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  • Candice Kumai's favorite breakfast and brunch recipes

    Quentin BaconQuentin BaconEating breakfast jump-starts your metabolism and keeps you feeling full and energized throughout the day.

    In her new cookbook, Pretty Delicious, former Top Chef contestant and host of Lifetime's Cook Yourself Thin Candice Kumai offers up some mouthwatering, healthy recipes for the most important meal of the day and beyond.

    Here are five of her favorites for breakfast or brunch.

    Lemon-Cran Scones

    Makes 12 scones

    Candice says: "Whenever life hands me lemons, I make these lusciously lemony scones! They're best served with a sip of tea, great gossip, and your best friends-all the necessary ingredients to turn your day around in an instant."

    Ingredients: 3 cups all-purpose flour plus extra for shaping; 1/2 cup sugar; zest and juice of 1 lemon; 1 teaspoon baking powder; 1 teaspoon baking soda; 1 teaspoon salt; 4 tablespoons unsalted butter, cut into 1/2-inch cubes; 3/4 cup low-fat buttermilk; 1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce; 1 cup dried cranberries; 1 cup confectioners' sugar


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  • ADHD? 10 tips for staying focused

    By Karen Pallarito

    You're late to work (again), behind on a project, or can't remember the action points from the last meeting. If you're one of the roughly 10 million U.S. adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), it can be a constant challenge to stay on task.

    Anthony Rostain, MD, professor of psychiatry and pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, in Philadelphia, says you can get distracted by external stimuli like noise or internal stimuli like daydreaming; these different distractions require different coping strategies, he explains.

    Here's how to pinpoint your weaknesses and 10 strategies for getting the job done.

    Write it down
    If you want to raise an important point in a conference call, but don't want to butt in, you may not absorb what the others are saying while you wait to bring it up.

    Better to jot down a keyword to remind yourself what you want to say, says Linda Richmand, a Westchester County, N.Y., certified professional

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  • 11 fresh fruit and veggie recipes

    As temperatures rise, nothing beats a sweet, juicy piece of fruit or the crisp crunch of a fresh veggie. This spring, find the nearest farmers market-not only will you be helping the environment (think of the gas it takes to transport produce), but you'll also be supporting your local farmers. Here are 11 delicious fruits and veggies to enjoy.

    Cherries begin to ripen in April, making their tart taste perfect for your favorite spring recipes. Health benefits include:

    • The ability to reduce inflammation
    • Anthocyanins, a type of antioxidant that may protect against heart disease and diabetes
    Harvest season: April-July
    Try this recipe: Cherry Compote Over Goat Cheese

    The most popular berry in the world, strawberries are a sweet and juicy addition to any meal. They start to ripen in March, so enjoy them now! Health benefits include:
    • High levels of phenols, heart-protecting phytonutrients
    • Decreasing the activity of the inflammation-causing enzyme COX
    • 3
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  • 5 meals with matzo

    Enjoy the delicious foods of Passover. Try these five matzo-based recipes to celebrate the season.

    Matzo Ball Soup
    This traditional dish combines the unleavened matzo meal with savory chicken and root vegetables. It's warm, savory, and completely satisfying.
    Ingredients: Fresh dill, parsley, chicken breasts, onion, carrots, parsnips, celery, vegetable oil, eggs, matzo meal, lemon juice, white pepper
    Calories: Approximately 200 per cup
    Try this recipe: Matzo Ball Soup

    Eggplant and Green Pepper Kugel
    Kugel is traditionally a baked pudding that's made with potato or noodles. This version uses matzo meal and eggplant for a more savory flavor and a heartier texture.
    Eggplant, vegetable oil, onion, green bell pepper, pine nuts, eggs, matzo meal, paprika Calories: 136
    Try this recipe: Eggplant and Green Pepper Kugel

    Herbed Yukon Gold Potato Latkes
    Flavored with your favorite herbs, these latkes combine the traditional taste you expect with an elegant presentation.

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  • 10 subtle signs of bipolar disorder

    Getty ImagesGetty ImagesBy Tammy Worth

    When it comes to mental illness, there are plenty of stereotypes. But in reality, mood disorders can be hard to pinpoint-particularly in people with bipolar disorder symptoms.

    "Chalking it up to moodiness or trouble at work or tiredness is pretty common," says Carrie Bearden, PhD, an associate professor in residence of psychiatry and behavioral sciences and psychology at the David Geffen School of Medical at UCLA. "The disorder varies in severity."

    Here are 10 signs that mood problems may be due to more than a quirky or difficult personality.

    Great mood
    Bipolar disorder is characterized by up-and-down episodes of mania and depression. During a manic phase, some patients can have a total break from reality.

    But hypomania, which is also a symptom of the disorder, is a high-energy state in which a person feels exuberant but hasn't lost his or her grip on reality.

    "Hypomania can be a pretty enjoyable state, really," Dr. Bearden says. A person's mood can be elevated,

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  • Easy Easter brunch recipes

    Getty ImagesGetty ImagesCelebrate Easter Sunday by leaving the Peeps and chocolate bunnies in your basket. Instead, feast on these healthy, fresh, and fast spring recipes.

    Mini Smoked Salmon Frittatas
    These portion-controlled frittatas sneak in healthy substitutions without compromising flavor. Egg whites, low-fat cream cheese, and scallions add a savory taste for less than 200 calories.
    Ingredients: Olive oil, onion, smoked salmon, eggs, half-and-half, milk, low-fat cream cheese, scallions
    Calories: 179
    Try this recipe: Mini Smoked Salmon Frittatas

    Triple Pea Salad With Creamy Tarragon Dressing
    This veggie-rich dish contains a hearty dose of vitamin C in every crunchy bite. And the light yet creamy dressing kicks the flavor up a notch.
    White wine vinegar, reduced-fat sour cream, olive oil, honey, tarragon, frozen peas, edamame, sugar snap peas, mixed salad greens, radish wedges
    Try this recipe: Triple Pea Salad With Creamy Tarragon Dressing

    Goat Cheese, Artichoke, and Smoked

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  • 11 ways to save money on healthy food

    IstockphotoIstockphotoBy Tina Haupert

    You've heard the old excuse before: Healthy eating is expensive. I can confidently call my food choices healthy-at least most of the time-but I'm also a cheapskate at heart. Luckily, I manage to eat healthy on a budget, thanks to a few simple swaps-some of which save calories, too!

    Too pricey: Fresh berries
    Smart swap: Frozen berries

    Fresh berries are often very expensive, especially when they are out of season. Frozen berries cost much less and they're just as nutritious for you. Plus, with frozen berries, you don't have to worry about eating them before they go bad. Throwing away rotten food is like wasting money!

    Too pricey: Instant oatmeal
    Smart swap: Quick oats

    Instant oatmeal is great in a pinch, but buying a huge canister of quick oats is a much more cost-effective option. If you compare unit price on the two items, it's much more economical to purchase the quick oats. For an on-the-go option, I portion out 1/2 cup of quick oats, put them in a Tupperware

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  • Will a gluten-free diet improve your health?

    Getty ImagesGetty ImagesBy Carina Storrs

    Sarah Cooper was a new mom in her mid-20s, busily juggling her family and a career as an electrical engineer, when everything came to a halt.

    She lost all her energy. She developed acne. And she began experiencing gastrointestinal problems: bloating, diarrhea, cramping, constipation. Her doctors, thinking something must be missing from her diet, put her on various vitamins, none of which helped. "It was all I could do to go to work," she says.

    After years of failed treatments, Cooper's luck changed. She saw a doctor who suspected she might have celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder that can appear at any age and is caused by an intolerance to gluten. A protein found in wheat, barley, and rye (and countless food products-like bread and pasta-that contain those grains), gluten gradually damages the intestines of people with celiac disease, preventing the absorption of vitamins and minerals and setting off a slew of related health problems, which can include fatigue

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  • New moms may let their health slip

    Getty ImagesGetty ImagesBy Matt McMillen

    New parents, particularly mothers, devote so much time and energy to their children that they often fail to adequately look after their own health, a new study in the journal Pediatrics suggests.

    The study, which followed about 1,500 high school students into their mid-20s, found that those who became parents got far less exercise than their childless peers. For moms, the news gets worse: Unlike fathers, mothers tended to have a higher body mass index (BMI) and less healthy diets than women of the same age without kids.

    The mothers in the study averaged about 400 calories more per day than other women. They also consumed more saturated fat, ate fewer green vegetables like broccoli and spinach, and drank nearly twice the amount of soda, sports drinks, and other sugary beverages. The researchers found no such differences among men. 25 ways to cut 500 calories a day

    Mothers, who are usually the primary caregivers in a household, may have little time to

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  • Weaves, braids may speed hair loss in black women

    Getty ImagesGetty ImagesBy Karen Pallarito

    Weaves and braids may contribute to a type of permanent hair loss that appears to be common among black women, a new study has found.

    More than one-quarter of the 326 black women who participated in the study had hair loss on the top of their scalp, and of those women, 59 percent had signs of central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia (CCCA), a poorly understood form of baldness that begins at the crown of the head and leads to scarring.

    For many years, CCCA was known as "hot comb alopecia" because it was attributed to the use of hot combs to straighten curly hair. That appears to be a misnomer. Neither hot comb treatments nor chemical relaxers, which were used by more than 90 percent of the study participants, were linked with CCCA in the study, but braids, weaves, and other so-called traction hairstyles that tug at the scalp were. Naturally gorgeous hair makeovers

    Black women often maintain these styles for long periods of time, and the stress they

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