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  • Double Duty: 9 Pieces of Luggage that Can Act as Decor

    SavvySugarSavvySugarSource: Double Duty: 9 Pieces of Luggage That Can Act as Decor

    If you live in a small space, you know that storing luggage can be a pain. But if the travel trunk can be used as a side table or even a pet bed when you're at home, you won't have to stress out over having to figure out how to hide your luggage. We definitely love items that have multiple uses, and using luggage pieces that can double as apartment decor is a win-win situation. Read on for some cute pieces of luggage that can easily be used for decorative purposes.

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  • 5 Ideas to Make Your Ikea Furniture Look High-End

    SavvySugarSavvySugarSource: 5 Ideas to Make Your Ikea Furniture Look High-End

    All of us savvy budgeters know that Ikea is the best place to get affordable furniture. It's a one-stop warehouse filled with everything you need to furnish your humble abode. But although you can get your house cheaply furnished, you don't want it looking like . . . well, everyone else's place. Here are some ways to fancy up Ikea furniture.

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  • Battle of the Cleaners: Bon Ami Vs. Vinegar

    Source: Battle of the Cleaners: Bon Ami vs. Vinegar

    I just received an all-purpose cleaner, courtesy of the folks of Bon Ami, a firm that prides itself on producing cleaning products with biodegradable cleaning agents and preservatives as well as other natural ingredients such as baking soda and Epsom salts. Basically, the items contain products you've heard of and not some unpronounceable chemical name. Heartened by the nontoxic nature of Bon Ami products, I decided to test it out against vinegar, a versatile and natural substance you can use in many different ways to cleanse your home. Here are the results:

    Bon Ami
    : I used the Bon Ami cleaner to clean some of the cooking dirt off my stove, and one thing I noticed about it was the very pleasant citrus smell. I felt like it worked just as well as any regular chemical cleaner and did a good job of cutting through the grease. I was really happy about the fact that the ingredients were safe and not toxic. The only problem I had with it

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  • Visa, MasterCard Security Breach: How to Avoid Fraud

    Source: Visa, MasterCard Security Breach: How to Avoid Fraud

    Data has been breached at a payments processing firm and the personal information of up to 10 million users can potentially be compromised, says security blog Krebs on Security. Apparently, the scale of the breach is "massive" and major credit card companies like Visa and MasterCard have been alerting their customers about this development and to reassure them that the actual Visa and MasterCard's internal systems haven't been breached. It's a third-party processing center called Global Payments Inc. Worried about your information being used by hackers? Here are a couple of security tips:

    • Review: Check your credit card statements online to see if there is any unusual activity.
    • Get ready: If you're one of the consumers whose data has been compromised, you will most likely be contacted by your bank. However, you should still be monitoring your information on your own, just in case you were missed.
    • Sigh
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  • Financial Time Line for 20-Somethings

    Source: Financial Time Line For 20-Somethings

    While we'd like to blame the economy, Generation Y - often called the Boomerang Generation of Americans born in the '80s and '90s - have earned that snide title for their inability to land jobs after college and for commonly moving back in with the folks several years after graduation. In an effort to move away from this common trend, here's a list of goals and a realistic time line to help you move toward an independent, adult life.

    Last Year of School and Graduation

    While some college students apply for jobs or graduate programs during their last semester of school, you might feel overloaded if you start the search while you have a full schedule of classes, an internship, and even a part-time job. Rather than trying to juggle all of those tasks at once, focus on completing your degree. Do make use of your college career services, so you have websites and resources at hand when you are ready to seriously start the hunt. If you have

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  • Feeling Wronged as a Customer? Vent Online to These 6 Sites

    Source: Feeling Wronged as a Customer? Vent Online to These 6 Sites

    One of the things I love about this digital age is that we have more power as consumers, because we now have a public online forum to voice our dissatisfaction. Sometimes you may feel like your complaints are going unheard. Perhaps the firm did not respond to your multiple calls and emails or maybe the customer service rep was just plain rude. As frustrating as it is, we know that the "customer is always right" adage is no longer true for many establishments. But don't worry, there are plenty of places to voice your unhappiness. Here are some of them:

    • Amazon: If you're unhappy with any product you have received, leave a review on to enlighten other customers. Amazon is the largest online retailer in the US so your review will definitely be seen by many pairs of eyes.
    • The Consumerist: A bulk of the posts on come from complaints and tips from readers. The blog also scours the
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  • 10 Smart Ways to Remember Things

    Source: 10 Smart Ways to Remember Things

    If you've got too much on your plate, chances are you'll start forgetting things you need to do. Fortunately, there are plenty of tricks when it comes to remembering things. Here are a couple of them:

    1. Tying a string around your finger
    . You can go the old-fashioned route and tie a string around your finger to remember something. Having a string on your finger is something out of the ordinary and will cause you to reflect back on the reason you tied on the string, which will then help you recall what you wanted to remember more easily.
    2. Physical Post-it notes
    . If you want to remember a task, write it down on a Post-it note and stick it somewhere visible or someplace you know you're going to check regularly.
    3. Digital sticky notes
    . If you're always on your computer, perhaps it's better to use digital sticky notes such as the Stickies app, which lets you leave notes on your desktop. You'll be saving paper and you'll have a less messy desk.

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  • 8 Things You Should Never Do when Leaving Your Job

    Source: 8 Things You Should Never Do When Leaving Your Job

    I'm sure I wasn't the only one glued to the scathing op-ed piece that Greg Smith, a Goldman Sachs executive who just left the firm, wrote in The New York Times calling his former place of employment "toxic and destructive." One might argue that Smith is doing the public a service by pressuring the investment bank to step up to the plate and improve its moral standards. But in most circumstances, it's generally advisable not to air dirty laundry and grievances. Read on for eight things you shouldn't do when moving on from your job.

    Act on impulse
    . If you're going to announce something publicly, you might want to wait a little to cool off. Oftentimes, emotion can cloud our decision-making and we end up doing things we regret. Give it a while to stew over and let it soak. If you still believe that making a certain move is the right decision in your case, you can do so in good confidence that you have thought things out

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  • 9 Items a Forgetful Person Must Keep in the Office

    Source: 9 Items a Forgetful Person Must Keep in the Office

    I used to constantly forget to charge my phone overnight and would spend my day furiously switching my cell on and off just to conserve battery. That's until I bought another charger to leave in the office. I know that some of you with superhuman memories don't have this problem, but for my forgetful peers, here is a nice list of things you should keep in the office . . . just in case!

    • All Types of Chargers: Keep an extra set of chargers, be it phone or computer or some gadget you can't do without, at your office. This is so you won't beat yourself up over forgetting to charge your electronic devices the night before. You can alternatively choose to leave another fully charged battery at the office, but it seems like the chargers are generally way cheaper!
    • Feminine Products: It's the time of the month, but you keep forgetting to bring some feminine products to work. If the office bathroom doesn't have a
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  • 5 Signs You're Burned Out

    SavvySugarSavvySugarSource: 5 Signs You're Burned Out

    As savvy, young business women, we're constantly on the go, but sometimes too much hard work can lead to signs of burning out. These telltale signs are your body's way of trying to get you to slow down and pay attention. It's a new month, so do yourself and your workplace a favor by taking heed to avoid a total meltdown. These five solutions will have you back on your feet and feeling back to normal in no time.

    • You Are Always Late:

      The problem: You worked late last night, so it was difficult to get up when your alarm clock sounded in the morning. Next thing you know, you're scrambling and usually arrive late.

      The solution: Even if your company is in its busy season (with long overtime hours), try to get out of the office at a reasonable hour. Or talk to your boss about creating a rotating schedule, so the company is covered at all times without you having to work a crazy 12-hour-plus day.

    • Your Desk Is a
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