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  • By Laurel House

    Michelle Obama is more than our First Lady; she is also actively making a statement of the importance of family and health- combined in fitness. In fact, on October 21 st at the Healthy Kids Fair on the White House lawn, she spoke to an audience of school children (plus a few adults) about the importance of exercise and how it contributes to the overall health of the family as a whole.

    Sally Dinius, a mom, fitness expert and ExerciseTV blogger of CrazyBusy Mama's Get Fit Blog said "what really hit home with me was '…we want (our kids) to learn now how to lead good, healthy lifestyles so that they're not struggling to figure out how to do that when they're older.'" When this generation of parents were kids, living an active lifestyle was more natural and part of daily life, so there was less of an emphasis on healthy eating and exercise. Not so today.

    This is why lots of moms, like Sally, say that "that is why I'm striving to instill in my

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  • 6 Weeks to Sexy Abs

    By Laurel House

    Sick of mindless sit-ups that, no matter how many you do, still don't seem to singe of that stubborn stomach flab? We've got the plan that will cut the fat and unveil those sought after abs that you've been hiding for all of these years (yes, some great abs have been hiding beneath all that flab). How?

    -Resistance Training


    -Proper Diet

    -Stress Relief

    Keep at it for 6 weeks and you can transform your abs and maybe even finally unveil that 6-pack!

    We talked to Cindy Whitmarsh, a NASN Licensed Sports Nutritionist, published fitness author, and ExerciseTV Top Trainer on how she helps her clients achieve such guttural greatness! For an immediate quickie, try Cindy's Ab Trimmer mini-workout from ExerciseTV below:


    To see maximum results in your abs you must do a variety of ab exercises and workouts. I change my ab

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  • Your Best Day to Lose Weight

    By Laurel House

    Is there a "best" day to lose weight? Absolutely! But that particular day actually depends on you. If you want to figure out your best day to whittle your waist and trim your tush, you've got to take a look at your lifestyle, your work week, your daily routine.

    In order to make the most out of your valuable time, Stephanie Vitorino, an ExerciseTV trainer and Group Fitness Manager for Equinox Woodland Hills, suggests that your best workout day- the one that is most suited for a major calorie burn, is the day after your most restful night… like Monday. But even if you don't have time for a full on workout, you can still slip in a mini burner like Stephanie's 2 Minute Bun Blaster below:

    Why Monday May Be Your "Best" Workout Day

    "Mondays, for the most part, signify the start to your week," says Stephanie. "Hopefully you have enjoyed a restful and rejuvenating Sunday. You feel pumped up for a great workout and you have all the energy, focus and

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  • Fight Fitness Plateau and Increase Fat Burn by Tweaking your Exercise Routine

    By Laurel House

    Every time a new piece of at-home exercise equipment comes out, throngs of fitness fanatics (as well as those of us who just like to have the latest, greatest) hurry out and swoop them up. Then, after a few months (at most) we tire of our once shiny new toy and toss it off to the side to become yet another dust collector, toe stubber, or uncomfortable chair…ish thing. The reason for our once obsessed enthusiasm turned stale? Two things: Boredom and Plateau.

    Boredom- Fact is, the repeat repeat repeat of a fitness routine gets, well, redundant and therefore boring. Once your mind is out of the game, your body tends to follow.

    Plateau- Your new piece of equipment may, for a time, yield unbelievable body changes- slimming your thighs and toning your abs like nothing you've ever tried. Why? Your muscles are moving in new ways and your cells have yet to memorize the movements. But soon those same muscles no longer feel sore the next am, even after an

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  • Famous faces could be spotted at every turn - from Mario Lopez and Teri Hatcher to Jeremy Piven and Felicty Huffman. The stars came out in full force to put their fitness to the test at this year's Malibu Triathlon which consisted of a 1/2 mile swim, 18 mile bike and 4 mile run.

    ExerciseTV was there to interview the celebs as they crossed the finish line. Find out what they did to train for the race and how they stay in shape all year long - you might even get inspired to do a triathlon yourself.

    See more interviews from the 2009 Malibu Triathlon on ExerciseTV's Celebrity Fit Cam page.

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  • Spice Up Your Walk With These Muscle Toning, Body Trimming Tricks

    By Laurel House

    I get it; you slip on a fierce pair of "Sex and the City"-esque Choos or Manolos and you strut your saucy stuff like nobody's business. But there's another form of walking that can actually get you in the type of shape that can warrant such attention-demanding sauntering.

    Sure, you could power walk- moving through the streets with arms swinging and an air of intensity that triggers leisure amblers to step aside as if you were paving your own sidewalk fastlane. But more than motoring on foot, a one-foot-in-front-of-the-other cardio routine can be instantly transformed into a total-body toning, calorie-burning, fat-obliterating workout if you just tweak your exercise mentality and view your environment as your gym.

    Cindy Whitmarsh, an NASN Licensed Sports Nutritionist, published fitness author, and an ExerciseTV Top Trainer chimes in with an enthusiastic "Yes! You can absolutely get a total body cardio/toning workout from just a walk! What's great is that

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  • 7 Top Fall Fitness, Food and Sanity-Saving Trends

    Get Into Gear Fall Gear!

    By Laurel House

    The kids are off to school (which, if you don't have kids you are well aware of anyway thanks to the extra traffic crowding school-surrounding streets at around 8am and again at around 3pm), and your summer vacation (at least a summer vacation state of mind if you didn't vacay this season) is over. But don't be so down in the dumps. Here's the great news: Fall is the ideal season to work out! Sure, summer is a good time to move your butt too, but let's be realistic here: if you live in any humid or hot climate it's hard to commit to a hardcore sweat session. And besides, you've got to admit that you weren't really in the mood to exercise anyway with beaches to frolic on and fruity drinks to sip poolside. Well now it's time to refocus and return to your fitness routine (particularly since the holiday season is just around the corner…).

    So what's on the agenda for Fall and what can you depend on to keep your svelte and sexy

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  • Exercise and Diet Awareness WILL Make You Thinner

    By Laurel House

    Does your weight stay the same despite your daily workout? THEN YOU'RE LUCKY! At least that's according to a recent (and extremely controversial) article that appeared in Time Magazine making it seem as if exercisers not only are not losing weight, but that exercise itself may actually be making it harder to shed that sticky fat!

    Sure, when you exercise you strengthen your muscles. Muscles weigh more than fat. So in that sense, yes, you could in fact gain a few pounds from working out. Here's the problem that the article points out, exercisers feel compelled to "treat" themselves post sweat sessions. And while some sort of snack might be necessary to get the blood sugar levels back on track, a donut is not.

    Look, you can't hop on the treadmill for 30 minutes and think you deserve a pizza- the calories burned/ calories consumed ratio is off. Translation: you will gain weight. It's not exercise that's making you fat. It's your food mentality. That feeling of

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  • Labor Less, Burn More This Holiday Weekend

    By Laurel House

    Does it sometimes seem like no matter how hard you work out, you just can't work off the weight? And worse than that- you have to work even harder just to maintain your same 5lbs too heavy state? As you age, your metabolism slows down, forcing you to labor more while you get less out of your workouts. But don't let that annoying reality get you down because we've found a few ways to labor less and get more. That's right, this Labor Day, lay off a little and still lose weight (at least burn off the extra BBQ and booze).

    Cindy Whitmarsh, an ExerciseTV trainer, has a few calorie singeing secrets that will up your exercise intensity without adding any extra time to your workout.

    Try Cindy's Less Is More Cardio Workout with a calorie monitoring pedometer to see just how many calories you can burn in the least amount of time.

    Cindy's Top 3 Tips for Increased Burn

    1. Multitasking Movements: Every step you take you are engaging more than

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  • Red Carpet Secrets Everyone Can Use

    By Laurel House

    Award show season is three weeks away and that means it's time for your favorite celebs to ramp up their workouts.

    With strength training all the rage these days, you're sure to see more than just Jessica Biel, Megan Fox and Britney Spears pumping it out in front of the mirror. Even non-red carpet goers like you and I (who have dinner parties, back to school events and family get-togethers) can benefit from celebrity style strength training.

    Holly Perkins, B.S. an ExerciseTV Trainer and the New Balance Fitness Ambassador, works with clients in New York and Los Angeles (many of them famous) on a regular basis. When it comes to getting her celebrity bodies' camera ready in a pinch, Holly hones in on mirror muscles.

    What are Mirror Muscles?

    Vanity, or mirror muscles are the muscles that you, and everyone else walking toward you, can see:


    Front of the shoulders




    Why mirror muscles? "Certain body parts can create

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