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  • The 5 Most Powerful Women in America?

    Eleven in the morning wasn't always television prime-time. But who can remember that far back? Ever since "The View" first aired in 1997, the time-slot became a legitimate hour for breaking news.

    In the past few months it's become the news. On Monday, Whoopi Goldberg, announced that she along with her four other co-hosts (Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Joy Behar, Sherri Shepherd and show creator Barbara Walters) would share the round-table with President Obama in a taped interview to air Thursday. With the President's ratings down, a daytime interview with the shows' hosts--only one of whom, Walters, is a veteran journalist--speaks volumes about the influence the women have on the country. Scary? Maybe. Sherri Shepherd thinks the world is flat. But that doesn't seem to bother the President.

    "It's interesting that Obama didn't choose to go on a late-night show," says Slate editor Jessica Grose. "He clearly wants to appeal to the show's demographic of women ages 18 to 49. It might be a response

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  • 10 Fabulous Royal Flickr Fashions

    Flickr, the online photo sharing destination, just got a royal makeover. The British Monarchy launched a collection of albums on the site today that show a sartorial side of the Queen and her legion of relatives.

    While there are a conspicuously limited number of photos of Lady Di, the famed royal fashion icon, the albums do offer a glimpse into the vintage styles of an elegant young Queen Elizabeth. Before her trademark brightly-colored hats and matching cloaks, the Queen Mum, mixed subtle tones with chunky accessories, with the help of her personal attendant turned stylist Margaret McDonald and go-to couturier Hardy Amies. "He was made official dress maker in 1955 and remained her chief dress maker for almost half a century, designing some of the Queen's most famous gowns," notes British fashion writer, Lena Weber.

    The result was a timeless look that still inspires designers and fashion dictators of today. "The shift dress and prominent brooch she wore in the early 60's reminds

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  • UNINTENTIONAL EXPERTS: Boss advice from a stay-at-home mom

    Having a bully of a boss is so bad it might become illegal, thanks to a worker's rights bill heading to New York's state senate. Kate Bly may not go into an office everyday but that doesn't mean she can't relate to the pitfalls of having a cruel employer. She's got two: Ivan, 2, and Luca, 1.

    They throw fits when they don't get something they've requested, they're constantly checking up to make sure she's not doing any personal work on the job, and their performance reviews are notoriously rigorous. Especially when it comes to lunch. Plus they're so cute, they're hard to stay mad at.

    In the business world, you have the trials and errors of your colleagues to guide you through management issues. But a stay-at-home mom has to invent her own rules for dealing with high-maintenance employers. These are some of Kate's tactics. If they work on her bosses, they'll work on anyone.

    You know how some bosses get upset when you run out to mail a letter, buy a gift

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  • Betty and Veronica's Fashion Extravaganza: A look back

    The kick off of Comic-Con in San Diego was as good excuse as any to take a look at the fashions of Archie's two favorite gang-members through the years. Whether you're a Betty or a Veronica fan (count me on team brunette), both ladies had their share of stylish moments in the period between the early 60's through the early 90's. As a girl, my Archie comic collection was my most prized possession. Now the issues sit in a magazine rack next to my toilet, where there are of no less value. I hand selected and hand-scanned some of my favorite looks from my bathroom reading. This way no one has to actually touch them.

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  • 5 Products Nobody Should Know You Own

    Remember when zit cream was the only embarrassing thing in your medicine cabinet? Yeah, me neither. These days miracle products are cropping up by the dozen. The latest is a fart-fighting super-pad. On the plus side you're more protected from humiliation when you're out in public. On the down-side, anyone who happens to rifle through your medicine cabinet or look under your sink will discover your hideous secret. It's one thing to be called out on a fart, camel toe or cellulite dimple. It's another to be caught trying to prevent any of those things. So if you purchase any of the following, be sure to hide the box!

    [thinkstock images]

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  • "Mad Men": Is It Better If You're in a Relationship?

    A scene from season 3 of A scene from season 3 of
    This Sunday night, it's Valentine's day all over again. Though this time, the celebration starts and ends in front of the television, when the critically acclaimed cable series, "Mad Men" returns for a new season. Fashion magazines, television critics, bloggers and avid followers of the series are frothing at the mouth. But no one is more excited than couples. Technically, it's an excellent show, but it's even better if you're in a relationship.

    Single when the show first aired, I watched five episodes back to back, alone in my apartment (well, there were cats). Despite the rich art direction, the plot felt labored, the characters were too good looking to relate to. I tuned out until season three, when I found myself in a new relationship. In reaping the benefits of couple-dom--behind sex and splitting the cost of wedding gifts-- came watching "Mad Men".

    "You can't underestimate the power of the show's time-slot, even in the era of Hulu and DVRs," says Meredith Blake, a TV critic,

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  • 10 Perfume Names That May Need a Rethink

    Days before the launch of her new fragrance, Jennifer Aniston changed its name from "Lolavie" to the inspired "Jennifer Aniston." After months of deliberations the actress had chosen the first name, which means something like, "laughing at life" because of her personal outlook, according to WWD. But the name, and outlook, was too similar to Marc Jacobs' scent Lola. So now we're just going to go with Jennifer Aniston. Got that?

    The naming process of a fragrance is riddled with considerations, though sometimes, not enough. The following perfumes might also want to consider changing their names to "Jennifer Aniston"...

    [Photo by Getty Images]

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  • 8 Awesomely Misleading Celebrity Book Covers

    So you're a celebrity who just finished writing a book and you arrive at the studio to shoot your book cover when you realize there's an elephant in the room. No really. An elephant is in the room. And you have to saddle up between its eyes and cross your legs like a lady. Now suggestively hold it's trunk. Yes! Just like that!

    The cover of "Dirty Sexy Politics", Meghan McCain's upcoming book, revealed on the Daily Beast this week, needs no explanation. It's about a girl who joins the circus and shares a special bond with an elephant named Tina. Wait, it's not? Ooooooh. I get it.

    It used to be that the best photos from a celebrity biography were sandwiched in the middle of the book. But nowadays, you can't beat the cover. The more outlandish the celebrity, the more prop-heavy and convoluted the concept. It's a formula that's supposed to spell out the tone of the book. Sometimes, you just end up with a famous person holding a bunch of things, looking confused. I would totally buy

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  • 8 Movies That Should Have Starred Women

    This just in: Angelina Jolie is in a movie called "Salt". Well, maybe you've already heard about it. The espionage action flick, out Friday, has made headlines for weeks because of its female star.But did you know that the film was originally written for a male lead? Tom Cruise, specifically. When h

  • Will Chelsea Clinton's Wedding Ruin Mine? A Bridal Nightmare

    Emn Haddad-Friedman and Alex Bero are getting married on July 31, near the reported wedding site of Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky.Emn Haddad-Friedman and Alex Bero are getting married on July 31, near the reported wedding site of Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky.
    The wedding date was booked two years in advance, the dress purchased, the expenses covered. Nothing was going to rain on Emn Haddad-Friedman's wedding day. Except Chelsea Clinton.

    The other bride getting married on July 31st in the Rhinebeck area has a message for the former first daughter: It's her day too. But to Rhinebeck and the rest of the world, it's not. "I know she's not doing it on purpose," says the Brooklyn-based school teacher. "But Chelsea Clinton has taken what was supposed to be a special day for me turned it into hell."

    Chelsea Clinton and boyfriend, Marc Mezvinsky, an investment banker, got engaged in 2009 and speculation about their wedding details have been escalating exponentially ever since. In April, the close-knit upstate town, made the short-list for the affair. This past week, when the 50-acre estate, Astor Court, was named as the likely site, and a rumored guest list of prime ministers and superstars was leaked, Emn saw her wedding virtually disappear.


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