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  • Cool Job: Rachel Sussman Photographs the World's Longest-Living Things

    Photo: Robert ElmesPhoto: Robert ElmesBy Katie Arnold-Ratliff

    For a human being, turning 100 is a landmark achievement, but for the subjects of Rachel Sussman's photographs, turning even 1,000 is mere child's play. An encounter with a 2,000-plus-year-old Japanese cedar set Sussman's imagination ablaze in 2004, inspiring the 36-year-old artist to point her lens at many of the world's oldest living beings.

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    Yet the project's roots, she says, go even further back. "I remember being 9 years old, looking at a map of the solar system," says Sussman. "I recognized that our lives are just drops in a bucket. I want the photos to make us consider our place in the grand scheme of things."

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    Sussman's quest has taken her to the Mojave Desert (home to what are thought to be 12,000-year-old yucca specimens, fenced off in the middle of an ATV range), the reefs of Tobago (where Sussman dived to find 2,000-year-old coral after earning her scuba

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  • 5 Ways to Remix Your Same Old Workout

    Illustration: Marcos ChinIllustration: Marcos ChinSoulCycle

    Fans of this thigh-quaking class lift hand weights, do modified push-ups, and work their core with crunches-all while furiously peddling spinning bikes.

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    Physique 57

    Favored by celebrities like Kelly Ripa and Emmy Rossum, Physique 57 shifts between isometric exercises, like leg scissors and pulse squats, and deep stretches.

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    Created by a Swedish trainer and dancer, this unlikely hybrid of Pilates and boxing marries flexibility with fancy footwork and punching drills.

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    Aerial Yoga

    Remember Pink's midair performance in a silk hammock at the 2010 Grammy Awards? AntiGravity has created a yoga-infused class full of similar aerial moves.

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    The Italian word for strength, Forza turns samurai

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  • Lost and Found: A 53-Year-Old Love Letter

    Photo: ThinkstockPhoto: ThinkstockBy Leigh Newman

    Is there love after love? After a painful breakup, it can feel like you'll never want to see a certain someone again. You might even want to, say, dump all his (or her) overpriced, pretentious, toasted-gold-and-ego flavored coffee into the cat litter box, stir it up, and the scoop it all back into the coffee bag--so that he (or she) will have a delightful early morning drink the first morning in his (or her) new, much larger (!) apartment.

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    AP reported that a clerk in the California University of Pennsylvania mailroom found a 53-year-old letter tucked into a magazine. The envelope, bearing four 1-cent stamps postmarked 1958 was addressed to Clark C. Moore. The stamps were turned upside down (a symbol, like red roses, of romance), and the letter inside was signed, Love Forever, Vonnie--the woman who was soon to be Clark C. Moore's wife and mother of his four children.

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  • 4 Time-Saving Tips to Start Your Day

    Photo: ThinkstockPhoto: ThinkstockBy Monica Corcoran Harel

    1. Work Before Play

    "It can be easy to sit down with a cup of coffee and get sucked into surfing the Web," says Stack, who suggests that working women shower and get dressed before they start any morning tasks. For moms, she adds: "If you miss that chance to take care of yourself first, then later, when your kids start tearing each other's hair out, your makeup just isn't going to happen."

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    2. Get Future-Focused
    Simply laying out clothes the night before won't cut it. "Think like you're in a time machine and prepare as much as you can for the next day," says Stack. Her own family of five goes over the details every evening. "It runs from, 'Where are your soccer cleats?' to 'What's the weather going to be?'"

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    3. Prep Your Meals
    Don't leave eating to the last minute, or you might end up resorting to unhealthy, on-the-go options or skipping breakfast

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  • The Bracelet All the Cool Girls Are Wearing

    Photo: Courtesy of nOirPhoto: Courtesy of nOirBy Amber Kallor

    We recently reminisced about friendship bracelets and how this simple accessory can link us to those we love most in our now grown-up worlds.

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    So when we spotted O's fashion department wearing nOir's Shaka Lanyard Bracelets ($25) we couldn't wait to share yet another fashion throwback find with you.

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    While we recall rainbow piles of plastic string and hours spent making keychains with our bunk mates, the gold toggle clasp and sleek design of this bracelet take this arts and crafts activity to a new level.

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    Brighten up a friend's day with one of these colorful bangles-all without having to re-learn the lanyard box stitch. Bonus: These bracelets are water-friendly, meaning the recipient won't have to worry about getting them wet while she's washing dishes or enjoying the remaining days of summer at the beach.

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  • How Long Will You Live? It Depends on How Fast You Walk

    Photo: Dan SaelingerPhoto: Dan SaelingerBy Erin Biba

    Forget the "life line" on your palm and complicated medical algorithms. It turns out that forecasting how long you'll live might be as simple as timing how fast you walk.

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    University of Pittsburgh researchers recently crunched data from nearly 35,000 subjects 65 years or older and discovered that each increase in gait speed of 0.1 meters/second correlated with a 12 percent decrease in the risk of death. Among women 75 to 84, for example, 92 percent of the fastest walkers (traveling at 1.4 meters/second or faster) lived another ten years, while only 35 percent of the slowest walkers (shuffling at 0.4 meters/second or slower) survived until then.

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    "The reason speed reflects vitality is that so many organs and systems are involved in how we move-the heart, the lungs, the muscles, the joints, the bones, the brain," says study author Stephanie Studenski, MD. She speculates that gait speed may one

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  • A Shy Girl's Guide to Sex

    By Anonymous

    I am not a prude. I like sex. But I would never say that to your face, and I'm actually cringing here at my computer at the thought that somebody could walk in... Well, you see where I'm heading. My own sexuality embarrasses me. When I was a young teenager, my mother used to tell me that the world was divided into breast men and leg men, and that I would attract the leg men. I don't remember being upset. Or pleased. I remember thinking, Well, that's it for shorts. In college I wore flowing, ankle-length skirts and beginning in my 30s, long pants. I'm the only person I know who can imagine adding a burqa to my wardrobe. I never want to be obvious, so when I'm feeling sexy I try to hide it-to the point where my husband can't always tell that I'm turned on; he once asked if I'd consider holding up a sign.

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    Okay, so I'm a little shy. That wouldn't have seemed so strange 50 years ago, when Victoria still had secrets, a kiss was still

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  • We Tried Prosciutto Ice Cream, and—Surprise!—We Loved It

    Photo: ThinkstockPhoto: ThinkstockBy Katie Arnold-Ratliff

    As Labor Day grows ever nearer, we've got the scoop on six imaginative ice creameries that are sure to make these dog days a little more delicious, one coneful of vanilla, chocolate-or Prosciutto-at a time. Whether you're a strictly vanilla-or-chocolate kind of eater, or you prefer your ice cream with a little wackiness mixed in, we've tasted all these flavors and have found one for you.

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    Salt & Straw, Portland, OR
    This newcomer, which just opened in the city's hip Alberta district, packs its small-batch creations with 17% butterfat (most ice creams contain about 10%) to ramp up the richness in each bite, and ships a sampler of flavors nationwide. Portlanders can also book the company's old-timey ice cream cart to enliven birthdays, weddings and other gatherings in need of sweet treats (and which ones aren't?).
    Safe bet: Chocolate with Gooey Brownies
    For the adventurous: Three Berry Barbecue (a strawberry, huckleberry, and Oregon

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  • Help! My Hair Is Stuck in a Time Warp

    Photo: Patrik AnderssonPhoto: Patrik AnderssonBy Jenny Bailly

    With a little help from master stylist Ken Paves, these women trade in their dated looks for thoroughly modern updates.

    Stuck in the 1980s: Heavy Metal Mullet

    "Hairstylists always told me I couldn't do my hair this way or that way because it's too thick and textured," says Monica Greenawalt, 43, a resident service coordinator at an assisted-living facility. So she long ago took the scissors into her own hands, maintaining the style she began cultivating after she graduated from high school in 1985. She used mousse and gel to control her curls, and a banana clip (remember those?) to rein in the thick mass of hair that fell far past her shoulders. Though she knew her look wasn't exactly modern (she couldn't find new banana clips anymore-even on eBay), it felt comfortable.

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    Photo: Patrik AnderssonPhoto: Patrik AnderssonHow She Broke Free

    Monica had two different haircuts-short on top, long in back-and the only way to unite them was to lose the length. Monica

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  • If You Read Only One Book Before the Summer’s Over...

    By Leigh Newman

    "Why people read what they read is a great unknown and personal thing," Sara Nelson once told The New York TImes. Today, O's celebrated book editor -and reader extraordinaire-tells us about her connection to the witty, wonderful jazz-era novel Rules of Civility, by Amor Towles.

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    "Rules of Civility is to books what the great classic movie, An Affair to Remember is to film. It's salty and funny and so wise about class, ambition and love in New York. Part of what makes the novel work, in my opinion, is that the city is, itself, a character in the book; the author has clearly done his research (but its seams don't show!) about the provenance of certain buildings and jazz clubs in the late 1930s.

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    Most of all, however, I loved the book because I loved Katey Kontent, its protagonist-a tough-talking but tender dame."

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