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  • 6 Ways to Upgrade Your Home This Weekend

    Photo: Claire Richardson - Creating the Vintage Look

    Create amazing changes in 48 hours (no table saw or big budget required).

    By Pamela Masin

    If You Have 2 Hours...

    Update your window treatment-without any sewing. Ellie Laycock, the author ofCreating the Vintage Look, created curtains from fun, appealing dish towels. To do it yourself, establish that the length of your dish towels covers the height of the window. Then, add the width of all your towels together and make sure that number equals the width of your window times 2.5. You can sew a hem on top, like Ellie does, but an easier option is to clip on curtain rings and slide the dishtowels across a wire. Another simple window treatment: Take a twin-size flat sheet in a fun pattern or color and, again, clip on rings to hold it to the rod.

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    If You Have 3 Hours...

    Please give a warm welcome to Washi tape. The decorative Japanese masking tape is known for its affordable price and

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  • 6 Things You Don't Have to Do at Work

    By Leigh Newman

    Photo: ThinkstockDon't Do It All, All at Once

    ...Even if you think the only way you'll ever be able to leave work tonight is by reviewing the marketing report while simultaneously listening to a conference call about the new brand strategy and weighing in on a text-message chain about tomorrow's meeting. The IQs of people distracted by incoming calls and emails can drop by as much as 10 points, write corporate consultants Jones Loflin and Todd Musig in Getting to It: Accomplishing the Important, Handling the Urgent, and Removing the Unnecessary. "That's a larger effect than losing a night's sleep and twice the effect of smoking marijuana."

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    1. Don't Talk in Your Telephone Voice

    Like most of us, my voice on the telephone is not my real voice. While rattling off, "Leigh Newman speaking," I sound crisp, glossy and professional. This is a good thing. It lets callers know that they've arrived at a place of

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  • 5 Little Home Fixes that Can Save You Hundreds

    By Candace Braun Davison

    Photo: ThinkstockStraighten Out a Slouchy Curtain Rod

    When carpenter Thad Mills visits people's houses on Home Made Simple, he starts his work with the curtain rods, many of which are sloped, sagging or about one exasperated sigh away from falling off the wall. Stucco or plaster walls are usually to blame, which crumble when you try to screw in the rod, resulting in a less-than-sturdy hold, Mills says. Try pre-drilling the holes using a smaller drill bit than the screw you want to use. This allows you to twist the screw into the wall without tearing it up. Also, if you rehang the rod an inch or two higher, your ceilings will look taller and the curtains can hide the original holes.

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    Stop Flushing Money Down the Drain

    Many toilets--particularly older ones--flush more water than they need to, Mills says, but that doesn't mean you need to invest in a new, low-flow porcelain model just yet. Take

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  • Outdated Women's Health Myths to Stop Believing Right Now

    By Corrie Pikul

    Photo: ThinkstockThe Myth: Your fertility plummets after age 35

    The facts: Women have been led to believe that our eggs are stamped with an expiration date: midnight on our 35th birthday. But a recent study headed by Anne Steiner, MD, an assistant professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, found that among 38- and 39-year-olds who had been pregnant before, 80 percent got pregnant naturally within six months. This doesn't mean that the quality and quantity of eggs doesn't decline with age (experts still maintain that by age 40, a woman's chance of getting pregnant is less than 5 percent per cycle). But the decline happens at such variable rates that many healthy women will still have a stockpile of viable eggs late into their 30s. So investigate (by talking to your gynecologist), before dismissing your chances.

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    The Myth: With no

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  • 8 Surprising Things that Make You Look Older Than You Are

    By Corrie Pikul

    Photo: ThinkstockYour Book-Club-Night Snacks

    The habit: Bingeing on hors d'oeuvres like crackers, flatbreads and cookies.

    Why it's making you look older: Consuming refined carbohydrates and sugar results in a rapid spike in blood sugar, explains Whitney Bowe, MD, clinical assistant professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York. The sugar molecules travel through the blood to all the cells in our body, linking up with fats and proteins. When that sugar links to collagen (the protein that gives skin its elasticity) without the presence of an enzyme, a process called glycation occurs, Bowe explains. The resulting collagen-sugar combo is stiffer, and that can lead to wrinkles and compromised circulation to the skin.

    The fix: Snack on nuts, yogurt, edamame--all low-glycemic foods that are better for you skin (and the rest of you, too).

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    Your Workout

    The habit: Wincing, squinting, groaning and straining your facial

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  • 3 Things You're Doing Wrong at 3 PM

    By Jena Pincott

    Photo: Thinkstock1. The mistake: You don't realize how much you "morally disengage" after lunch. Puff up a resume, cover up a problem, deceive a spouse, take credit when it isn't due...If it's shady, you're likelier to do it in the afternoon rather than in the morning, found a study from Harvard University and the University of Utah. A series of experiments revealed that people--good people who normally try to do the right thing--lied, cheated and bamboozled more in the afternoon hours. (Unethical people did so at any time of day or night.) We only have a limited amount of mental energy, the researchers theorized--and as it diminishes, temptation grows.

    The solution: Reorder your tasks so that you--and the people you're working with--are at your ethical best. Anything that requires moral judgment (say, negotiating a deal where you're relying on others to be honest) gets slotted for early in the day.

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    2. The mistake: You've been in the

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  • How to Get Away with Sweatpants at Work (Plus Other Stylish Ideas)

    Slim, sleek and super flattering, these updated sweats are a fresh alternative to cargoes or skinnies.

  • The Hottest Handbags to Look Out for This Spring

    The fastest way to update your wardrobe? A new purse in an of-the-moment shape. Here are the trends I saw on the runways, with options at every price.

    By Adam Glassman

  • 4 Things that Make You Feel Disconnected—and How to Deal

    By Emma Haak

    Illustration: Mikey BurtonIn the late 1970s, researchers at UCLA created a Loneliness Scale, which is now the most widely used measure of a person's relative degree of isolation. With the help of one of the scale's original creators, we've ranked situations (from least to most severe) that can leave you feeling disconnected.

    Home Alone on a Friday Night

    Unless you were hoping for a quiet evening in, this can be a bummer, eliciting a mild form of situational loneliness--a type of longing that typically passes quickly, says loneliness expert Louise Hawkley, PhD, a senior research scientist at NORC,, a public interest nonprofit.

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    Leaving a Job

    "A lot of our relationships are with coworkers," says Daniel Russell, PhD, co-creator of the UCLA Loneliness Scale. "If you're no longer going into an office, you lose a significant amount of social contact." Solidifying relationships at a new job takes time, so your feelings of

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  • 8 Things Your Dermatologist Wants to Tell You

    By Corrie Pikul

    Photo: ThinkstockWhat she wants to tell you: You could be spending too much time at the nail salon.

    "Patients often come into the office complaining of an itchy red rash on their eyelids," says Melanie Grossman, MD, a dermatologist based in Manhattan. "And they assume it's from their makeup or cleanser." This condition, called eyelid dermatitis, is also caused by irritants in the air--the most likely culprit being the chemicals from nail polish, polish remover and other products wafting around in the nail salon, Grossman says.

    How to help her--and you: If it becomes a recurring problem, consider limiting manicures to once every two weeks (and maybe find a salon with better ventilation).

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    What she wants to tell you: Off-label uses of (certain) drugs are fine.

    Patients don't realize that many common prescription drugs can do double duty. "Antihistamines work for some people with rosacea," says Debra Jaliman, MD,

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