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  • Teen with Down Syndrome Deemed Flight Risk. Parents Fight Back

    Joan and Robert Vanderhorst were planning to fly home to California with their 16-year-old son on Sunday. But before they could board their American Airlines flight from Newark airport bound for Los Angeles, they were stopped at the gate.

    "We were not allowed on the plane because they saw my son and made a decision," Joan Vanderhorst told KTLA local news.

    Her son, Bede, has Down Syndrome. Because of it, the airline deemed him flight risk, the Vanderhorsts claim.

    Airline seating gets high-tech upgrade

    The family had traveled on dozens of flights in the past and insist their son was behaving calmly when the airline made its decision. A smartphone video of Bede, taken by his mom during the incident, shows the boy quietly playing with a baseball cap.

    But American Airlines' reps painted a very different picture of the child's actions before boarding, describing him as "excitable, running around, and not acclimated to the environment."
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  • Dad Protects Son from Bullies by Wearing a Skirt. Guess What? It Works.

    (Photo courtesy of Emma Magazine)Nils Pickert's 5-year-old son likes wearing dresses. If anyone thinks that's odd they can take it up with Nils. He's the guy in the skirt.

    The German dad has become a role model not only for his son, but for parents around the world, after a photograph of the pair holding hands in red skirts spread across the internet.
    "Yes, I'm one of those dads, that tries to raise their children equal," he explained in an essay published alongside the photo in Emma, a German feminist magazine.

    Celebrities who were bullied as kids

    Pickert never minded that his son liked dressing in little girl's clothes, but when his family moved from West Berlin to a small southern town in Germany, he learned that other people did. In fact, it became a "town wide issue," according to Pickert, whose essay was translated by Tumblr user steegeschnoeber.

    A new school didn't make life any easier for his young son. Shortly after his first day, he stopped reveling in his own tastes and Pickert worried about the damage

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  • Donald Trump: The Dumbest Things He's Said About Women

    (Photo by Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic/Getty Images)The following women are not attractive to Donald Trump: Angelina Jolie ("She's been with so many guys"), Cher ("bad plastic surgery"), Rosie O'Donnell ("big, fat pig"), and now, Arianna Huffington.

    On Wednesday, Trump used his Twitter account to call the internet powerhouse "unattractive both inside and out." He went on to attack her marriage, which ended in an amicable divorce.

    "I fully understand why her former husband left her for a man-he made a good decision," Trump added in less than 140 characters.

    It's not the first time he's publicly judged a successful female media figure by her looks and intimate life, and it probably won't be the last.

    Trump's world seems to be divided into three categories. Women he finds attractive. Women he doesn't find attractive. And Men. It's not so different from a Miss USA pageant, only "contestants" like Huffington don't ask to be entered.

    Trump slams Cher for anti-Romney tweets

    It's unclear what exactly prompted Trump's alarmingly

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  • 'Morning After' Wedding Photos: Are Brides Really Doing This?

    It's wedding photography shot with a 50 Shades of Grey filter. Some newlyweds are hiring professionals to document what happens after the guests go home. Ali, John, and actress Busy Philipps discuss on the set of "Cougar Town".

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  • Why Do Actresses Always Play Strippers?

    Alba in 'Sin City.'This weekend, Jessica Alba boosted Twitter traffic when she posted a photo of her newly blonde hairstyle in preparation for her role as stripper Nancy Callahan in Sin City 2. Why do people care about Jessica Alba's hair color? They don't, they care about her stripping. Her dancing scene in the first film is still one of the first things YouTube spits out when you enter her name, so proof that more will come is the ultimate strip 'tease.'

    PHOTOS: Funniest movie nude scenes

    She's one of long list of A-list actresses, including Jennifer Aniston, Olivia Wilde, Salma Hayek and Vanessa Hudgens, playing the role of exotic dancer in 2012.

    Unlike most real strippers, Alba doesn't need the money. Neither does Aniston, whose 'comedic' stripping character in the upcoming We're the Millers, has gotten national coverage before filming has even wrapped.

    But stripping is to an actress what playing a super-hero is to an actor: it's a game-changer. In exchange for a well-hyped pole dance, a

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  • Suri Cruise to Get $400,000 a Year Allowance, Says Report. The High Cost of Being a Celebrity Kid.

    Suri Cruise with mom Katie Holmes in New York on Friday. (James Deveany/FilmMagic/Getty …
    Katie Holmes may have lost out on a massive payday, but she spared her 6-year-old daughter the trauma of a lengthy courtroom custody battle.

    After her divorce from $250 million ex-husband Tom Cruise was finalized on Monday, she reportedly walked away with $400,000 a year in child support and not much more, according to TMZ. The website, which leaked alleged details from an insider, claims Tom Cruise will pay the six-figure annual sum until Suri turns 18, in addition to expenses like medical treatment, dental, insurance, education, and "extracurricular" costs. It's a significant amount of money for most people. But most people aren't A-list celebrities.

    Katie Holmes becomes hero of divorce

    Both Charlie Sheen and rapper Nas pay about $200,000 more annually in child support. That's not counting spousal support, something TMZ's insider also insists Holmes has forgone. 

    But a big bargaining chip in the couple's agreement may not have been the money. Parties agreed not to send Suri to

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  • Breastfeeding Dad Raises New Questions About Motherhood

    Trevor MacDonald and his son in a photo posted on MacDonald's Milk Junkies blog. (Trevor MacDonald/ until last week the great breastfeeding debate was centered on where to do it and for how long. But Trevor MacDonald, a 27-year-old transgender parent, has raised an ever bigger question: who gets to do it?

    The Winnipeg-based MacDonald has been chronicling his unique breastfeeding experience in photos and anecdotes on his blog for almost a year. But he gained national exposure this month, after a disagreement with La Leche League, an international breastfeeding support organization, over their definition on motherhood.

    PHOTOS: Celebrity moms who breastfeed

    After nursing his now 16-month-old son, Jacob, he hoped to become a coach for one of the club's local support groups, but was informed only women could serve as group leaders.

    MacDonald was born a female but transitioned to a male at age 23 through a course of hormone treatments and chest contouring surgery. "I retained my female reproductive organs, but I felt (and still feel) fully male, and anybody seeing me on the street would Read More »from Breastfeeding Dad Raises New Questions About Motherhood
  • Top Chef Masters' Art Smith Drops 120 Pounds. Also, He's Ripped

    Trend alert: celebrity chefs going on diets. First Paula Deen dropped 30 pounds in June and now Top Chef Masters' Art Smith is upping the ante. On Wednesday night's episode of Bravo's all-star cooking show, Smith stripped down to a Speedo to reveal his dramatic weight loss, not to mention his six pack. "I feel like Bo Derek," Smith joked, during the episode's pool party cooking challenge.

    Catch up on clips from this season of Top Chef Masters

    The 52-year-old culinary guru has been steadily losing weight for the past two years, but stripped of his chef whites, the difference was astonishing. He's dropped a startling 120 pounds thanks to portion control and rigorous workouts.

    The same guy responsible for creating Lady Gaga's favorite fried chicken and waffles recipe, a signature of his Chicago eatery Fifty-Two, turned a corner in 2010 when he began training for two marathons. Like Deen, it took a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis to motivate the cook to drastically change his lifestyle.

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  • 'High-end' Hoarder Buried Home in $500,000 Shopping Addiction

    There are shoe closets, and then there are shoe rooms. Monte, a retired teacher in her fifties, had scattered $20,000 worth of footwear throughout six rooms in her home. Some were organized by color, but most lay in mountainous piles of clutter in her 4,000 square foot home outside Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    Over a period of 10 years, she'd spent over $500,000 on clothing, accessories and home furnishings, all of which lay strewn across her kitchen, entryway and bedrooms, tags intact.

    "Some people eat themselves to death, I was shopping myself to death," Monte, who refrained from sharing her last name, told Yahoo! Shine in a phone interview Wednesday.

    A self-described "high-end" hoarder, Monte makes for an unlikely subject on Sunday's upcoming episode of TLC's Hoarding: Buried Alive. She doesn't have food rotting in the fridge, overgrown weeds or a vermin problem, in fact the furniture buried under piles of clothing in her home are "in perfect shape."

    They're the bones of a life she had

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  • Miss World Pageant Winner Slammed as Fake. Beauty Contest Gets Political.

    Meet your new Miss World. (Ed Jones/AFP/Getty)This past weekend 116 contestants gathered in the remote town Odros City in China's Inner Mongolia district for the annual Miss World Pageant. Representatives from countries around the world, including South Sudan, Guatemala, The Netherlands and the U.S, formed a kind of United Nations summit on bathing suits and ball gowns.
    So it stands to reason, when China's Wenxia Yu was crowned as the winner on Saturday, not everyone was in agreement.
    After Wenxia's win, the Miss World Facebook page practically lit up with angry commenters accusing judges of pandering to politics.
    "MWO you sold miss world for the Chinese ! They poured MILLIONS into the contest, so it is not very surprise that they won," wrote one commenter among a chorus slamming Yu as a "fake" winner.
    Wenxia is the second winner from China in the contest's history, after Zhang Zilin's win in 2007. Both Yu and Zilan won their titles when their home country served as host to the awards. For that reason, critics wonder whether

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