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  • 6 Interview Tips For Ali's Bachelors

    I told myself I wouldn't let it happen again. But last month, there I was, cringing my way through the season premiere of The Bachelorette. And just as I can't stop myself from tuning in to the train wreck every week, the bachelors can't seem to stop themselves from making the same missteps we see every season. But don't worry, boys; your dating disasters are nothing a few savvy career tips can't fix. Read on to see a few interview pointers that this season's bachelors could learn from.

    • Don't Over Share - Giving specific answers and sharing details are crucial in a job interview - and on a reality TV dating show. But know when to quit before being thorough turns uncomfortable. Case-in-point: short-lived contestant Derrick, aka "Shooter." Why Derrick thought sharing the real meaning behind his college nickname was a good idea, we'll never know, but it certainly didn't get him far. As Ali so succinctly put it, WTF?
    • Don't Appear Cocky or Bored - Although hiring managers -
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  • 4 Reasons to Travel With Friends and 1 Not To

    June is the month to finally turn your vacation daydreams into a solid escape route if you haven't already. Just a few days away from the office can help you rejuvenate and refocus and if you plan it right, you don't have to break the bank. Inspired by the glamorous friend-cation Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda take in Sex and the City 2 I'm offering four reasons you might consider packing for a voyage with pals and one reason why you might want not want to.

    • More People to Split Costs With -The Sex and the City gals don't need to worry about cost-cutting, but you probably should. Traveling with a gaggle of friends means more pocketbooks to split hotel and event fees with. Tip: Discuss a budget for the full trip with your travel partners and consider staying at a few different hotels to capitalize on deal nights and get a sneak peek at more properties.
    • Copious Connections and Organizers - The more friends you invite, the more ins you'll have to glorious beachside
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  • How-To: Turn Any Work Problem Into an Opportunity

    No matter what field you're in, the workplace is a tough place to navigate. Between snarky co-workers, demanding bosses, and the occasional rough performance review, your workday can feel like one insurmountable problem after another. But sometimes, all it takes is a little creative thinking to make those so-called problems work to your advantage. Read on to find out how.

    • The problem: You have way too much on your plate.
    • The opportunity: Ask for a raise, a promotion, or some extra help.
      Let your boss know what's putting you over the edge. It might be helpful to track everything you do on an Excel sheet for a workday or two, or even make a simple graph or pie chart of your day. Once you have all your info gathered, tell your boss exactly what you're looking for: a raise or a promotion? Or do you simply need someone to lighten your load? By coming to your boss with all the facts and a proposed solution, chances are good that you'll get what you want out of the
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  • How To: Add a Little Fun to Your Workday

    Fictional Miranda Hobbes from Sex and the City isn't the only person suffering from "work sucks the fun outta me" syndrome. It's an all-too-real problem for more than 75 percent of SavvySugar readers who say they are so focused on the work aspect of work it's challenging to let their hair down. If you are feeling stressed, and need a fun-infusion during your long workday, take a breath and bust a planned move in the name of fun.

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  • 5 Tricky Tipping Rules I Learned the Hard Way

    While I consider myself to be a savvy traveler, the topic of tipping is perpetually tricky, even close to home! Regardless of the eventual destination, always do your homework before leaving (especially on international trips) and keep easily accessible small bills, just in case.

    Over my years of travel, I've picked up several tips (ha!) so you can learn from my mistakes:

    • Know the exchange rate - Whether you get money prior to departure, at the airport, or right when you arrive to town, familiarize yourself with the rate when facing foreign bills. It 's confusing to remember how many pounds or rupiah equal $1 when fumbling with money to treat someone for their services. When at the bank, ask for small change, too, so you're at the ready when you reach the tipping point.
    • Know the value of a dollar - Another tricky situation is when that bill you're offering up goes a long way . . . like a day's wages. In addition to recognizing the value of the peso or baht as compared
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  • 10 Travel Tips You Should Consider This June

    Summer is nearly here, which means we're beginning to daydream about vacation destinations and quick escapes from the daily grind. Now is the time to create new vacation memories to last us through the colder seasons to come. It's healthy and necessary for us to take a few days away from the office to rejuvenate and refocus, even if you choose a location close to home. Here's a roundup of money conscious travel tips to keep in mind as you plan those Summer getaways.

    • Sign On to the Computer For Pretrip Activity Savings - Now I assume hope you regularly research prices of flights and hotels before booking, but what about activities? Along with the added perk of looking for reviews on whether a particular stop is a tourist trap or worth the money, you can also save money booking "big ticket" items. Museums, theme parks, and other destinations often offer discounts for activities prebooked online because so many people don't do this and are willing to shell out more cash at the
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  • How-To: Find a Mental Health Balance at Work

    Never ending work to-do lists breed stress. It's a fact of adult life. We race to get to work on time and fight to get ahead or make a mark. If you find your blood boiling amid deadlines and piles of paper decode your stressors, focus on your strengths, tidy up and then try these simple (but stress-crushing!) tips from Mental Health America.

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  • 5 Ways to Brighten Your May

    After plenty of false starts, warmer weather is finally making an appearance in most of the US (sorry, New England!). But it can be hard to get into the Spring spirit when you're stuck inside working all day - recycled air and the bluish glow of your computer screen don't exactly scream Springtime.

  • Make Every Morning More Productive

    You may not wake up singing "Good Day Sunshine!" every morning, but that doesn't mean you have to slug through a slow morning routine. Careful planning and self-motivation tactics can help you wake up on the right side of the bed and streamline your daily productivity, to-do list annihilation, and a better morning in the office. Most of us wish we could linger in bed a little while longer, but getting out of it earlier means getting back into it sooner. Here are simple tips for making each morning good personally and professionally.

    • Prepare For the Morning the Night Before - Treat your workday like a trip to the gym (without the sweating and spandex, of course). Use FitSugar's tip of packing for a workout the night before and prepare for your morning in advance. Pretend you are in middle school: Pack your lunch, set out your clothes, organize your to-do list and email, put the keys, bus pass, and your purse in one place. When the alarm sounds you will be more likely to pop out of
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  • 10 Ways to Make Next Year's Taxes Easier

    As soon as April 15 is past many of us like to put taxes - and everything that irked us about the tax season - out of our minds at least until the calendar year has changed. Don't let it creep up on you again. Keep next tax season's stress levels down by getting organized now. Learn how to create a less stressful tax day next time around.

    • Keep Up With Record-Keeping - What should stay and what can go? Well, here's a handy guide.
    • Save a Date! - Commit to a date on next year's calendar, like some time in February when you'll have received most if not all of your tax-related forms.
    • Keep Your Checklist in Order Year-Round - The documents needed to file your taxes are the same every year - you just add to the pile as time goes on and your tax status becomes more complicated. If you are filing as an individual you will need the following. Make sure to keep the checklist and docs together in your handy 2010 tax file year-round.
    • Create New Files - Instead of
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