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  • My Son Has a Penguin Obsession!

    My son has a penguin obsession. A full-fledged, fully-indulged, mother-endorsed penguin obsession, mind you. I love this age and realize that it won't be long until penguins aren't "cool" anymore and he'll fully transition to the not-so-sweet land of Decepticons, Jedis and Spidermen. So, for now, it is all-penguin-all-the-time at my house and we love every minute of it.

    It began on a family trip to Hawaii, where we stayed at a resort with an African penguin habitat. Each day we'd stop and check the penguins, catch their feedings, and just observe. K was enthralled and the love of penguins stuck with us long after our vacation.

    Emperors. Fairy Blue. Magellanic. Macaroni. Chinstrap. Yup, we know our penguins around here. Walking into school that Halloween, where many of his classmates were dressed as robots, superheroes, and princesses, there was little K, beaming as the other preschoolers raced over to him, shrieking, "…a penguin! a penguin!" That's right, my son: the most

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  • Kids Are Genius!

    THIS WEEK IN M.O.M…is your child smarter than you are? Some say kids are like sponges absorbing information much faster than adults. Well, we've found some impressive home videos of genius kids to share with you. Watch and be amazed at these geography, math, history, spelling, and musical whizzes!

    Does your child have a special talent? Share it with us below…

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  • Dance Mom!

    My love of dance began at age 12. I saw my sister doing a dance combination from her high school P.E. class to Herbie Hancock's "Rockit" and I begged her to teach me. 5,6,7,8- I was hooked! I grabbed a boom box, and locked myself in my parents' garage for hours, creating new combinations, dancing my little heart out, falling repeatedly on the grease-stained concrete floor, only to get right back up for more.


    That seed, that passion, grew into a bona fide career. I danced professionally for over 10 years, and it has been the basis for an unconventional, yet very satisfying 20-year career. My dance training has been invaluable in shaping who I am, professionally and personally, teaching me patience, perseverance, passion and discipline. I still dance, not professionally anymore, or in my parents' garage, but just because it truly is the love of my life.

    As a mom, I wish nothing more than for my son to feel that way about something. To have a passion so undeniable and so deep

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  • Belly Casting…a New Trend?

    THIS WEEK IN M.O.M…Have you heard of Belly Casting? It's a new way of preserving a mom-to-be's pregnant belly bump in a special casting that she'll get to keep! Gloria Newman of invited our host Diane Mizota to watch as she casted the belly of one expectant mom. Watch!

    Would you get a belly cast as a keepsake of your pregnancy? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think…

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  • Kindergarten Stress!

    Kindergarten Classroom

    I was not one of those parents who got on preschool waitlists while pregnant, touring every school in my neighborhood and enrolling my son at the most academically rigorous one we could find. Nope, not by a long shot. I'm a single, freelance working mother, and I needed a preschool that fit three specific criteria: affordable, flexible hours, close to home. It was preschool, for goodness sake, not SAT prep, so a safe place where he could play and learn how to take turns would do just fine. We found it and our preschool experience has been fantastic, but now kindergarten looming on the horizon this fall is freaking me out!

    I had moved to this school district for my son to attend the public language immersion school and after their information night, I was sold. Let's do this! Where do I sign? Unfortunately, hundreds of other equally stressed-looking parents felt exactly the same way, resulting in a school lottery for very limited space. Looking at the numbers, hundreds of

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  • Kids Play Dress Up!

    THIS WEEK IN M.O.M…Do your kids love to play dress up? It seems like every child at one time or another becomes obsessed with the popular play time activity of dress up! It must be the magic of make believe that intrigues them because when they put on that pink tutu they become a ballerina. Or when they don that hat and tie, they become daddy. No matter who your child pretends to be when they dress up, it's wonderful to watch as parents. We've gathered some home videos of kids being kids and dressing up as anyone else!

    Do your kids love to play dress up? What do they dress up as? Leave us a comment below and share your stories with us!

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  • I Am a Culinary Goddess!

    Every once in a while, your child says something that makes you feel like a total mommy rock star.

    Last night, tired and wondering what I could possibly make for dinner, I improvised this pasta dish with what I had on hand in the fridge. Much to my surprise dinner was received with, "Mommy, this is the best dinner you've ever made!" Wow. It felt like winning the Academy Award of home cooking. High marks, to be sure. Either that, or my regular culinary output leaves much to be desired by my 4 year old's "advanced" palate…hmm. Anyway, I pride myself on serving as much real, non-processed food as my schedule and budget allows, and this dinner was simple, quick and apparently, the best thing I've ever made!

    Best Dinner Mommy Ever Made

    In case you are experiencing that oh-so-familiar loss of what to make for dinner, here's a simple one pot dish you can try:

    The "Best Dinner Mommy Ever Made" Pasta

    5 pieces of bacon, cut into small strips

    ½ an onion, chopped

    3 cloves of garlic, minced


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  • Grocery Shopping Made Easy!

    THIS WEEK IN M.O.M… we're giving you tips on how to make your next grocery shopping trip a little easier! Those grocery aisles can seem never ending when you're toting around hungry kids, so watch as our host Diane Mizota takes her son to the store to share tips on how to get in and out quickly with everything on your list!

    What are your savvy shopping tips? Share them with us by leaving a comment below…

  • What’s Your Mom Uniform?

    Some may call it a signature look, some may call it a fashion rut, but having a uniform takes all the "what am I going to wear?" stress out of getting dressed in the morning. Marc Jacobs has a uniform. So does Vera Wang. Even Karl Lagerfeld has one. If fashion icons have uniforms, then moms can too!

    Looking around at my most stylish friends, I've noticed some mom uniforms that inspire me. My friend Lela Lee, a cartoonist and mom of 2, always looks cute and casually hip in a black shirt, cargo pants (bought from the men's section!) and flats or flip flops.

    Mom Uniform- black shirt and cargo pants.

    Joie, mom of 2 and Pilates instructor, consistently rocks Lululemon pants and blousy, slightly hippie-ish tees over tanks.

    Mom Uniform- comfy pants and loose top over a tank.

    When not working, my mom uniform consists of a grey or blue t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. Hardly sends the pulse racing, but I am clothed and everything can be put in the washing machine. Mission accomplished. Any way you style it, I don't veer far from this formula because I know I can change it

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  • Messy Twins Eating Lunch!

    Watch as one Dad captures video of his two messy sons at lunchtime. This funny parenting moment begs us to ask the question…are two babies messier than one? It's only been a few days since the twins' parents posted Oren and Oscar's lunch online, and already this home video has been seen by over 75,000 of you. Guess moms and dads everywhere can relate to what feeding time fiascos like this one can bring to the table!

    What is the messiest food your children eat? Share your story with us below…

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