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  • 3 Ways to Keep Computer Screens from Ruining Your Eyes

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    Reported by Melia Robinson

    Use the 20-20-20 Rule

    We blink up to two-thirds less often per minute when looking at a screen, which can dry out our eyes, causing irritation. To help maintain a healthy level of moisture and reduce eyestrain, get in the habit of looking at something at least 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds every 20 minutes.
    --Mark Rosenfield, PhD, professor of clinical education at the State University of New York College of Optometry

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    Find Your Type

    Times New Roman may be your default font, but onscreen its curvy design with tiny tails on the ends of letters, called serifs, may slow word recognition and force you to stare harder and longer, contributing to eye fatigue. Fonts like Arial and Verdana, which have more space between letters, can make words appear crisper and easier to read from farther away, taxing your vision less.

    --James Sheedy, PhD, director of the Vision Performance Institute at Pacific

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  • Slim Down by Standing Still

    By Corrie Pikul

  • The 6 Most Dangerous Workout Moves

    Photo: ThinkstockBy Corrie Pikul

    1. The Jump Where You Land Like a Girl

    The move: Box jumps (hopping up and down with both feet on platforms of various heights)

    The risk: These trendy CrossFit moves (now coming to a gym near you) can be a great way to build power, says Vonda Wright, MD, a Pittsburgh-based orthopedic surgeon who specializes in injury prevention and mobility. However, they're notorious for causing injuries to the knee or Achilles tendon. Landing properly requires excellent form, and that can be tough to maintain when you're doing several in a row, says Wright. Most men land with their butt sticking out and their knees facing forward and deeply bent, which absorbs impact. But, Wright says, women tend to land with their legs straighter and their knees closer together, which can be hard on the joints (it could even cause a ruptured ACL).

    The fix: Wright says to start with standing broad jumps until you perfect your form and are able to land without wobbling. Increase the height very

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  • 5 Ways You Think You're Saving Money, but Aren't

    Photo: ThinkstockBy Candace Braun Davison

    You're Not Buying a Shiny New Phone
    Whether you buy it now or you buy it later, getting a new phone means paying for it. But keeping your current phone after your two-year agreement is up means you might be making payments on it long after you've covered the full price of it. Many service agreements charge a subsidized rate for a phone upfront--about $200--plus a monthly payment fee that's included in your bill. When the 24 months are up, that fee remains part of your monthly statement, explains Consumer Reports. Until recently, you haven't had many other options. But, as of March 2013, T-Mobile allows you to use your current phone on a lower-rate, "no contract" month-to-month plan. Unlimited minutes, text messages and 2GB of high-speed data costs $60 per month. A comparable two-year contract plan elsewhere can cost $100 a month, which means that sticking with your current phone--and staying in a contract--could cost you up to $40 more per month. If you really

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  • 12 Invisible Signs of Love

    Photo: ThinkstockBy Leigh Newman

    Sign #1: Your annoying talking pumpkin-head key chain shows up in their junk drawer.

    Or your broken pen or ancient bowling scorecard. None of these are items that anybody in their right mind would covet. But they are things that indicate that the person enjoys thinking of you while looking for the Scotch tape. Or that they're doing something that's only possible when somebody deeply adores you: They're keeping your garbage around their nice clean house because they think that you might think it's not garbage at all, and they're waiting for that moment to hand it over to you and for you to go, "My talking pumpkin-head key chain!!! I thought I lost it!" At which point, they will get the huge hug from you that justifies the past few months of listening to that eerie electronic pumpkin voice go, "Smash me, sucker!" every time they shut the junk drawer a little too hard.

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    Sign #2: Their mom knows your birthday.

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  • Sundresses that Flatter Every Body Type

    By Candace Braun Davison

  • Find $1,230 in Your Dining Room

    Photo: ThinkstockBy Lynn Andriani

    Milk Glass Cake Stands
    Consider it a ripple effect of the cupcake craze: Pastel-hued or white glass pedestals for cakes and other baked goods are some of the most sought-after retro items hiding in your china cabinet. Milk glass, which is opaque, generally isn't as valuable as crystal, but if it has a well-known manufacturer's name on the bottom (look for Duncan, Fenton, L.E. Smith or Westmoreland), it could be worth anywhere from $50 to $400.

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    Photo: ThinkstockVintage Tablecloths
    When it comes to table toppers, Marghab is the name that trumps all; it refers to linens that are handmade on the Portuguese island of Madeira. Tablecloths, placemats and napkins from the '60s with the Marghab name are always in demand; a recent set of 10 napkins attracted bids of more than $200 on eBay. Jim "Griff" Griffith, eBay's senior manager of seller strategy, also says table linens from the Finnish design company Marimekko, known for its bright prints, are back in

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  • Dull Skin? How You Apply Face Creams Could Be to Blame

    Photo: Marko Metzinger/Studio DBy Val Monroe

    Q: In what order should I apply facial treatment products?

    A: I'm glad you asked; what's the point of using treatments if you're not getting the maximum benefits? Francesca Fusco, MD, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, has a simple rule: Apply the lightest, thinnest product first and work up to the heaviest. With that in mind, here are your instructions for morning and evening.

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    1. Wash with a creamy, non-sudsy, non-detergent cleanser.
    2. If your skin is oily, use a non-alcohol-based toner on the T-zone only.
    3. Apply a serum containing either vitamin C or another antioxidant, like ferulic acid or green tea.
    4. Lightly pat on an eye cream.
    5. Apply a moisturizer--tinted, if you like--with a broad-spectrum SPF 30.

    1. Wash with a creamy, non-sudsy, non-detergent cleanser.
    2. Apply moisturizer if your skin is sensitive or very dry, or you suffer from rosacea.
    3. If you

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  • 9 Habits of People Who Love the Weight They're At

    By Corrie Pikul

  • Cleaning Mistakes that Could Land You in the Hospital

    Photo: ThinkstockBy Valerie Ross

    Mixing Bleach with Pretty Much Anything
    If your mother told you not to mix bleach with ammonia, listen: The two combine to create a toxic gas called chloramine, which at low levels causes wheezing, coughing, nausea and watery eyes, and at higher concentrations can do irreversible damage to the lungs. But mixing bleach with any acidic cleaner (regular old vinegar as well as many drain cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, dishwasher rinses, rust removers and more) is just as dangerous. It also produces a toxic gas, chlorine, which can cause dizziness, coughing, and burning in the nose or eyes when you're exposed to a small amount and can be fatal at higher levels.

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    Photo: ThinkstockFalling Off a (Tiny) Ladder
    You know that mucking out the gutters comes with a serious risk: Ladder-related injuries send 164,000 people in the U.S. to emergency rooms each year. But did you know that over 35,000 people were hurt while using stepladders in 2010?

    Photo: ThinkstockCasually

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