogant. Wealthy but not concerned with money. Super-successful but available to spend all his time with me."

    So many people say, "I always thought I'd just run into someone-that fate would bring us together." But there have been times when I've met with a client and the very next day, in walked the person that client wound up marrying. Who's to say that's not fate?

    Fay Goldman is the founder of Meaningful Connections, a matchmaking service in New York City.


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  • 5 Body Washes that Say Sayonara to Dry Skin

    Photo: Marko Metzinger/Studio DBy

    Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash
    For daily moisturizing: Packed with petrolatum, glycerin, vitamin E, and shea butter, this super-creamy body wash softens like a lotion.
    $5.49 (prices may vary) |

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    Photo: Marko Metzinger/Studio D

    Olivina Orange Peel Oatmeal Soap
    For extra-dry skin: Soothing oatmeal and moisturizing olive and almond oils quickly relieve tightness and itchiness.
    $9 |

    Photo: Marko Metzinger/Studio DL'Occitane Jasmin & Bergamote Perfumed Shower Gel
    For an energy boost: The bright floral scent and refreshing gel are an instant wake-up call.
    $18 |

    Photo: Marko Metzinger/Studio DTocca Cleopatra Nourishing Body Scrub
    For exfoliation: Buff away tiny bumps on your arms and legs with sugar and crushed-olive granules.
    $32 |

    Photo: Marko Metzinger/Studio DMaison Francis Kurkdjian Paris Shower Cream
    For a luxurious feel and scent: Both the

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  • Why Lasagna is the Worst Dish to Bring to a Potluck (And What to Bring Instead)

    By Lynn Andriani

    We love a bubbling casserole of pasta and cheese as much as you do, but there's a case to be made for shaking things up at your next party. Here are five amazing alternative ideas.

  • Surprising Ways Autumn Affects Your Sex Life

    Photo: ThinkstockBy Jena Pincott

    You Get a Pick-Me-Up
    The leaves may be falling...but your libido? Expect it to rise. Autumn is the season when our levels of testosterone--associated with sex drive--are higher than at any other time, found several studies that tracked hormone levels year-round (and yes, this applies to women, too). Whether the surge is the result of ancient mating instincts (other animals have a fall "rutting season"), and if it's triggered by decreasing daylight or increased social activity--well, it's all scientific speculation. But for practical purposes, who cares?

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    You're Even More Attractive to Men
    Those higher testosterone levels may be behind why women have thicker waists relative to their hips--that is, they're less curvaceous--in the fall than at any other time of year, found researchers at Simon Fraser University. (All the pumpkin pie doesn't help the waistline, either). And yet--here's the welcome news--men

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  • 3 Metals that Might Cause Memory Problems

    Photo: Ciara PhelanBy Leslie Goldman

    The exact causes of Alzheimer's disease are still unknown, but experts have identified a host of contributing factors: diabetes, smoking, saturated fats. Now a theory points the finger in a different direction: a variety of metals that can build up in the body over time. Look inside the brains of people with Alzheimer's who have died and you'll find protein clogging the brain's signaling system, along with tiny clusters called beta-amyloid plaques. "When researchers tease those plaques apart, they find metals, including iron, copper, and aluminum," says Neal Barnard, MD, an adjunct associate professor of medicine at the George Washington University School of Medicine. "These metals produce free radicals, which are like little sparks that damage brain cells." And dementia isn't the only risk; metals have been linked to everyday mental fuzziness: A study of roughly 1,450 adults in The Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging found that women who performed highest on

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  • How to Handle Life's Top "What I Should Have Said" Moments

    Photo: ThinkstockBy Leigh Newman

    1. The situation: You're on a second date with a smart, funny guy. But his last 20 out of 21 sentences have been wisecracks or clever comments. By the entrée, you know this isn't a match. You're looking for someone slower, more relaxed, somebody who can be quiet with you. Spending time with him has not been awful. If it had been, you wouldn't be in this situation, because it would have been obvious to both of you on the first date that you two should not see each other again. But as it is, you ate another dinner, you laughed, you found out you both fear live lobsters and love chocolate-dipped cones. It's all perfectly endurable. But when he leans in to ask for a third date, how do you make it clear that this isn't possible--without being rude?

    The response:
    "Tonight was wonderful. But I don't feel like we're a shidduch."

    Certain, very well-meaning pals will urge you to explain what you like about this guy and what you don't. But men, like many of us, don't need

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  • How to Declutter Your Car--for Good

    Photo: ThinkstockBy Candace Braun Davison

    Plug the Quarter- and French Fry-Eating Hole
    For the most part, you probably don't think about that gap between your seat and the center console--until you round a corner and swoosh! Your cell phone slides down, trapped in a space too narrow for your fingers to easily grab it. While we're apt to immediately retrieve our iPhones--though please, resist the urge to lunge for fallen items while driving (distractions like this were responsible for 3,331 deaths in 2011, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation)--certain items tend to nest there indefinitely: crumpled gum wrappers, pens "borrowed" from the bank, the loose change you're always hunting for when you reach a toll. After you've taken a few minutes to clear everything out, the next step is to close the gap. A foam seal used for insulating a window air conditioning unit can be trimmed to fill the space, though it may shuffle or fall if you readjust the seat. Another alternative is the Drop

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  • The Biggest Mistakes People Make when Grocery Shopping

    Photo: ThinkstockBy Lynn Andriani

    Trying to Avoid Crowds
    Anyone who's spent time catching up on their celebrity-gossip magazine reading while slowly making their way toward the register knows that Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are the busiest days to shop. But while switching your weekly grocery run to a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday may save you a little bit of time, it probably won't save you money. Retailers know that most people shop on weekends, so that's when they offer their best deals, says Roger Davidson, who has held senior positions with major grocery chains such as Supervalu, Wild Oats Markets and Walmart. Stores often start their sales on a Thursday and run them through a Sunday, which is the busiest day. Another reason to head to the store on days when it's crowded: Research shows we're less likely to buy unnecessary items when we're surrounded by many people. If you really love having wide-open aisles but still want to benefit from markdowns, try Thursday or Friday

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  • Suze Orman's Best Advice for Getting Out of Debt

    Photo: ThinkstockBy Suze Orman

    Suze Orman, author of The Money Class: How to Stand in Your Truth and Create the Future You Deserve tells you how to deal with your debts, whether you're simply having trouble figuring out which bills to pay first or considering a trip to bankruptcy court.

    Credit Card Debt
    Q: My husband and I are working our way out of more than $14,000 in credit card debt. (We didn't pay our bills until we were about to be sued.) We've settled one balance for $9,000, and we're in the process of reducing another one. How can we remove these blemishes from our credit reports and improve our scores fast?

    A: Your settlement was merely the second strike to your credit--the first was your delinquency. Honestly, I wouldn't look for a quick fix for your score right now. A higher number might give you easier access to money through extended credit card limits or better loan terms, but you and your husband need to focus on living within your means and examining why you accumulated so

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