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  • 5 Tailgating Foods (that won't make you as big as a football player)

    By Laurel House

    Tailgating can be torture for any healthy diet-dedicated fan. From brats to wings, full-bodied beer to cheese-slathered chili, football season can result in a 10 pound weight gain. True. One thing you need to remember: you're not playing football and therefore burning off all of those calories. You're simply watching as all of those calories stick to your thighs, ass and abs (well, what once were abs). I'm not here to ruin your tailgating fun. You can still feel like you're indulging without packing on the pounds by swapping out a few of your fatty favorites with less fatty (but full flavored) alternatives.

    1. THIS: Animal Style, Protein Burger (ala "In n' Out") no cheese
    Lean beef, grilled onions, ketchup, wrapped in lettuce (not bun). Be aware though that many brands of Turkey burgers are LOADED with as much fat as burgers. Try Jennie-O 95/5 quarter pounder turkey burgers.
    Bite with Benefits: Onions are detoxifiers and boosted with the flavonoid quercetin- an

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  • Lose Weight to Protect your Pair

    By Laurel House

    Overweight? More than for the sake of finally getting your butt into your skinny jeans, dropping excess pounds may benefit your breasts too.

    You see, that extra fat pumps up your production of estrogen, which can stimulate the growth of breast cells- both normal and abnormal. If the abnormal cells proliferate, they can become a tumor: a breast cancer tumor. How do you reduce your risk? Lose weight. Here's how:

    Take a brisk walk and use this Power Intervals walking technique with Leslie Sansone on ExerciseTV.

    By eating an antioxidant-rich, low-fat diet, and minimizing alcohol consumption, you can reduce your risk of getting the disease. Still, there are some foods that stand out from the rest as best bets to keep your breasts, including:

    -Fish- Fish that are high in omega-3 fatty acids, like salmon, sardines and herring, are said to have cancer fighting properties.

    -Red Grapes- Filled with:
    Bioflavonoids- powerful cancer-fighting

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  • Try These 4 Simple Yogic Meds Before You Pop Those Pills

    By Laurel House

    I know... life's tough. So much so that too many of us find it too easy to take a little white pill and wash our woes away. Ease off on the unnecessary mind-numbing meds and instead pop a dose of yoga. Caffeine, Valium, Aspirin, even Viagra now comes in the form of a breath. Follow the lead of yoga-mat toting celebrities who practice mind-easing yogic meds.

    Yogic Caffeine

    You woke up with a head full of fuzz (no thanks to a late night of mischief), swollen eyes, and the sudden realization that you have a very important meeting… You could down a cup of coffee or a pill called "pep" to jolt your senses awake, or decide to survive without the supplementary stimulants and instead take a dose of mind-awakening yogic caffeine.

    -Get an immediate and lasting burst of energy

    -Sit with the spine straight in a comfortable cross-legged position

    -Roll your tongue into a V with the tip just outside the lips.

    -Inhale deeply through the rolled

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  • Exercise Your “Blahs” Away With These Vitality-Boosting Moves

    By Laurel House

    Working out today? What's the point? I'm not trying to be a b---- , I mean really- what's the point, the purpose, the motivation for moving your body today. You see, if each workout is purpose-driven or goal-oriented, instead of being just "blah," you are bound to get in an even better sweat session because each time you think, "I'm over it, I'm giving up now," you will realize that you haven't yet fulfilled your goal- the intention that you created for that particular workout. And then really, what's the point of that (yes, that was a bitchy tone), you're just letting yourself down.

    Goal: Vitality, Energy, Life Force.

    Different from intense, quick burst exercises intended to soup up your metabolism, if your goal is to be more energized the best workouts are low intensity, long duration exercises. So what can you do?

    Do It Outside

    Walk at a quick clip for an hour outside.

    Do It at A Gym

    Take an upbeat cardio or spinning class.

    Do It

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  • by Laurel House
    Help you children's health by packing nutritious lunches.Help you children's health by packing nutritious lunches.
    No one wants their child to be "the fat kid" at school. But what if you're unknowingly setting your son or daughter up to be just that? When it comes to weight loss, gain, and maintenance, exercise is undoubtedly important. But so is diet- the food you choose to fill your child's lunch box with, send them off to school, and hope it's what they need to fuel their day. Problem is: many of the "nutritious" choices that you're patting yourself on the back for filling those lunchboxes with, actually aren't. If you want your child to truly eat healthy, and like it, at school. Substitute this deceiving food/drink with that... (this list might surprise you):

    Learn more about Taking Responsibility with Jillian Michaels on ExerciseTV:

    Pack their lunches with beverages that are low in sugar.Pack their lunches with beverages that are low in sugar.
    Seemingly Good, but REALLY Bad: Fruit Drinks
    Better: Juicy Juice Sparkling Fruit Juices
    Why: Fruit "drinks" and even many "juices" are actually sugar water flavored with a small percentage of fruit juice (some as low as 3%). Juicy Juice is juice

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  • By Laurel House

    "I used to walk 5 miles to the bus stop… in the snow… up hill!"

    There's so much talk about obesity in kids, but what we often forget is that hard knock life of yesteryear was also a naturally active lifestyle, one that included, yes, walking to school, playing dodge ball during recess, and sports after school, instead of being driven to and from school then playing video games until parents come home, at which point the entire family plops in front of the TV for some high quality brain numbing. Problem with this mass transportation and techo-driven world is that it often results in a sedentary lifestyle which- shocker, makes us fat. Yes, our dependence on polluting transportation is putting both the planet and our health at risk- expanding both our waste (environmental footprint) and waist (pant size).

    The battle of the bulge is no longer just an issue for adults. Studies show that children are less active in general with far fewer walking and biking to school-

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  • By Laurel House

    Before "Jersey Shore," shocked our airwaves with Snooki's antics, The Situation's tongue-wagging abs (and inflated ego to boot), and the overall self-proclaimed "guido" and "guidette" attitude, Jersey was known more as the, well exactly what the "Shore's" cast of characters are promoting. Still the step-child coast line is simultaneously becoming known for its skin-barring style, sexually appealing assets (T & A- "T" for the guidettes and "A"- being Abs for the guidos). And while Jersey might not yet be ready for its own "South Beach Diet" style weight loss book, it's at least noteworthy enough for this article, plus a few crying-funny, yet somehow seriously effective downloadable workouts staring Donny D-Fine on ExerciseTV.

    Check out his Jersey Shore workout videos here plus find out which body part he loves to work out:

    But don't dismiss these moves on name alone. Donny D's guido twist on typical ho hum exercises actually infuse new life

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  • The Ultimate “Feel Gorgeous” Confidence-Boosting Workout

    By Laurel House

    Pressure to be "perfect" and images of hyper-skinny chicks swathing the covers of magazines can be instant self-esteem depleters.

    But, Reality Check please, what's the point of "perfect" if you're hating every second of the process as you punish your body during uber-intense daily workouts then order the salad at dinner as you drool over the steak, fries, and a chocolate chip cookie the next table over?

    The good news is: you can make your workouts do double-duty, serving as modes to achieve above said "perfect" while simultaneously naturally boosting your confidence and making you feel gorgeous and strong- "flaws" and all! Yes, studies have shown that regardless of size or shape, people who workout feel better about their bodies than those who don't. But it's not just any old exercise that has the ego-boosting impact. Low to medium intensity cardio exercise, extended durations of high intensity exercise, and low intensity yoga have been proven to be the most

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  • How To Avoid the 5 Pound Vacationers Weight Gain

    by Laurel House

    Unless your vacation destination is one that requires lots of walking and is filled with heart-racing activity (be it water sports, mountain adventuring, or even intensive sightseeing), it's way too easy to come home with a few bought trinkets, plus 5 pounds of weight around your once whittled middle.

    Thankfully, many city hotels across the country are helping their guests get fit. Here are a few of the best of the bunch and what you can learn from them to help stay fit on the go (and even at home).

    Or try this easy on-the-go workout from ExerciseTV trainer Jeanette Jenkins' Lose the Last 10 pounds:

    AKA Hotel Central Park- Manhattan, NY
    Known for its "home away from home" feel and "Don't just visit, Live It" attitude the AKA hotels attracts many Hollywood elite who travel to the city for extended stays to shoot movies, appear in Broadway plays, or to just get away.

    Healthy Perks:
    -In-suite full kitchen. Stick to your diet by stocking your fridge with fit foods or

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  • 3 Ways for Perfect A’s (Ass, Abs, Arms)

    By Laurel House

    For many of you, patience is not your best virtue. While going to the gym and dedicating an entire hour to your dailyworkout is great, we don't always have time (or patience) to allow for it. Sometimes we want to know the absolute best, most efficient, effective, no-equipment necessary ways to get maximum results- stat! Um, like RIGHT NOW. Which is why I talked with ExerciseTV trainer Jillian Michaels to find out the best way to get perfect A's (that would be Ass, Abs, and Arms… this isn't a test in school, nor is it Perfect 10 Magazine…). Here's her to the point advice:

    *Favorite No-Equipment Necessary AAA Exercises:

    "All variations of Plank Pose (Plank, Extended Plank, Side Plank) plus Hollow Man hold."


    Plank is a total-body-toner. It may be a no-move exercise, but it forces the muscles in your abs, arms, ass, chest, back, and legs to fire. Hold it for as long as you can and you will start to shake… which is how you know your muscles are

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