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  • Spring Break for Grown-Ups

    Photo: ThinkstockPhoto: ThinkstockBy Leigh Newman

    The Southern Coast of Puerto Rico

    With a bunch of flights from the U.S. (and no need for a passport), Puerto Rico has to be one of the easiest places on earth for an American to escape to-an observation that has not gone unnoticed by the ready-to-rage 20-somethings who throng the beaches and big casino hotels surrounding the capital of San Juan. Kelly Regan, editorial director of Frommer's Travel Guides, suggests you instead check out the southern coast of the island-home to what she says are "the most beautiful and least crowded beaches, like Cana Gorda, where Puerto Ricans vacation in the summertime." Regan also recommends Ponce, a well-preserved 18th-century city that gives you the colonial flavor of San Juan without all the crowds.

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    Photo: ThinkstockPhoto: ThinkstockAmelia Island, Florida

    Still considered one of Florida's secret beaches, Amelia has managed, thankfully, to hang on to its old-fashioned vibe. (Think: carriage rides,

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  • 3 Easy Ways to Stress-Proof Your Mornings

    Photo: David TsayPhoto: David TsayBy Monica Corcoran Harel

    NAME: Rachel Huff

    AGE: 42

    PROFESSION: Event coordinator at California State University Channel Islands

    FAMILY: Husband Forrest A. Huff, and two children: Andie, 10, and Grant, 6

    HOMETOWN: Camarillo, California

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    It's 6:50 a.m., and the Huff household is in chaos. While mom Rachel coaxes her towheaded son Grant to get off the family computer ("One more minute," he's been saying since 6:30), husband Forrest fries eggs and corned beef hash for daughter Andie, who isn't even out of bed. "I don't want to be that mom who's always yelling, 'Come on!'" says Rachel, still wearing her penguin pajamas and now packing lunch boxes between gulps of tea.

    Ideally, Rachel and the kids should be out the door by 7:15. Grant and Andie attend separate schools, which start at 7:45 and 8:30, respectively, and because there's no bus service in the area and her husband has to be at work earlier than she does, Mom is the

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  • 5 Bucket-List Trips You Can Actually Afford

    Photo: ThinkstockPhoto: ThinkstockThe Pyramids

    Everybody wants to see the pyramids at Giza, but with the hefty cost of airfares (and political changes in Egypt), you might want to consider a swap for the equally inspiring Mayan pyramids, suggests Kelly Regan of Frommer's Travel Guides, particularly those on the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico. Rent a bungalow on the beaches of Tulum and tour the ruins. Then venture west to the famed El Castillo of Chichén Itzá or south to lesser-known Cobá, which Regan says is hidden within "a seemingly impenetrable jungle. It feels like discovering something no one has seen."

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    Photo: ThinkstockPhoto: ThinkstockParis

    The opera, the fountains, the croissants with slabs of dark, gooey chocolate inside-there's just no substitute for Paris. But the little-known secret about this world capital is that-unlike, say, London-there are plenty of affordable, lovely accommodation options. Skip a night at the famed George V and go for a smaller, family-run

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  • The Decision-Making Diet: Simple Ways to Take Back Your Life

    Photo: ThinkstockPhoto: ThinkstockBy Leigh Newman

    It's 11:23 a.m. Since waking up at 7 a.m. this morning, I've had these choices: feeding the kids crappy processed cereal or hot nutritious pancakes (cereal); wearing or not wearing the beautiful spring blouse with the poster-paint stain (wear); racing down the four flights of stairs and giving my husband a kiss goodbye or not racing down (raced); putting the baby in front of a DVD or just rescheduling the conference call from work (DVD); arranging a babysitter to take my kids to the afternoon birthday party of a neighbor's child or not arranging for one, taking the kids myself and making up my work tonight at 9 p.m. (arranged).

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    And those are only the choices I can remember. In our home, work and career lives, most of us are constantly deciding and then living with the resulting consequences, which inevitably leads to yet another round of options. The stress can be relentless. What if we pick wrong? How can we possibly contemplate

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  • How to Find the Best Travel Bag for Every Trip

    Photo: Christopher CoppolaPhoto: Christopher CoppolaBest for Kids

    Children will love pulling these supercute rollies-other featured animals include a ladybug, owl, and bear.

    16" x 13" x 6.5", $94;

    Best Pockets

    Stay organized in transit with a tote featuring useful compartments, inside and out.

    15" x 22" x 11", $325;

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    Best Print

    A fashionable weekender you'll be able to spot instantly at baggage claim.

    17" x 25" x 12", $275;

    Best Hard Case

    A sturdy suitcase, part of a three-piece set.

    31" x 19" x 12", $450 for set;

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    Photo: Christopher CoppolaPhoto: Christopher CoppolaBest Lightweight Carry-On*

    Weighing in at just over four pounds, this zippy carry-on won't add much to your baggage allowance.

    20" x 14" x 9", $450;

    *The domestic carry-on size limit is 45" total. Contact your carrier for international size requirements.

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  • 4 Breakfast Ideas for People Who Hate Breakfast

    Photo: Gentl & HyersPhoto: Gentl & HyersBy Lynn Andriani


    Top Chef's Mike Isabella loves eating a leftover slice cold out of the fridge for breakfast so much that he created a collection of breakfast pizza recipes for O. Some are topped with brunch-friendly ingredients like bacon and eggs, but it's Isabella's more unusual combinations that have us hooked, such as strawberry jam with goat cheese; and mushrooms with smoked mozzarella. If you don't have time to make homemade dough, use the premade version from the grocery store.

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    The British have kippers, the Japanese have grilled mackerel, and here in the U.S., we have lox. But what about eating a poached or broiled fish fillet in the morning? There's something decadent about it (especially when the fish-which in this New York Times recipe is flounder-comes with a sunny-side-up egg). There's also this quick, simple broiled salmon recipe, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E

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  • Digital Kitchen: Two Ways to Make Healthy Eating Easier (and More Fun)

    Photo: Mauricio AlejoPhoto: Mauricio AlejoBy Kate Rockwood

    Shop Smarter With Fooducate
    What if a nutrition label could be as simple as a letter grade? That's the idea behind Fooducate, a free mobile app that makes it a cinch to compare items on supermarket shelves. Inspiration struck founder Hemi Weingarten when he noticed glow-in-the-dark yogurt in the family's groceries. "My wife had bought the stuff for our kids," he says. "The yogurt had red dye #40 in it, which is a petroleum-based synthetic dye that's come under all sorts of criticism and has been banned in some European countries. The thought of feeding that to our family turned my stomach."

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    With Weingarten's app, you can scan the bar codes of yogurts in the dairy aisle and learn that one outscores the others because it has less added sugar and fewer dyes. In the frozen pizza section, one brand may score high for its organic ingredients, while another falls short thanks to trans fats. Each product is rated based on its

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  • Morning Quickfire: 5 Shortcuts to Get You Out the Door Faster

    Photo: ThinkstockPhoto: ThinkstockPrepare and Pre-Pack

    What do you wish for your morning routine? Create a "to do" checklist for each day-at least until you establish a consistency. Talk with your kids about what their morning routines should look like too. Young kids may have fun drawing pictures of each step of their morning schedules, while adolescents and teens can benefit from creating "responsibility charts" that will help them sail smoothly through their daily routines. Make pre-packing easier by creating inboxes (and in turn, their outboxes) for each person. Have each person unload their backpack (or your purse or work bag), and keep important papers and must-haves for next day's use.

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    Get Future Focused

    Go over your next day's schedule before bed. Check the weather report too. You'll sleep better-and dress better-if you know as much as possible of what's in store. And don't forget to call ahead for carpool so you don't spend half the morning

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  • 3 Ways to Get Rid of Your Mental Lint

    Photo: ThinkstockPhoto: ThinkstockBy Leigh Newman

    Check email. Get the new window screens. Pay the $10 co-pay for the emergency room trip last spring. Members' night at the museum (take kids?). Milk, milk, milk. Worry about my son possibly slipping in the tub and hitting his head. Try to remember the time I slipped and fell off the counter trying to open the window while talking on the phone (is that the cause of my back problems?). The movie I want to see with the girl from The Notebook and the guy who was the voice of Lightning McQueen. Geraniums. Talk to husband about water filter and West Virginia. Cats vs. dogs. The little known fact that Madonna can actually play guitar. Eureka: Buy nonslip rubber bath mat for the tub! Nobody took out the paper recycling again. Check email...

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    My mental lint. It drifts around in there-all these tiny bits of thought fluff that seem to be part of a crucial chain of logic that, once solved, might result in my being happier, more successful or even

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  • How to Wear Colored Denim

    Photo: Devon Jarvis/Studio DPhoto: Devon Jarvis/Studio DBy Adam Glassman

    Great Buys! Four of these jeans are $25 or less.

    For colored denim, choose the same cut you would for regular jeans. But when in doubt, cigarette and bootcut styles tend to be the most flattering.

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    Mossimo for Target, $23;

    City Streets by JCPenney, $20;

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    Re-Start, $15;

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    American Eagle Outfitters, $45;

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    Adam Says...

    Q: What do I wear with the new pastel jeans?
    A: If you're a color newbie, stick to

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