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  • One Mom’s Wish List at CES 2012

    This Week in M.O.M, I got to check out the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where companies converge to show off the latest and greatest in technology. But instead of the rundown of the best-newest-fastest gadgets you are probably seeing everywhere, I thought I'd pick a few other things of special interest to parents. Here are my "Picks for Parents" from CES 2012…

    1. Stylish humidifiers! In these winter months little noses often need a humidifier, and although there are some shaped like frogs and ducks on the market, these Mood humidifiers would fit into any décor with style and function. You can even add aromatherapy, and they retail around $100.

    Mood Humidifiers

    1. LG Styler Concept Clothes Manager- What looks like a narrow refrigerator for your clothes actually sterilizes, removes odor, steams, dries, and removes wrinkles from clothes and household linens. How cool to have piece of mind that your bedding, baby clothes, towels and stuffed animals are germ free and sterilized with steam,
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  • Kid Firsts!

    THIS WEEK IN M.O.M…We are celebrating with videos of kid firsts! From a baby's first step, to a toddler's first haircut, or a child's first lost tooth…these are the moments we will never forget. Some parents are lucky enough to capture these memories on tape, and we are sharing these home videos with you today.

    Do you remember your child's first step? Leave us a comment below and share your story with us!

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  • New Year’s Resolutions…love ‘em or Hate ‘em?

    Resolutions, are they worth it?

    New Year's Resolutions…love 'em or hate 'em? I hate them. Not only do I have enough pressure in my life (admittedly, much of it self-inflicted) but new year's resolutions feel like a setup for failure. As moms, we always feel that we should be doing more: more cooking, working, family outings, homework sessions, volunteering, cleaning, exercising…the list goes on. So why would I want to add one more thing that I "should" be doing? No thank you.

    This was a particularly stressful holiday season for me. In trying to buy a short sale house, I got sucked into a vortex of shady realtors, a seller trying to extort money from me, and dreary uncertainty as to where I would live come January 1 st . This stress cocktail of non-home buying resulted in me packing up our entire house on new year's eve and moving down the block in order to stay in our school district. (not to mention about 43 new grey hairs!) I'm shocked I have enough energy to write this post.

    So as I unpack a mountain of

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  • Viral Video- Baby Jackson is Scared by Daddy's Snoring

    Baby Jackson is 2 months old and his parents have just discovered that he gets startled by the sound of his dad's snoring. Jackson is all smiles until he hears a snore, and then his eyes go wide in shock at that funny sound. It's caught on tape and is enough to make anyone smile! This video has gone viral with over 130,000 views on Baby Jackson's youtube page!

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  • Best Kid Viral Videos of 2011!

    THIS WEEK IN M.O.M…We are recapping the Best Kid Videos of 2011! Viral videos were huge this year and it seemed like some of the biggest home videos were of the littlest stars. From talking twins to laughing babies and singing sensations, it's amazing what we can catch our children doing on camera. Happy New Year Moms, and we can't wait to see what you capture on camera in 2012!

    What was your favorite Viral Video this year? Leave us a comment below…

    For more of 2011's biggest Kid Viral Videos, check out these:

    2-year-old recites nursery rhyme Elliott wants to get married!

    Baby Laughs at Books Dropping! Boy tries to rescue a fly!
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  • Santa Visits Caught on Tape!

    THIS WEEK IN M.O.M…Santa Claus is coming to town! Are your kids ready for the man with the big white beard? It's funny how some little ones can't wait for the jolly guy's arrival, while others are scared of Saint Nick. Watch these holiday home videos of children meeting Santa, and you're sure to relate to the reactions in one way or another. Merry Christmas!

    Do you remember your child's first reaction to meeting Santa Claus? Leave us a comment below and share your story with us.

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  • Holiday Treats to Make with Kids!

    THIS WEEK IN M.O.M…Baking and the Holidays go hand in hand, but how often do your children help you in the kitchen? Our host Diane Mizota went on a search for some kid-friendly Holiday recipes guaranteed to make your little ones want to bake with you. Erica Tucker, founder of Sweet E's Bake Shop in Beverly Hills, shares her secret to three delicious treats your whole family will devour this Christmas.

    Do you bake with your kids? Leave us a comment below.

    For more information on these Holiday Treats, see below:

    Christmas Cake Pops - First, bake one box of cake mix and let it cool. Next, combine cooled cake with one tub of frosting in a bowl. Mix the cake and frosting together, and roll into golf ball sized balls. Place cake balls on wax paper and put them in the freezer to harden. Once slightly hardened, insert a wooden or plastic craft stick into each ball. Next, dip each cake pop into melted chocolate & decorate with sprinkles, edible glitter, or even crushed candy

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  • Holiday Home Videos!

    THIS WEEK IN M.O.M…the Holidays are here, so we gathered some hilarious home videos of children celebrating. From Christmas trees and ornaments to festive school pageants, watch as these kids get swept up in the spirit of the season!

    What is your child's favorite thing about the Holidays? Leave us a comment below…

    And for more adorable kid videos, check out these:

    Multiples! Laughing Babies!

    Dancing Kids! Tempers and Tantrums!
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  • Tips on Traveling with Your Kids!

    THIS WEEK IN M.O.M…If the idea of traveling for the Holidays has you terrified, then watch as Mom Blogger April Peveteaux gives our host Diane Mizota tips on how to make any trip with the kids a bit more bearable. From when to fly, to what to pack, and how to pack it, we're arming you with exactly what you'll need to survive that long flight or car ride to visit the family this Holiday season. Watch!

    For more on April's helpful Travel Tips you can follow her on twitter and read below…

    1. Pack one bag for each child. - Check out the Trunki

    2. Bring plenty of snacks to keep your kids fed and pack them in durable snack traps.

    3. Always have a wet bag on hand to hold damp dirty clothes or diapers.

    4. Bring your child's favorite stuffed animal or blanket to keep them cozy. - Check out the Zoobie

    5. Invest in kid-friendly headphones that won't hurt their ears while they watch movies or play games.

    6. Download fun apps to your iPad or iPhone that will help keep

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