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  • What did you wear to prom? Share your pictures and memories with us!

    Everyone's got a prom memory. Even Brad Pitt. Before we graduated, got real jobs, started families or, in some cases, became international superstars, we wore corsages and posed for a photo that would haunt us for the rest of our lives.

    It's time to unearth your prom pictures and memories and share them with Shine. We want to see your dress, your date and your frozen smile underneath the hallowed cardboard archway.

    Upload your prom photos on our Yahoo! Shine Facebook page all this week. Whether it was last year or 30 years ago, we want to relive it with you.

    Don't have a picture? We still want to hear your story. Dish the details (especially the awesome horror stories) on our Facebook wall. Consider it free therapy.

    We'll round up all the gems and take you back to a time when flowers came with safety pins, kings and queens were high school seniors and punch was best served spiked.
    The most expensive prom dresses of 2011
    Most popular prom songs, then and now
    Best and worst

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  • Can a cocktail cure wrinkles? 'Fountain-of-youth' facials guaranteed to get you drunk

    (Thinkstock photos)(Thinkstock photos)First there was the $120 million sale of Bethenny Frankel's Skinnygirl Margarita. Now comes the anti-aging line of cocktails. It's as if liquor just realized women existed and it's in love. Here comes the pitch: drinks that cures what ails your skin.

    At an exclusive (implied finger quotes) meat-packing club called Provocateur in New York City, a signature line of cocktails, co-created by a skin-care label, are tapping the fountain of youth. For $22 you can get a martini glass of booze intended to target fine lines.

    "Looking a little blotchy? Find fruity remedy in the Watermelon Kiss, with tequila, watermelon and (the menu claims) the power to help even out your skin tone. Oil glands in overdrive? Experience citrusy salvation through the Sweet Enchantment, which combines vodka, kumquats and special vitamins and minerals that, we're to believe, have a payoff not dissimilar to benzoyl peroxide's," writes New York Times food writer Frank Bruni who took it upon himself to try a few drinks

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  • The most popular prom songs: then and now

    Slow-dancing at the Hollywood High School prom in 1979. What do you think was playing? (Photo by George Rose/Getty Images)Slow-dancing at the Hollywood High School prom in 1979. What do you think was playing? (Photo by George Rose/Getty Images)"Stairway to Heaven". "Wonderful Tonight". "Lady in Red". Before they were soft-rock radio staples, they were prom themes.
    Not anymore. The prom theme song has evolved with the billboard charts. Now it's "F*** you (forget you)", "We R Who We R" and "On the Floor".

    "It's all top 40 songs now, dance songs and hip-hop," says Nick, a deejay at Awesome Club Prom who's working 8 proms in New York and New Jersey this weekend. Over the past few years he's seen the dissolution of prom themes and royal courts, and the rise of the club prom. Lots of glow sticks, fist-pumping and virtually no slow-dancing. "People just want to dance and have a good time now," he says. Awesome Club Prom charges up to $5000 to show up with a playlist, a series of props and a few flat-screen projectors. It's hardly "Enchantment Under the Sea."

    Instead the music is fast-paced and no older than a year. On Facebook, high school prom committees have set up suggestion boards for playlists. Most read like billboard

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  • Why every woman should see "Bridesmaids"

    The cast of the movie The cast of the movie The movie "Bridesmaids" premieres today, but if you're a woman, you know that. Across the country, screening parties and loosely organized groups of friends are planning events around the film's premiere. It's just a movie, but it's also a movement. Salon writer Rebecca Traister proclaimed the "viral enthusiasm" surrounding the film akin to "a grassroots presidential campaign". The message: support a movie that's by women for women so we can keep making them.

    "I encourage each and every one of you to see 'Bridesmaids' this weekend not just because it's hilarious, but because we MUST show Hollywood that women DO want movies that are not vapid rom-coms or something about shopping," reads a forwarded email Traister received from the writer of "Legally Blonde" and another writer friend. "A lot is riding on this movie."

    Ever since the "Bridesmaids" trailer was released a few months ago, the film has been treated like a gem in a swamp of, well, fool's gold. Romantic comedies are on the

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  • Which guests should return for Oprah's finale?

    After 25 years, Oprah is preparing for her final show. On an average work week the talk show host is able to create headline news in an single hour, so don't expect her last seven days on the job to be any different. Already she's planning on bringing back shamed book club author James Frey for more shaming. And for her grand finale on May 25, she'll have the biggest most controversial stars in the world: Will Smith and Jada Pinkett. Cue sound of deflating balloon.

    The squeaky clean couple, whose biggest party foul is an oversized trailer, can't possibly solo headline Oprah's big send-off. She's got to have some heavier hitting guests she's planning to bring out for one last go on the couch. Looking back at some of her biggest interviews, here are a few ideas.

    Mel Gibson: A lot's changed since he was on the show in 1987. For starters you can't smoke in the studio anymore. And I bet the audience would have some new questions beyond his "sexiest man alive" title.

    Pregnant man! Pregnant

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  • Prison food vs. school lunches: any difference?

    (ThinkStock photos)(ThinkStock photos)School lunch is a lot like prison food, only worse. An infographic created by Good Magazine comparing the average detention grub with the average elementary school fare shows a very similar tray breakdown.

    Both offer a calorie count of around 1400, and both cost little more than $2.60 per person per day. The big difference, according to their research, sourced from national statistics, is that prisoners get a little more bang for the buck.

    The average prison meal and the average elementary school lunch both consist of one bread item, one starch item and one beverage. But kids get an ounce less meat and they're usually skimped on either veggies or fruits. Overall prisoners have more options and a little more heft to their meal.

    It's not the first time school and prison food have gone head to head. Institutional food, be it prisons or schools, often share the same mass distributers. (Aramark is one of the biggest food service providers for both prisons and schools.) They've also

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  • Old t-shirt sells for $10,000. Makes rock history.

    See this t-shirt? It's putting someone's kid through college. In 1979, the Led Zeppelin concert tee granted you a backstage pass to party with the band. Today it could pay for Robert Plant to sing at your Bat Mitzvah.

    An anonymous eBay bidder just laid down $10,000 for the vintage concert top, according to Stereogum, making it the auction site's priciest rock shirt ever sold.

    It was first acquired by eBay seller, Stormcrow Vintage, for $123 from the print shop that created the shirt for the band's Knebworth shows. Because the shirts were intended as backstage passes and not just souvenirs, only a small amount were produced.

    "At the time, I thought I may have overpaid, until I got back home, looked it up online and noticed it was ranked #1 as the rarest Zeppelin t-shirt," the seller told the website Brave Words. Then he got the $10k bid. "When I got the sale notification, my jaw hit the floor."

    The shirt's new owner is an anonymous Australian collector. He joins the ranks of a rare

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  • Tom Sizemore's girlfriend missing for over a month. Scary.

    This photo of Sizemore at a California film festival was taken in April, after Wren's parents reported her missing. (Photo by Joe Scarnici/FilmMagic)This photo of Sizemore at a California film festival was taken in April, after Wren's parents reported her missing. (Photo by Joe Scarnici/FilmMagic)In frightening "Celebrity Rehab" news: Tom Sizemore's girlfriend has been missing for over a month. Today the LAPD revealed they've been questioning the actor about Megan Lacy Wren's whereabouts. The 25-year-old-actress was living with Sizemore (who says he's in an open relationship on his Facebook page) for the six months prior to her disappearance on March 31, according to TMZ. A family member who spoke with her around that time she disappeared told the website's reporters she was "in a very bad place."

    This report will set off your personal alarm bells if you've been following Sizemore's life on reality TV. Over the past few years his struggle with meth among other hard drugs, and his compulsive sex addiction, have been plot-lines in "Shooting Sizemore", "Sober House" and of course "Celebrity Rehab". He's become a pre-Charlie Sheen case study for celebrity addiction, growing more famous with every down-and-out reveal he allows.

    His sex tape and various televised binges have worked

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  • Can a pair of $300 jeans boost your ego?

    (ThinkStock photos)(ThinkStock photos)There are four ways to rationalize spending three figures on a pair of jeans.

    1) They'll last forever 2) I'll wear them all the time 3) They make my butt look awesome 4) That's how much jeans cost

    But the real reason for the purchase may be totally irrational: it's nursing our bruised ego. According to a new study, we spend more when we feel bad about ourselves. And this is particularly true in the wold of denim.

    Two psychology researchers at Cornell tested their self-esteem retail theory on 150 college students. Half were given a low score on a fake IQ test. The other half were given an above average score. Later subjects were asked to consider buying a pair of designer jeans. Those who scored low on the IQ test were willing to spend 30 percent more on jeans than people who got a high score.

    "Luxury items are especially effective at reassuring us of our value," deduced the researchers in their published study. They go on to apply the theory to the credit crisis, but lets stay on

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  • The new triple-stuffed Oreo...and 10 other remakes of the original cookie


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