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  • Pregnancy test porn: the new way to show the world you're on top of it

    So I'm watching "Mad Men". Alone. And on comes the iPhone FaceTime commercial. Part of that series that stars a thumb, and a monologuist projected from an iPhone. "You know that thing we've been working on for a while now?" says the "real" looking beauty to the thumb's rightful owner. "Well..."
    If you've already turned away because they look like they need a moment alone, here's the spoiler: They're pregnant! Who are these people and why are they letting us in on the most personal conversation of their lives? Because they're actors selling us a product. But as we know from watching "Mad Men", they're also a reflection of our time. And our time is about sharing your intimate moments with the world. Especially, the good stuff. From sex tapes to vacation photos on Facebook, we've become a nation of public braggarts. And now advertisers--Apple is always at the cutting edge--is following suit with the most private and gloating of moments.

    You know this fictional couple has a solid

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  • When did Naomi Campbell become a comic book villain?

    Linda Evangelista famously wouldn't get out of bed for less than $12,000. Naomi Campbell won't get out of bed for war crimes. When did supermodel cruelty go from bitchy to downright evil?

    "I didn't want to be here, I was made to be here," she said during her testimony against former Liberian president Charles Taylor, accused of a regime built on child soldiers, brutality and blood diamonds. "I just want to get done with this and get on with my life."

    I'm sorry, is this trial bothering you? Did you miss your mid-morning snack of baby hearts? Can I offer you a puppy dog head to gnaw on, while you put a new ice-pack in your temporal lobe?

    Supermodels have always leaned towards the side of villains rather than superheros. With a reputation for stealing men (Giselle), being wooden (Cindy) and dismissive (Linda), they were never the kind of celebrity you could relate too. But Naomi isn't a villain, she's Dr. Evil.

    Consider the evidence: She treats her minions as disposable, she hits

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  • 5 crazy things we'll do for longer lashes

    The eyelashes on that video are made from the legs of dead bugs. Relax, it's a video installation by artist Jessica Harrison, not a new brand of lash enhancers. But would you be surprised if it was?
    Consider what we'll do to get our flutter on.

    Apply a Boner booster:
    RapidLash a topical lash product with a frightening demo video, contains a hair-growth ingredient Prostaglandin, which is used to treat glaucoma. It's also used to administer abortions and cure erectile dysfunction.

    Not touch your eyes for two months: Some women opt to have a expert breath in their face for an hour as they glue fake lashes to their real ones. The treatment, offered by Novalash, can cost upwards of $300 but it lasts for two months. That is if you never, ever rub your eyes.

    Kill: When a red fox died, I really hope someone told him it was to feed a family of horses. The truth--that he died for Jennifer Lopez's lashes, would just add insult to injury. At her most J.Lo-y, during the 2001 Oscars, Bennifer's

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  • Why are we obsessed with pictures of Shiloh? Three perspectives

    Another day, another photo of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. The four year old tomboy gets more attention from paparazzi than her parents. Forget about her other siblings.

    Frothing at the mouth over celebrity babies is nothing new. Suri Cruise, Kingston Rossdale and the Beckham boys have fueled the growth spurt of baby blogs. But there's just something about Shiloh that has women who wouldn't ordinarily care about a celebrity kid, scrolling through photo after photo, sending links to friends and harping over every detail in the latest blurred image. So I asked three different types of women-- a mother of a newborn, a single woman who doesn't have kids and doesn't ordinarily follow celebrity photo news, and a writer who's job in part requires her to comb through photos of celebrities.
    All three have found themselves, if guiltily, falling into Shiloh spirals.

    So lets have it out. What's Shiloh got that other celebrity babies don't?

    A new mom's perspective:
    She's living my childhood fantasy.

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  • Real Housewives: The New Gladiators

    The Real Housewives of DC step into the ring (Photo via Bravo TV)The Real Housewives of DC step into the ring (Photo via Bravo TV)
    "A gladiator was an armed combatant who entertained audiences in the Roman Empire in violent confrontations with other gladiators, wild animals, and condemned criminals. Some gladiators were volunteers who risked their legal and social standing and their lives by appearing in the arena...Gladiators offered audiences an example of Rome's martial ethics and, in fighting or dying well, they could inspire admiration and popular acclaim. They were celebrated in high and low art, and their value as entertainers was commemorated in precious and commonplace objects throughout the Roman world." --Wikipedia

    Sound familiar? Last night, during the premiere of the "Real Housewives of DC," I realized why I watch the show. It's a question a lot of us have been asking ourselves for some time. It's certainly not out of envy, but that innate human desire to witness a stranges battle with a wild beast prepared to rip her to shreds. Pass the peanuts.

    I don't imagine ancient Romans calling trips to the

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  • 986: the number of Real Housewife news stories posted in the past hour

    Real Housewives: 10 million strong and growing (Getty Images)Real Housewives: 10 million strong and growing (Getty Images)Is it possible to go a single day with out Real Housewife breaking news? Granted they're a growing minority -- turning the notion of reality star into something altogether undefined. They went from tacky, McMansion dwellers to pop stars, self-help gurus and national security threats.

    Can we put them back inside the TV box please?

    Enter the search terms "Real and "Housewives" in Google news and there's over 900 articles on a DC Housewife's feud with Whoopi Goldberg. Then there's Jersey news about foreclosures, courtroom drama, DUI's, Snooki appearances. And don't forget the NY stars who get a press mention for entering a Starbucks. And of course, there's always the requisite "let's stop caring about the Real Housewives" opinion piece--the most recent from the Washington Post.

    I love any Housewife as much as the next person, but it does seem like the cast members are bleeding into actual news a little too often. From Salahi's party crashing, to Staub's courtroom drama, I'm starting to

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  • If doomsday news stories scare you, imagine how your teen feels

    Imagining the worst as a teenager. (thinkstock images)Imagining the worst as a teenager. (thinkstock images)

    Solar storms. UFO's and government cover-ups. Terrorism threats. Total internet shutdown. If these topics making headline news this week freak you out, imagine what they're doing to your teenager.

    Alarmist news stories are designed, in part, to stop you from doing your work and get you clicking. As adults, we're able to balance the fantastical fear with the present reality. The world isn't exploding this second, the media is designed for deep impact, and if you don't finish this task right now you'll get fired and your personal world actually will explode. So we go on.

    It's a skill we developed over time. (It may have taken me longer than most.) We've witnessed the build-up to Y2k, and the anti-climax. We've lived through the living nightmare that was September 11th. There have been black-outs, wars, and countless end of world predictions in the past twenty years alone. And while they're all life-altering you develop a thicker skin, and an ability to move forward with the mundane.

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  • 4 legendary young adult authors on Twitter

    At the premiere of Ramona and Beezus, the Twitter generation is introduced to Cleary's work. (Vallery Jean/Getty)At the premiere of Ramona and Beezus, the Twitter generation is introduced to Cleary's work. (Vallery Jean/Getty)

    After digging up five young adult books that changed my life, I got to wonder what some of my favorite authors are doing now and how they've adapted to the digital age. With Beverly Cleary's Ramona and Beezus in theaters now, there's still hope for Twitter generation to be exposed to the classics. But it sure does help when the authors have Twitter accounts. Some do, and adapting quite well to the 140 character format. It makes sense: they were good at first person, memorable sentences and biting humor. What's more interesting, though, is the personal information they're willing to share.

    Author: Lois Duncan
    Books: Killing Mr. Griffin, I Know What You Did Last Summer
    Twitter: @duncanauthor
    Author of 50 bks mostly for young people
    Twitter Savvy: Excellent. She's incredibly funny and astute. She also updates pretty regularly.

    Sample tweets:
    Have been meticulously shaving my legs before going for my annual physical in order to weigh a little less when I get on the scale.


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  • "Eat Pray Love" Toys: Collect Them All!

    "Eat Pray Love", the memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert, now a movie starring Julia Roberts, has gotten a lot of flack for being "Priv-Lit". The message of embracing life and love, through a year-long trip around the globe, is only really a plausible if you're rich and debt free. Never mind the non-stop turning down of various hot young men plot line--which only seems to happen if you're Julia Roberts.

    Cost Plus World Market saw this dilemma and took action. If you can't afford a trip around the world, you can at least find your spiritual fulfillment with a block print pattern. Pier 1's West Coast soulmate (Seriously Pier, you would love this gal, you have so much in common) has now made eating, praying and loving easy for all women! Rangelife blog alerted us to the new Happy Meal style merchandising of the movie. There's all this awesome stuff like tea! and prayer beads! and yoga accessories! Really, it's not so different from figurines from the film "Cats and Dogs: The Revenge

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  • Swatch Watches: A Look Back


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