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  • 7 ways NOT to pose for a picture

    So wait head tilt and control arm from impulse to float? Impossible. (Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images)So wait head tilt and control arm from impulse to float? Impossible. (Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images) New study! This one's about attractive poses. (Yes, scientists are still plugging away at that complex problem). If you tilt your head a certain way, people will find you more attractive, according to the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology and your mom.

    "For women, a slight downward tilt of the head simulates the view from above and that is most feminine and most attractive," says Dr. Darren Burke, who conducted the research. "For men, a slight backward tilt of the head is judged at most masculine, which can make the man more attractive."

    So now we can add the head tilt to our mental checklist when we pose for a photo. Already on the list thanks to celebrity posing pointers: arm on the hip, crossed ankles, chin outstretched, 1/2 cm mouth curl. The more people know about posing for pictures, the worse they look. And who can blame them? That s--- is hard!

    Here's a gallery of proof....

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  • The problem with sharing: Netflix edition

    The clever Netflix revenge tactic. The clever Netflix revenge tactic. In age of the internet, sharing can backfire. We know about T.M.I tweets and the dangers of letting a boyfriend see your email login info. But how about sharing a Netflix account? The online movie rental mecca streams free movies to anyone who has a password. Why wouldn't you share your account information with some one you love? One jilted ex-boyfriend provided a good reason.
    In fit of rage, he logged into to his ex-girlfriend's account and gave five star ratings to movies like: "Two Can Play That Game" "Unfaithful" and"Slutty Summer". For Netflix newbies, that means the next time she logged in to watch a movie, she was met with a list of films designed to shame her. Clever.
    But sharing a Netflix password with an ex isn't as bad as sharing it with your parents. That's something I discovered the proverbial hard way. I signed my folks up for a subscription to get their favorite movies like "Abraham Lincoln: Part 3" and "That Girl: Season Two, Episodes 3-6." Oh and that new movie with

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  • The career-defining haircut

    With her comeback in the new movie "Black Swan", Winona Ryder's career has come under the microscope. How she went from superstar to scandal-ridden Hollywood outsider is obvious: shoplifting. But what about her other transition from oddball actress to leading lady? Another easy answer: a haircut.

    It may be surface outlook on a three-decade career, but that's Hollywood. A quirky teenage hero in "Heathers" and "Mermaids", Ryder came of age in 1994 with roles in "The Age of Innocence" and "Reality Bites". Around the same time she chopped off her hair. When she stepped out in her newly shorn 'do at the Golden Globes in 1994, she sent a message that she was all grown up, nabbing an award that night as further proof.

    She wasn't the first of course. There was Mia Farrow in 1967 and Audrey Hepburn. But in the '90s, she brought their pioneering moments back.

    For celebrities, it adds credence to their performances, gravity to their personality. It says they're ready to be taken

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  • Why can't we leave Britney alone?

    After a brief period under the radar, Britney Spears' personal life is back in the spotlight. Jason Alexander, the man Spears wed in Vegas in 2004, claims her current boyfriend/agent Jason Trawick beat her, and he has taped phone-calls with the pop star to prove it. Spears has denied Alexander's claims on her website and threatened legal action.

    Whether or not the rather shocking allegations are true, one thing is certain: this kind of attention can't be healthy for Spears or her children. Remember, it was just three years ago when the 29-year-old was essentially pushed to the edge of sanity. We watched her marriage crumble, her children taken away. We saw her carted off to a mental ward in the middle of the night. Websites disturbingly took bets on the day she would die. Photos of her crying or tripping with her baby in her arms sold for thousands. With each tragedy ratcheting up the next, the prices followed suit. By the weekend she shaved her head with a demented smile and

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  • Back off Hollywood! Get your greedy mitts off our '80s TV

    That's right huddle up and build a human wall so Hollywood can't take you away! That's right huddle up and build a human wall so Hollywood can't take you away!

    Remember "21 Jump Street"? Keep that memory alive, friends. It's about to get butchered in the remake grinder. Channing Tatum will follow in Johnny Depp's untouchable footsteps as an undercover cop at a high school, while Jonah Hill will play a poor man's Peter DeLuise (technically making him a poor man's poor man's Craig Schaffer). Hill describes the new script, which he wrote, as an "R-rated, insane, Bad Boys-meets-John Hughes-type movie". Dear lord, is there no mercy?

    Hollywood is pilfering from the past and the in process, destroying the memory of campy TV series we hold dear. Now when kids look back on "Miami Vice," they think of it as Colin Farrell's unwise career choice. And "Dukes of Hazard"? It's that Jessica Simpson movie she did with the "Jackass" guy. Tack on "Fame," "The A-Team," "Charlie's Angels, even "Dear John" (okay not really, but that title belongs to one man only and thy name is Judd Hirsch.)

    Despite the litany of critical flops, however, box office numbers rule

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  • Like casual sex? Then so does your mom, says study

    The next time you're about to have a one-night-stand, ask yourself what would your mother do? A new study suggests if she were anything like her promiscuous kid, she'd go for it. Talk about a mood killer.

    Researchers at Binghamton University found that the same gene linked to alcoholism and gambling addictions, is also linked to promiscuity. So you could actually inherit your sexual tendencies from your parents. Here's the Science-y explanation:

    "What we found was that individuals with a certain variant of the DRD4 gene were more likely to have a history of uncommitted sex, including one-night stands and acts of infidelity," study researcher Justin Garcia, revealed in the journal PloS One. "The motivation seems to stem from a system of pleasure and reward, which is where the release of dopamine comes in...In cases of uncommitted sex, the risks are high, the rewards substantial and the motivation variable - all elements that ensure a dopamine 'rush.'"

    In other words,

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  • Man has orgasm during airport pat-down: real or fake?

    Imagine the worst thing that could happen in this situation. It happened. (via the worst thing that could happen in this situation. It happened. (via story is circulating on the internet about a 47-year old guy with an alleged history of, er, control issues, who got a little too excited by an airport frisk. Word is the multiple piercings in his wang-doodle set off alarm bells. While the TSA agent carefully felt around for potential national security threats, he was subjected to a surprise. For the first time ever, "this never happens" became a valid excuse.

    But wait, as if it wasn't bad enough for all parties involved, the shamed ejaculater was reportedly hauled off to jail for sexually assaulting a federal agent. Wait for it... so much for a happy ending. (Throw tomatoes, I beg you.)

    As much as I want to believe this story is true, because I'm a 6th grader, it's likely a hoax. The source seems to be a satire site called Dead Serious News. Also the subject in question bares the surname: Cummings. Sadly, it looks like this orgasm is a fake. Cue deflating cartoon sound effect in your mind.

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  • Whipped cream...and other sweets that will get you drunk

    Whipped cream cocktail, anyone? (image via cream cocktail, anyone? (image via

    Miracle Whip? Maybe to some. Canisters of Cream is a sundae topping that will get you hammered. After energy-drink-slash-anesthesia Four Loko was pulled from shelves, regulators are now targeting this 30-proof whipped cream, fearing for a youth-oriented market. So far the stuff has mostly surfaced in Massachusetts liquor stores.

    But for the over-21 set with a child-like whimsy, there's a 40-proof chocolate milk on the market that blends vodka with a childhood standard. The makers intend to introduce other flavors like orange cream and fruit punch as well. (I'm pretty sure the Hawaiian Fruit Punch mascot knew about that recipe back in the '80s.)

    Pair it all with two scoops of Blend's Liquor Ice Cream. Available in four flavors-- Grasshopper, Brandy Alexander, Pink Squirrel and Whiskey and Cream--the dessert is infused with 20-percent liquor for the kind of ice cream headache that lasts all morning.

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  • Top 10 'Top Chef' crushes

    Angelo, one of the crush-worthy contestants on the Angelo, one of the crush-worthy contestants on the

    Season after season I tell myself it's all about the food, but who am I kidding? There something about a guy who cooks...competitively. Ever since the first season of "Top Chef," I've fallen hard and fast for at least one contestant (give or take a judge). For season eight, former contestants from the past seven rounds have returned to duke it out for the title. Just seeing so many familiar faces is reason enough to round up my loves and lusts from seasons past.

    First love: Harold, Season 1

    The first ever "Top Chef" winner didn't have the machismo or pectorals of your standard TV hunk but that didn't matter. Harold had integrity. "I'm a cook," he'd say time and again to explain why he didn't care about pandering to the camera. He abided by the rules of the kitchen not the rules of reality TV. Harold's chef Bible clearly stated: help someone out if they're 'in the weeds.' And although his slouch suggested meekness, he was strong as Hercules where it counted: flavor.

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  • Sorry Dad, can't talk. Ovulating.

    In weird scientific research news: a study came out today suggesting women don't like to call their fathers when they're ovulating. The Miami New Times reports:

    "University of Miami Psychologist Debra Lieberman lead a team which analyzed the cell phone records of 48 women in their reproductive years and then compared that to the woman's high and low fertility days. They found that woman call their fathers less frequently during those high fertility days, in fact they're 50 percent less likely to call daddy. Of course, father's don't know when their daughters are fertile (well, hopefully most don't), so they don't call their daughters any less during high fertility days. However, when the ladies are fertile they're much more likely to end the call quickly."

    First of all, ew. Second of all, this may be something to keep in mind for yourself, but not an excuse to share with your dad. Third of all: Blame Tony Danza for planting the seed of awkwardness in our collective minds. After

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