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  • NOW AND THEN: Return of the '80s Power Dress

  • CHEAT SHEET: How to spot a designer label without a huge logo

    More on the changing face of designer labels.

  • Are Designer Logos Shrinking?

    On the runway, a Gucci model flaunts a logo free look. (getty)On the runway, a Gucci model flaunts a logo free look. (getty)

    If donning designer labels is like flaunting membership to an elite club, then the initiation process just got harder. Colors, patterns and materials-- not logos--are the new passwords.

    "A significant segment of the population does not want to be branded, preferring to be understated and is willing to pay a premium to have 'quiet' goods without a brand mark," says Joseph Nunes, a USC professor responsible for a recent study in the "Journal of Marketing". His research found that luxury goods are higher-priced and better-received when they're low on logos.

    Another new study to be published in the "Journal of Consumer Research" had similar findings. While mid-range shoppers still like a logo, the high-end consumer looks for subtler cues when it comes to designer products. For them it's more about detail, pattern and markers of heritage.

    Blame counterfeiting, Paris Hilton's Louis Vuitton obsession and the economy for turning the tide. "It's no longer fashionable to

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  • Celebrity Analogies: Obama Edition

    Earlier this week, we compared today's biggest insta-celebs to old Hollywood icons. It was pretty fun. Today on "The View", Obama inspired a follow-up during his lightening round question/answer with the five most powerful women who ever lived, ever.

    Here's the starting point: Barack Obama has admitted to having a BlackBerry that only 10 people have the number for. Remind you of anything?

    The BlackBerry is to the Red Phone...
    The presidential Red Phone, also known as the Moscow-Washington Hotline, was used to instantly connect the commander-in-chief with the world's other major nuclear power in the last century. You couldn't talk into it, dial or even take it into the bathroom. These days, thankfully, black is the new red.

    ...As Sherri Shepherd is to David Frost
    Hard-hitting questions were once hurled at prime ministers and scandal-embroiled prez Richard Nixon by the award-winning British journalist and producer. Now the job has been turned over to the former star of "Less Than

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  • Revenge of "The Bachelor" Rejects: 7 dumped constestants who got even

  • The Jumpsuit Kate Hudson Should Have Bought..and 9 Other Fashionable Uniforms

    Kate Hudson got flack for wearing a loose-fitting workman's jumpsuit at a London Airport. While it's not the most figure flattering look around, nothing beats its comfortability or eye-catching design. Not to mention, flame retardancy. The only major misstep Kate made was purchasing a derivative knock-off of an actual workman's jumpsuit. At a fraction of the price and three times more pockets, ain't nothing like the real thing.

    If mass-market labels take cues from runway designers, then runway designers take cues from uniforms. More resilient, machine-washable and straight-up cheaper, the following items-- designed for use at schools, hotels and construction sites-- are worth considering before you spend thousands or even hundreds on the fashionable recreation.

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  • BREAKTHROUGH: Tony Robbins Gets a GQ Makeover

    On last night's premiere of his new show, "Breakthrough with Tony Robbins", the self-help guru gives everyday Americans a mental makeover. His tactics for "unleashing the power" has inspired the likes of Hugh Jackman and Serena Williams. Not mention the millions of people who buy his steady stream of empowerment books.

    But what about Tony? He gives and he gives and he never takes time for himself. It's about time someone offered him some assistance in his problem area: his style. While motivational speakers have specific sartorial requirements for reaching a large audience, the message they send through their look has to be spot on. And right now, Tony's sending the wrong message.

    Matrix overcoats. Club Monaco meat-packing district shirts. Tight black bouncer t-shirts. Has anyone ever offered him fashion advice, that wasn't named Steven Seagal? Things are about to change.

    We recruited, GQ's Style Editor, Adam Rapoport--a man who, like Tony, has empowered countless Americans to

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  • The Mid-Life Crisis Beard? We're concerned about you, Jon

    Uh oh. Jon Stewart's new facial hair, which he debuted on the Daily Show, looks suspiciously like some one else's mouth frame. HINT:

    As a fan of Jon, I trust his judgment. But this new beard is setting off alarm bells. For the first time in his wildly-supported career, he's fending off allegations of sexism. He's also 47, an age when many a man feels the initial thrill of marriage, kids and career wane. Cue crazy facial hair.

    Now this is sheer speculation but when a guy grows a bizarre beard out of nowhere, it can be a cry for help. Remember when middle-aged guys would buy a fancy car or a moped as an expression of freaking out? Now they just grab attention with their face, fawning over each pore like they were waxing a Corvette.

    Think about it: they're spending a lot of time in front of the bathroom mirror, they're examining the lines in their face, they're testing the boundaries of their identity. "Maybe I could rock a pirate look," they think after reading an article about

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  • Jersey Shore? Big Deal...8 unlikely stars who also rang the Opening Bell

    How many Jersey Shore cast-members did it take to ring the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange, this morning? All of them. Know who rang the bell all by himself? Someone's pet. Opening the business day with a ceremonial chime has become the kind of thing that anyone can do if you have a publ

  • Snooki is to Liz Taylor as...

    What's the difference between the star of "Jersey Shore" and the star of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf"? Only a few decades, according to New York Times style writer Cathy Horyn.

    "I have this funny theory that [Snooki's] a little like Elizabeth Taylor," Horyn writes in a recent profile of the MTV star whose hit show's second season premieres Thursday. "The that photographs of Ms. Taylor in the 1960s confirm a short, busty woman with high hair, big jewelry, garish taste in clothes and a complete indifference to the cyclonic effect that all that produced."

    By that reasoning, a whole host of present-day stars we consider fairly low-brow could measure up to Hollywood icons from years past. If you disregard actual talent, and take into account the fact that real life drama played out over years instead of minutes, revealed through biographies instead of blogs, you might have a little more respect for stars you love to hate. Or less respect for stars you used to love.

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