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  • Who is Assata Shakur, the FBI's Most Wanted Female Terrorist?

    (FBI Handout)This week marked a dubious moment in women's history. On Thursday, the FBI added Assata Shakur, to the list of the country's most wanted terrorists. Shakur, born Joanne Chesimard, became the first female on the list, for incidents that date back forty years. Shakur, now in her 60s, was convicted of killing New Jersey state trooper Werner Foerster and sentenced to life in prison in 1977. She managed to escape and has been a fugitive for the past three decades. But Shakur, who is the step-aunt of Tupac Shakur, never disappeared, in fact she might be one of the most well-known fugitives on the FBI's list. Here is a rough timeline of Shakur's case.

    1973: Shakur and two fellow passengers were stopped for a broken tail light on the New Jersey Turnpike. After a heated exchange, they exchanged fire with police officers, and allegedly Shakur shot and killed Foerster. You can read the FBI's account of what happened here. You can also read conflicting accounts from witness reports, collected by

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  • 'The Big Wedding' Suggested Guest List: 6 Characters You Meet in Every Wedding Movie

    photo: Lionsgate

    "Every wedding-themed romantic comedy in one movie!"  That's the unofficial tag line for the new star-packed film, "The Big Wedding", out Friday.  They've really packed it in with this one. They've got your quirky parents (Diane Keaton and Robert Deniro) with romantic baggage and a secret that will totally be exposed, a pretty blonde society bride (Amanda Seyfried), a mother-in-law who everyone's afraid of, a guy who falls in love too fast (Topher Grace), a wacky priest (Robin Williams, at your service), and a pregnant, disgruntled Katherine Heigl. It sounds like they've got it covered. Well, almost.

    If you're really following the marriage movie recipe, it's not just about the main characters but the side players too. Behold, the six people you meet in wedding movie heaven.


    (The Wedding Planner/ Columbia Pictures)

    (Father of the Bride/Touchstone)


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  • Why People's Most Beautiful List Makes Me Sad

    (Jeffrey Mayer/Wireimage/Getty)Can we all agree that Julianne Moore is, by most standards, conventionally beautiful?

    Tell that to People Magazine, judges of the annual celebrity beauty pageant—formally known as People's Most Beautiful Issue. Their latest issue reads like a yearbook for Hollywood High's most popular kids. There is the prettiest freshman (Ireland Baldwin), the gorgeous grad (Jane Fonda) and the number one most popular, beautiful, blondest winner of all, Gwyneth Paltrow.

    And then there are the eight women who are, well, "Unconventional Beauties." Moore is number one on that less flattering sidebar, and next to her name, in all caps, is the word FRECKLES.  The caption reads: "With her fair skin, Moore's freckles are hard to miss—something the actress has come to accept with age."

    If this really were a high school yearbook, the caption would read "Julianne Moore: Most Freckle-Faced." It's just another "real beauty" trick of the magazine trade: make like you're celebrating someone's stand-out features but

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  • Hawaiian Tropic Bikini Pageants Are Officially Over, Thankfully

    photo: Getty Images

    Not long ago, Hawaiian Tropic was known fortwo things: tanning oil and beauty pageants. Those days are over.

    On Tuesday, the brand announced the retirement of their famous bikini contests, first launched in 1983. That means no more oiled up fitness models in neon string bikinis competing for the title of Miss Hawaiian Tropic on beaches across the world.

    What you really need to know about sunscreen

    The reason? Women. “The bikini contest wasn’t resonating with our target female consumers,” Danielle Duncan, Hawaiian Tropic Brand Manager, tells Yahoo Shine. With women making up 70 percent of the brand's users, according to a report in the The New York Times, that was a problem. The solution for Tropic's marketing team was to reinvent product offerings "to appeal to today’s Hawaiian Tropic women.”  

    That means saying goodbye to yesterday's Hawaiian Tropic women. Known as a slightly raunchier version of Miss Universe, the Tropic pageants rose to popularity in the '90s, but faded from a

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  • It's National Lovers Day: Why does the word 'Lover' feel so wrong?

    SNL's Will Ferrell and Rachel Dratch as Lov-ahs. (SNL/NBC)Today is for lovers. Every year on April 23, Spain celebrates Lovers Day. It’s a lot like Valentine’s Day: roses are handed out, marriage proposals spike, and a national awareness of sexy time is promoted courtesy of a 15th Century Saint (in this case St. George) This year, some folks (slash publicists) are trying to import the holiday to the States, proclaiming today National Lovers Day right here in the U.S.

    One problem: People really, really hate the word ‘lover’. To quote the late Liz Lemon, "that word bums me out unless it's between the words meat and pizza."

    It's difficult to pinpoint what makes it sound so perverted-nails-on-a-chalkboard, but I’ll give it a try. First of all, it's a little too specific. If you’re referring to a lover in conversation, you’re daring the person you’re to talking to not to picture you having sex in a champagne glass-shaped bubble bath in the Poconos. There are other words to describe the person you've chosen to bed, so the decision to use feels a bit Read More »from It's National Lovers Day: Why does the word 'Lover' feel so wrong?
  • Happy Birthday Victoria Beckham! We remember when you were just Posh.

    Remember this lady? She turned 39 on Wednesday.

    (Getty Images)

    Most people know her as Victoria Beckham, the unflinchingly serious high-fashion brand ambassador, designer, power mom, royal party guest, and U.K. national treasure.  But we still remember when she was just a girl named Posh. Let's have a memory walk, shall we?

    Remember when butterflies were her favorite fashion accessories and those front two bangs were her favorite pieces of hair?


     And remember how she used to show her teeth when she smiled?


     She used to smile a lot. Sometimes, aggressively.

    Remember how much she loved wearing rectangular librarian/raver glasses indoors?

    And remember her spray-bleached denim bustiers? And remember how okay she was when David Beckham wore a sleeveless tuxedo shirt and wrapped his head in nylon? Proud even.

    And remember this lip ring? Now you do. Happy Birthday Victoria Posh Spice Beckham. We miss you almost every day.Read More »from Happy Birthday Victoria Beckham! We remember when you were just Posh.
  • What celebrities tweeted right after their hearts went out to Boston

    Nothing can stop "Bachelor" Sean Lowe from dancing (and tweeting about it.)

    Some celebrities really stepped up in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, using their names and their expansive social networks to raise awareness and aid for a city in crisis. Ben Affleck, Mark WalhbergSophia Bush, and even Justin Bieber have taken a break from promoting their latest projects on Facebook and Twitter, in order to meditate on the tragedy. But for some stars, the break was short-lived.  Here's a collection of celebrity tweets posted soon after after they tweeted prayers for victims of the Boston bombing. 

    Two hours after Kylie Jenner tweeted #pray4boston, she posted this:

    Last night, Candace Cameron Bure tweeted, "Im shocked to to hear about a bomb at the Boston Marathon and deaths confirmed. Praying..." An hour later, she took a moment away from praying to post this. 

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  • Cats Are the New Tiny Dogs. It's Official

    Cats are in trouble. After flying under the radar for years, they've finally become a fashion accessory. Just as Kim Kardashian has replaced Paris Hilton in 2013, Persian teacup kittens have replaced Pomeranians. It's a sea change of ridiculous celebrity trendsetting. No cat is safe.

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  • Hey Twitter, Cher is not dead. So that's good.

    To whom it may concern: Cher is fine. Following the news that former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had died, a Twitter hashtag caught like wildfire and sparked a mini-fire drill for Cher fans. Early this morning, Baroness Thatcher was memorialized on social media without enough spaces. The hashtag #nowthatcherisdead mistakenly started a Cher death watch. You can understand the confusion. 

    Here is why you shouldn't get your news from Twitter hashtags:

    And this happens:

    And pretty soon:

    Enter Ricky Gervais, Cher's unofficial spokesperson, to set the record straight.

    And that is how Twitter rumors start. No word from Cher this morning. Her most recent tweet came last night from Chaz's birthday party, so she's probably just sleeping in. Nobody panic. 

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  • Vice's TV news show has no women reporters. How edgy is that?

    "Vice" host Shane Smith. (Vice/HBO)

    Vice co-founder Shane Smith says his controversial new HBO documentary series is "not traditional journalism." Let's get real: three white guys reporting on international politics is about as traditional as you can get. 

    In the eight episodes of "Vice," premiering Friday on HBO, there will be blood, graphic violence, bullet-proof vests, and several pairs of sunglasses. There will not, however, be a single female correspondent, a source close to production confirmed to Yahoo! Shine. That's a pretty old-school decision for a show looking to smash the barriers of traditional journalism. 

    Executive produced by Bill Maher with the help of consulting producer Fareed Zakaria (a "real-deal newsman's man" according to a Vice blogger), each episode sends "Vice guys" overseas for a glimpse at the characters behind countries in conflict. Smith interviews Afghanistan's child suicide bombers and literally toes the line of the Pakistani-Indian border. Duffy visits a make-shift arms manufacturer

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