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  • Major milestone for gay rights–courtesy of Obama

    President Obama in Washington D.C. yesterday after his historic declaration. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) President Obama in Washington D.C. yesterday after his historic declaration. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
    Yesterday was a historic day for the country. President Obama declared the "Defense of Marriage Act" unconstitutional. The federal law has made all state sanctioned same-sex marriages illegal on a national level since it was instituted in 1996. Now the president and the attorney general Eric Holder have concluded that "classifications based on sexual orientation" are grounds for discrimination. While it's up to the courts to decide on a final verdict for the constitutionality of the law, it's a huge deal for same-sex couples and the country. Here's why:

    1. Calling an existing law unconstitutional is a landmark move for any administration to make according to the New Yorker's legal expert, Jeffery Toobin. It's rare for a president to refuse to defend a law that's already in place.

    2. It shows which direction President Obama's "evolving" opinion on same-sex marriages is heading. He's officially in favor of civil unions, but Toobin writes it's a sign "the President will officially

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  • The most expensive prom dresses of 2011

  • 10 dresses inspired by lunch

  • Hallmark vs. Lifetime: Which royal made-for-TV movie will you watch?

    It's Royal-vision in Technicolor! (AP/ThinkStock)It's Royal-vision in Technicolor! (AP/ThinkStock)This just in: the Hallmark Channel is challenging Lifetime Network to a royal duel. May the best made-for-TV movie win. Less than a month after Lifetime announced its film adaptation of Kate and Will's romance, Hallmark has its own rendition in the works according to The Hollywood Reporter. How do they stack up? Let's have a look...

    Lifetime: "William & Kate"
    Hallmark: "William & Kate: A royal love story" (That's an ampersand and a colon, snap!)

    Lifetime: April 21
    Hallmark: August 13

    Lifetime: The hot n' heavy romance between Will and Kate. Okay warm n' light, but still-there's lots of "cuddling" say spies on the UCLA-based set where St. Andrew's college scenes are being filmed.
    Hallmark: The monarchy plays a larger part. In addition to the romantic plot line, the film will feature scenes from "William's army training" and "advice from William's grandmother." Well, at least the Queen will be excited.

    Lifetime: Camilla Luddington and Nico Evers-Swindell play the

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  • World's fastest 95-year-old woman

    60 meters, 29.86 seconds, 95 years old. Those are Ida Keeling's winning numbers. The Bronx-born grandma just set a new sprinting record for her age group, making her the world's fastest woman in her 90's. She first broke the record three years ago, after picking up a steady running habit at age 67. Her secret to longevity is twofold: eating breakfast foods for dinner and dinner foods for breakfast. Also exercising. At least the eating part is easy.

    Who says middle-aged women can't have long hair?
    61-year-old grandma gives birth to grandson
    Older women are better in bed
    The rise of the super-cougar

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  • Would you spend $32,000 on a party for six-year-olds?

    If you said yes, we'd like to direct you to TLC casting department for their new show "Outrageous Kid Parties". The series is like MTV's "My Super Sweet 16" minus ten years and the new car (we hope).

    One mom on the new series, which premiered Monday, throws down $3000 on invitations, $2100 on cake, and an undisclosed amount on 42 floral centerpieces for her daughter's sixth birthday. She also hires a party planner, an invitation delivery guy and multiple stylists to dress her daughter in a princess gown and a Cinderella chariot. Mom says she wants her daughter to feel like she's in a fairy-tale, but that's not exactly the outcome. Her daughter throws a tantrum when her cake is not decorated in her favorite color. Who can blame the littler girl? She was being followed by a camera crew for weeks, no doubt prodded by questions about her happiness quotient. The idea of it all being for mom was probably not lost on her.

    This isn't the first lavish toddler party we've seen on TV. "The

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  • Radio station offers mail-order bride as prize

    (Photo by ThinkStock)(Photo by ThinkStock)We've come a long way since the days of old-timey radio. For example, nobody uses the term 'walking sticks' anymore. Sound effects are electronic. And instead of not giving away humans as prizes, now we do that...

    A New Zealand radio station giving away a mail-order bride. The Frisky tipped us off about Auckland's The Rock FM contest, where one lonely winner will pick from a roster of Ukrainian women (including teenagers) to have and to hold. He also gets an all-expense paid trip to her native land to collect her.

    How can they do this? Legal loopholes, for starters. The station makes it clear that they're not paying for the bride's travel expenses back to New Zealand, even though they do give $2000 NZD to the winner to blow during the trip. They also changed their contest name from "Win A Wife" to the less litigious, but equally spam-y, "Win a trip to beautiful Ukraine for 12 Nights and Meet Easter European Hot Lady Who Maybe One Day You Marry."

    The radio station program director has

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  • Scientific proof that monogamy is natural!

    (ThinkStock Photos)(ThinkStock Photos)Despite ever-increasing divorce rates and celebrity sex scandals, men don't want to cheat. Findings from a study conducted at Florida State University found guys naturally have less interest in an attractive woman if they're in a relationship.

    How do they figure? Two groups of guys, single and in a relationship, rated the attractiveness of a woman in "peak fertility" (okay, she was ovulating and men, scientifically, love that). The group of guys in a relationship found her significantly less attractive than the single men.

    "It seems the men were truly trying to ward off any temptation they felt toward the ovulating woman," study co-author Dr. Jon Maner told the New York Times. "They were trying to convince themselves that she was undesirable. I suspect some men really came to believe what they said. Others might still have felt the undercurrent of their forbidden desire, but I bet just voicing their lack of attraction helped them suppress it."

    It's heartening news in the field of

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  • Royal Wedding: who made the list and who didn't...

    Did you get one of these? Me neither. (Photo by John Stillwell/AFP)Did you get one of these? Me neither. (Photo by John Stillwell/AFP)Invitations for the Wedding of the Century went out last week, and now Kate and Wills' guest list is shaping up. It's actually more than a mix than just knights and ambassadors-though they're coming too. With 1,900 invitees, those who didn't make the cut are likely to be pretty offended. It's not exactly an intimate wedding. Awkward.

    The guest list:

    • Kate and Wills' exes: Jessica Craig, Olivia Hunt, and Rupert Finch
    • The Beckhams (David and Wills worked together on a World Cup bid, and Kate likes Victoria's dresses)
    • Sir Paul McCartney (he's performing at the wedding)
    • Kanye West
    • Elton John
    • Landlord of Kate's local pub, the Old Boot Inn
    • Ben Fogle, a TV presenter and the British version of the "Survivorman" guy
    • Kate's black sheep uncle Gary: lap-dance loving, tattooed uncle was reportedly shut out of two pre-wedding events after rumors of drug past, but he's welcome to the big sha-bang.
    • British actress Joanna Lumley
    • The Kings of Saudi
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  • 47 reasons to stop encouraging Lady Gaga...

    Lady Gaga: M.A. in song-iography Phd in fame-iology, licensed neuro-fashion-scientist. (Via NBC/Today Show)Lady Gaga: M.A. in song-iography Phd in fame-iology, licensed neuro-fashion-scientist. (Via NBC/Today Show)

    1. The egg.
    2. The fact that she said she was in it for 72 hours.
    3. The fact she wouldn't explain how she peed in it.
    4. She does't laugh...
    5. ...not even at herself...
    6. ...even though she just dressed as a human condom today on live TV, which is funny.
    7. But to her, it's "representative of what we women and people all over the world need to be concerned about."
    8. She's referring to the AIDS epidemic which is a very grave issue, but it's hard to take anyone seriously when they're dressed like a human condom.
    9. She's famous now, does she still need to wear the crazy shoes? They look really uncomfortable.
    10. After she wins the Nobel Peace Prize, she'd like to nominate her favorite makeup brand for it: "MAC doesn't just represent one kind of a woman or one kind of man. They represent all of us and they herald identity in such a powerful way," she told the Today Show.
    11. She just said "herald identity."
    12. She uses that kind of
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