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  • 5 young adult books that deserve another read...and what they taught me the first time around

    A scene from the movie adaption of the S.E. Hinton book A scene from the movie adaption of the S.E. Hinton book
    As adults we can read--or not read--whatever we want. It's a luxury we sometimes take for granted. Remember when August was when, back in grade school, when we'd be catching up on our required summer reading. The kinds of books we were assigned, and expected to savor, usually involved a boy, his wolf, and the Alaskan tundra. Or better yet, a boy, his dog and a rifle. The only cool character was bound to die and you had to get through 200 pages to even get there.

    Then, some one (usually an older sibling) tips you off about S.E. Hinton. Her books, about young punks having sex, running away, getting punched and getting high, felt like contraband. Even the covers, with their watercolor representations of greaser punks, pulled out the puberty from your 10 year old self like taffy.

    These weren't the kind of books you wrote an essay about, these were books that made you want to be a writer. Moments that seemed mundane to adults were genuine plot-lines; heartbreaking issues you might have

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  • Which celebrities should go gray?

    Remember Kristen McMenamy, the 90's supermodel? She's 45 now and has the hair to prove it. Unlike most women of a certain age, she embraced her roots six years ago and never looked back. Now that she's gracing the cover of UK Vogue in all her gray glory, she may just kick off a trend.

    So what if other celebrities followed suit and let their hair go gray? That's what we asked the patron saint of doctored images, St. Photoshop. Here are his predictions...

    [Nick Harvey/Wire Image]

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  • Meet the Duchess of Alba. You're Welcome.

    There's nothing like an eccentric older woman to brighten an average internet day. And the Duchess of Alba delivers. Today when she was crowned one of Vanity Fair's internationally best dressed, it was hard to continue reading the list of recipients. Followers of royal scandals may already be familiar with the 83 year-old. But for those who find this photo a revelation, prepare to have your mind blown with Duchess of Alba fun facts.

    # For starters, she matches her red chinchilla coat with her eyeliner, people!

    # She's related to Mary, Queen of Scots, Christopher Columbus and Winston Churchill.

    # She has always enjoyed the company of male flamenco dancers and matadors.

    # Her second marriage was to a Catholic priest.

    # She hold over 44 noble titles (whatever that means)

    #She wants to marry a guy who's 24 years younger but her children won't allow it.

    #This is her full name (deep breath): Maria del Rosario Cayetana Alfonsa Victoria Eugenia Francisca Fitz-James Stuart y de Silva


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  • Bachelors tweet "The Bachelorette" finale

    Last night, Ali got engaged to Roberto. If that sentence meant nothing to you, stop reading now. For "Bachelorette" fans, it signaled the end of a really pleasurable season of watching a popular girl get dumped a lot. (Check out a funny recap of last night's episode below)
    For Chris Harrison it was another day on the job.

    For Ali it meant a beginning of a new relationship riddled with more rejection... starting today. She just tweeted to her fiance, but more the world, @Roberto_M_Jr We did it! He replied with radio silence.

    And finally, for former stars of the long-running series, it meant an opportunity to get more twitter followers.
    Here's a round up of what former male contestants on the show had to say about the finale:


    Translation: My buddies and I love to drink. But sometimes it gets boring, so we make up drinking games. We used to drink every time Sting sang Roxanne. But now that I was on the show and stuff, we drink every time some one

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  • Quiz: Can you guess the romantic comedy by its keywords?

    Taxi + New York + Fashion = Confessions of Shopaholic and 500 other movies.Taxi + New York + Fashion = Confessions of Shopaholic and 500 other movies. Today, a total genius found a new use for Wikipedia: looking up music video synopses. By some twist of fate, he discovered the site's hyper-technical, ultra-detailed explanation for the music video "Regulate". That got my noggin churning: could other wiki sites, like for example IMDB, offer similar jewels? Indeed.
    If you love movies, but hate watching them, also if you're Rain Man, you probably know about "Plot Keywords." That's the feature on every movie's IMDB page that sums up any movie with a list topics in the film (For example, "The Godfather" plot keywords are "mafia" "wedding" "violence")

    In the world of romantic comedies, the plot keywords are proof of the genre formula. "New York City", "Wedding", "Alcohol", "Fashion Show" and "Lie" and some kind of extreme weather pattern seem to crop up in every entry. Sprinkle in a little "Southern Accent" and "Dead Parent" and you've got yourself a blockbuster. It takes a true Rom-Com connoisseur to tell them apart. Have a gander at

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  • 8 ways to make a baby, movie style

    Jason Bateman in a scene from Jason Bateman in a scene from
    Trying to have a baby? You could go the old-fashioned way but that takes careful planning and serious luck. You could try to adopt but if you're not a heterosexual married couple with a hefty savings account, you might have your work cut out for you. Then there's IVF, the painful and expensive insemination process that isn't always a guarantee.

    If none of these options are working, don't give up. If we've learned anything from movies, it's that children appear in the darndest ways. Take for instance this month's The Switch, where Jennifer Aniston employs a turkey baster to do her dirty work. And ends up likely getting pregnant with her best friend's baby, even though he wasn't the recruited sperm donor. Sound implausible? At least a sperm and egg are involved.

    If you want to get yourself a child, the old-fashioned movie way, the first rule of thumb is: don't act like you want one. Then, employ the following approaches...

    #1 : INHERIT ONE

    That's right, babies are often left in

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  • Great Quotes from The Great David Hasselhoff

    The Hoff taking his Comedy Central Roast in stride. (Getty)The Hoff taking his Comedy Central Roast in stride. (Getty)This weekend, Seth McFarlane, Pam Anderson, Hulk Hogan and others gathered to for the roast of David Hasselhoff. Airing August 15, the special will lovingly mock the Baywatch star, no doubt incorporating his German Power Ballads, slow-mo beach sprints and talking car companion. Here's a preview of some of the zingers hurled at Hoff.
    But there is nothing, absolutely nothing, funny about Sir David's career. In fact, his efforts in the entertainment industry over the past 30 years have been no less than heroic and deserve to be taken with extreme seriousness and gratitude. Don't believe me? Take it from the American hero, himself.
    "'Knight Rider' was about saving lives. It was about one man making a difference, and it used both humor and action." (via Corpus Christie Press, 2008)

    "I'd love to appear in an (Henrik) Ibsen play, or maybe do some Shakespeare." (In a 2006 press interview on his post-"Baywatch" career)


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  • Chelsea Clinton Turns Princess Bride in Vera Wang

    Barbara Kinney via FilmMagic / Getty ImagesBarbara Kinney via FilmMagic / Getty Images

    Who did the bride take for better or for worse? Vera Wang. And it was better than anyone could imagine.

    In a floor-length gown with a bejeweled, shimmering waist-band, Chelsea Clinton surpassed the fashion expectations of the so-called "Wedding of the Century."

    What do you expect at an event where even emergency electricians were instructed to wear tuxedos? For the rehearsal dinner at a nearby estate, the dress code was "country chic". But on the big day, the look among the 400 guests gathered at Rhinebeck's Astor Court, was American royalty. The Queen Mum, Hillary, wore a wine-colored Oscar de la Renta gown. But all eyes were on the princess bride.

    From the moment the former first daughter confirmed her engagement to banker boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky in 2009, speculation turned to her wedding gown. By November, Vanity Fair had already pegged Oscar de la Renta as the forerunner. After all, he'd dressed Hill for her husband's '97 inaugural ball and again for Obama's swearing in.

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  • LOOK BOOK: Wedding Dresses That Rock! creator Kat Williams picks her favorite head-banging dresses (Emma Case Photography) creator Kat Williams picks her favorite head-banging dresses (Emma Case Photography)

    If your groom-to-be turns to you and says "let's get married at Ozzfest", take a moment to think it through before you return the ring. After all, it'd be a good excuse to wear an awesome heavy metal wedding dress. The annual August scream-fest has added matrimony for a few die-hard fans who buy the 10 ticket package. But you don't need Ozzy to have a hard rock wedding.

    Kat Williams started to promote inviduality and self-expression--two things that are hard to come by in the mainstream bridal market. That may be why loads of newlyweds send her photos of their outrageous big day fashions. Kat picked a handful of favorite dresses from her site to share with Shine. While the musical inspiration runs the gamut, all the looks have one thing in common: they rock.

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  • DISCOVERED: New Way to Exploit Relationship!

    Some times, the simple of act of walking to the sandwich shop can change your life. Not my life, your life. Look what I found while waiting for an egg and cheese to get all melty. On the other side of the above postcard are the details for those of you Brooklyn couples looking to make some money off your relationship--because the whole 'love' novelty is wearing off.

    Remember Taxi Cab Confessions? An incredible show that featured some of New York's drunkest doing the kinds of things you don't want aired during their parent's HBO after dark power hour. It became a personal mantra after a night of hard partying: no matter how awesome this taxi home seems right now, do not sign a waiver.

    Now the show's producers are are trying something new, by approaching subjects during sober hours. I called the number on the card and found out the show is called "Brooklyn Kind of Love".

    Turns out the website Brokelyn already spotted the project. "We called… and learned the name of the show (it was

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