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  • Yoga Therapy: Why Doctors Are Prescribing the Ancient Practice

    By Laura Hilgers

    Illustration: Katherine Streeter

    In 2011, Jacquelyn Jackson had the most traumatizing year of her life. On a beautiful morning in Tucson, she was just 25 feet away when her former boss, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, and 18 others were shot in a grocery store parking lot. In the weeks that followed, as Jackson began suffering symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (including chronic anxiety and difficulty sleeping), she turned to a psychotherapist. The sessions helped "tremendously," she says but 11 months later, when her seemingly healthy younger brother died suddenly from a brain tumor. "the trauma was so great I felt like I needed something more."

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    Desperate, Jackson looked online for support and stumbled upon yoga therapy, an emerging treatment for people struggling with anxiety, grief, and trauma. Long practiced in India, yoga therapy was introduced in the United States some three decades ago but has begun gaining popularity only in

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  • 4 Crucial Foods You Forgot to Buy at the Supermarket

    By Lynn Andriani

    Photo: Thinkstock

    The Cheese That Adds Another Layer of Flavor

    You know grated Parmesan makes pretty much any pasta dish taste a zillion times better, but even if you're not making carbs for dinner, it's smart to toss a container of the "King of Cheeses," as it's known in the dairy industry, into your grocery cart. A few spoonfuls add just enough salty tang to salads, and, when mixed with bread crumbs, make a terrific crust for oven-fried chicken. Parmesan's super powers don't end there, though. Whisk a few tablespoons of the cheese with a beaten egg and swirl it into a simmering minestrone, Italian wedding or even chicken soup; the egg will cook in the hot soup, and the mixture will add texture and a savory heft.

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    The Protein in an Unassuming Can

    When we're focused on getting in and getting out of the supermarket, we often head to the perimeter, picking up fresh vegetables, meat and milk. But we need to make a note to take a quick detour down

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  • 5 Things Never to Do Before Bed

    By Corrie Pikul

    Photo: Thinkstock
    Don't: Finish the Emails Languishing in Your Drafts Folder

    Researchers have found that before-bed exposure to the blue light from computers, tablets and smart phones suppresses melatonin levels, which can throw off your body clock as well as increase your risk of obesity.

    Do: Log off at least one hour before bed, and set your alarm an hour earlier in the morning to catch up on work. You could also try dimming your screen as much as possible, or downloading a program like F.lux, which adjusts your computer's display to be a warmer color at night.

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    Don't: Pop the Wrong Pills

    A stuffy nose keeps sleep at bay, but so does pseudoephedrine, the main ingredient in many OTC decongestants (it's been known to cause insomnia).

    Do: Breathe easy with a decongestant formulated specifically for nighttime use. These usually contain antihistamines, which have been known to make people drowsy.

    Don't: Take a

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  • Simple DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas

    Photo: Alison Gootee

    Fresh Foliage

    Pretty greenery-cuttings from pine trees, shrubs, even hardy herbs like sage and thyme-adds a warm, textured flair to gift wrap. Perk up twigs with a quick spray of gold paint.

    DIY Wrap box in paper. Measure black-and-white-striped baker's twine three times around box and wrap, tightly winding twine around foliage stem to secure. Knot twine; trim ends.

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    Baker's Beauties

    Fanned out over a gift box, metallic and patterned cupcake liners show an entirely new sweet side.

    DIY Wrap box in paper. Press down on the round center of two different-sized cupcake liners, flattening the middle but leaving the ripples intact. Using double-stick tape to secure, layer the smaller liner on top of the larger one, and wrap them around a side of the box. Loop sewing thread or ribbon around box and knot.

    Distinctive Dots

    Create polka dots by hole-punching festive paper.

    DIY Cut wrapping paper to desired size.

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  • The Easiest Cookies to Bring to a Holiday Cookie Exchange

    By Lynn Andriani

    Photo: Copyright © Linda Pugliese

    The 5-Ingredient Throwback

    French macarons may be getting a lot of love lately, but old-school macaroons are a classic in their own right. They have a slightly tropical feel (they're mainly coconut, after all), call for common ingredients (and only five of them, at that) and just so happen to be gluten-free. This recipe from Dan Cohen, founder of New York's Danny Macaroons, deserves to be in every baker's repertoire.

    Get the recipe: Original Vanilla Macaroons

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    A New Holiday Classic You Decorate in 10 Seconds

    These sweet treats from Heather Bertinetti's book Bake It, Don't Fake It! resemble mini snowballs, in that they're dusted in powdered sugar (which, incidentally, is the easiest decorating trick ever). But the taste is totally new, thanks to dulce de leche (which you can find at most supermarkets, as well as specialty stores such as Williams-Sonoma) in the batter. The rest of the ingredients-butter,

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  • Why it Really Matters What Time of Day You Work Out

    Photo: Thinkstock

    By Corrie Pikul

    You want to: Lose weight

    You should try: Early morning

    Research from the American Council on Exercise has shown that people who exercise soon after waking tend to both be more consistent and to exercise more often than those who work out at other times of the day. Other studies have shown that a 45-minute a.m. workout can make you less ravenous for breakfast (and more prone to make healthy choices) and more likely to keep moving and burning calories throughout the day. Keep in mind that even if you wake up raring to go, your muscles will need time to warm up, so ease into the workout (doing a few jumping jacks or walking while swinging your arms should do the trick).

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    You want to: Get stronger

    You should try: Late afternoon or early evening

    You're naturally pumped up from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. This is due partly to testosterone, which seems to be most responsive to exercise at this time of day, but also because your

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  • Beyond Oatmeal: 4 Healthy, Hot Cereals to Try

    Illustration: Katherine Streeter

    By Johannah Sakimura

    A warm, hearty start to your day can be the perfect buffer against chilly mornings. And beyond the obvious options, there's a bounty of less familiar but still good for you grains that can easily transform into piping hot porridge. Whip up a big batch of these heart-healthy picks on Sunday, then reheat single servings throughout the week for speedy, substantial, delicious A.M. meals.


    Though it's a common ingredient in birdseed, this mineral-rich grain isn't just for our feathered friends. One cup of cooked millet provides 24 percent of women's daily requirement of bone-strengthening magnesium and 20 percent of immunity-boosting zinc. And emerging research on animals has shown that whole-grain foxtail millet can help reduce levels of triglycerides and inflammation, two risk factors for heart disease.

    Make It a Meal Since millet can be slightly chalky, Jennifer Iserloh, founder of Skinny Chef Natural Foods, combines it with oats to create a

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  • 5 Makeup Secrets from the Rockettes

    Photo: Courtesy of the Rockettes

    We asked four Radio City Rockettes, who have test-driven dozens of products and techniques (they do their own makeup), to kick a few secrets our way.

    Danielle Morgan

    Favorite Prop: MAC Haute & Naughty Lash ($21; "It lets you apply either a thick coat, for the top lashes, or a thinner coat, for the bottom."

    Trick of the Trade: "Take a less-is-more approach. Excess makeup can smear. Apply foundation with a damp sponge for a lighter layer."

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    KT Wilson

    Favorite Prop: Clinique Advanced Concealer ($17; "It's creamy but dries to a matte finish and doesn't cake under my eyes."

    Trick of the Trade: "After applying powder blush to the apples of your cheeks, run the brush over your forehead, chin, and the tip of your nose for a subtle all-over glow."

    Samantha Berger

    Favorite Prop: NYC New York Color Liquid Eyeliner ($3; drugstores) "It makes a super-smooth line that opens up my

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  • The Prettiest Bed Ideas to Steal Right Now

    Photo: Kate Riley/

    By Candace Braun Davison

    The Snugglier Alternative to Your Old Duvet

    We're referring to one aspect of the rustic design movement that has made its way to the bedroom: knit blankets-larger than the usual living-room throws, typically in earthy, neutral tones and made using natural fibers. Interior designer and A Place Called Home author Jason Grant says that recently, he's been finding more people than usual drawn to handmade styles that appear softer and more inviting-to-the-touch than sateen and polyester-blend fabrics. Grant recommends trying an oversize knit-where you can easily wriggle your fingers between each stitch-like the chunky wool designs found at Little Dandelion.

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    The Coveted Headboard That's All Over Pinterest

    Upholstered headboards continue to dominate home-décor blogs and shelter magazines-adored for the tailored, refined look they lend to even the most basic beds-but what many people don't realize is that

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  • 4 Ways to Defend Yourself Against Emotional Pirates

    Photo: Adam Voorhes

    By Martha Beck

    Cecily and Gwen hit it off on a Caribbean cruise after they realized they lived close to each other. Back home, they began meeting for coffee and conversation. Gwen told Cecily about her troubled marriage, her sciatica, her intrusive mother, the trials of parenting. Cecily told Gwen...almost nothing. Somehow, Cecily's life just never seemed to come up. But one stressful morning, Cecily finally decided to share.

    "My dad's got cancer," she told Gwen, clutching her coffee mug. "I'm really scared for him."

    "Oh," said Gwen. "That reminds me of the time my boyfriend-well, ex-boyfriend-thought he had skin cancer." She went on to tell the tale, in tragic terms, with herself as the dramatic heroine. Later Cecily told me, "That's when I realized that Gwen is kind of self-absorbed." Kind of? The "friend" Cecily made is an emotional pirate.

    You've probably encountered similar brigands on the high seas of life. Some are charming or charismatic, others whiny. But they

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