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  • Pair These Power Foods for Incredible Health

    Apples and raspberries.Apples and raspberries.New research shows that by combining these nutritional superheroes together, you'll pack an even bigger nutritional punch.

    To lower your cancer risk, pair up: Apples & raspberries

    If apples could speak, they would tell raspberries, "You complete me." A study in the Journal of Nutrition determined that the anti­oxidant ellagic acid (found in raspberries, pomegranates, walnuts, and cranberries) enhanced the ability of quercetin (an antioxidant found in apples, grapes, onions, and buckwheat) to kill off cancerous cells. Food scientists have discovered thousands of such bioactive phytochemicals in fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, and whole grains. "Researchers are now discovering that these chemicals often work better in pairs or groups, proving that supplements with single nutrients just can't match the healing power of whole foods," says Elaine Magee, a registered dietitian and the author of Food Synergy. Ready in 5: To make an antioxidant-rich dessert, combine diced apples, grapes,

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  • Avoid Sneaky Sugar Traps!

    Eat your way thin.Even if an ingredient label doesn't list sugar, that doesn't mean there isn't any. It's worth familiarizing yourself with some of the kinds of sugar manufacturers use so you're not fooled into thinking an item is better for you than it is.

    Here are words to watch out for on ingredient labels, which are just other ways of saying "sugar":

    • Amazake
    • Carob Powder
    • Corn Syrup
    • Dextrose
    • Evaporated Cane Juice
    • Fructose
    • Fruit Juice Concentrate
    • High-Fructose Corn Syrup
    • Honey
    • Maltose

    How to avoid them? Try these tips.

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    Buy tea bags or unsweetened tea instead of soda. It's rich in antioxidants that help protect your arteries and stave off complications of diabetes. For extra convenience, try cold-brew tea bags.

    Load up on nonfat, unsweetened, plain yogurt and add your own mix-ins. You'll avoid both the saturated fat in whole-milk yogurt and the extra sugar in sweetened yogurt. Add berries for

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  • 10 Foodie Things to Do Before Summer Ends

    Before summer ends1. Upgrade your water. Place fruit in a pitcher with coconut water instead of tap water-try combos like orange and blueberry or raspberries and lemon, or just lime or strawberries. Chill and serve with ice.

    2. Make one-ingredient ice cream. Banana soft serve, you had us at hello. If you haven't tried this great idea yet, well, all you need are a few frozen bananas, a food processor, and you'll have ice cream! Get the recipe »

    3. Serve magical layered drinks. Fun with science: Beverages with more sugar have a higher density, so they'll sink to the bottom of the glass; beverages with less sugar will float on top. By layering different densities , you can create art in your glass. Sweet drinks like Hawaiian Punch or Gatorade go on bottom. Then layer on fruit juice, sparkling water, soda, and alcohol as desired. 4. Have a breakfast pop. Skip the smoothie and cool down with these, especially when it's 90 degrees by 9am. Spread a little honey on top of frozen pops, then dip in granola forRead More »from 10 Foodie Things to Do Before Summer Ends
  • How to Pick the Perfect Dog

    DogDogYou'd never buy a car based on appearance alone, so why adopt a dog that way? Cesar Millan, star of the TV show Dog Whisperer, recommends taking potential pets for a test-drive. Here's how:

    1. Decide on horsepower. The biggest mistake people make is selecting a dog without considering its energy level. There are four basic engines: low, medium, high, and very high. Match yours to the dog's.

    2. Pick a model. Large or small. Short hair or long. New or pre-owned.
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    3. Bring the right equipment. You'll need a collar and a four- or six-foot lead to match the size of the dog. Also bring a tennis ball, a plush toy, and liver or chicken treats.

    4. Test responsiveness. In an open area away from the house or kennel, introduce the scent of the treats. Then introduce the toys. Determine what interests the dog more. This is important because knowing whether he's toy-driven or treat-driven (or neither) will make it easier to train him.

    PLUS: Take the Dog

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  • 13 Things Your Mother-in-Law Won't Tell You

    Mother-in-law insider info.Mother-in-law insider info.Build a better relationship with his mother by remembering these things she'd like to say but won't (you hope!)

    1. I spent a couple of decades being the leading lady; now I have a character role. It hurts to be downsized.

    2. I know he's your husband now, but he's still my son.
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    3. You don't seem very confident about yourself. The littlest comment from me is taken as a criticism, so I'm very careful what I say around you.

    4. Every year, I send you a birthday present, but you never even pick up the phone to thank me. This year, I said, "That's it. No more." Yet look at me: I'm about to send another present. I guess that's how I am.

    5. We mothers say to our children, "I want you to be happy." And we mean that. What we don't say is, "But I would like to be happy too."

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    6. I've bought and sold 13 houses in my life. Why won't you ask for my advice?

    7. When I visit you, I'm not coming

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  • 6 Ways Exercise Makes Your Brain Better

    6 ways exercise makes your brain better.6 ways exercise makes your brain better.1. It spurs brain growth

    As we get older, the birth of new brain cells slows, and our brain tissue actually shrinks. Exercise may be able to reverse that trend. One brain-scanning study of healthy but sedentary people aged 60 to 79 showed significant increases in brain volume after six months of aerobic fitness training. No such changes occurred among controls who only did stretching and toning exercises. The researchers concluded that the improved cardiovascular fitness that comes with aerobic exercise is associated with fewer age-related changes in the brains of older people. Cardio boosts blood flow to the brain, which delivers much-needed oxygen (the brain soaks up 20 percent of all the oxygen in your body).

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    2. It boosts brain-building hormones. Much like plant food makes plants grow faster and lusher, the chemical known as brain-derived neurotrophic factor, or BDNF, stimulates the growth and proliferation of brain Read More »from 6 Ways Exercise Makes Your Brain Better
  • How Paula Deen Lost 30 Pounds

    Butter LoveThe Food Network star's controversial type 2 diabetes diagnosis triggered a slew of questions about how to handle the condition and lose the weight: We turned to experts for answers.

    When Deen revealed she had type 2 diabetes earlier this year, some fans rallied behind her, but many demanded an explanation from the queen of comfort cuisine-for waiting three years to share her diagnosis publicly and for promoting an unhealthy cooking style while personally trying to lose weight. Whether you stand in Deen's corner or alongside her critics, her announcement no doubt raised questions about how diabetes develops and how you can prevent it.
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    Q: Paula Deen adds butter by the stick to her meals. Did she get diabetes because of her diet?

    A: Deen's recipes are high in saturated fat, which triggers inflammation and can lead to insulin resistance. But the way she cooks is not the only reason she developed the disease, says dietitian Amy Campbell, RD, a

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  • 10 Sexy Beach Vacations of the Rich and Famous

    World's sexiest beachesPack your bathing suit, your most potent sunscreen, and little else if you're headed to one of these celebrated sexy beach hot spots.

    Palmizana, Hvar, Croatia

    When you're chosen by the readers of Condé Nast Traveler as the 8th best island in Europe, you better unfurl the celebrity welcome mat. Quickly gaining a reputation as the party HQ for the rich and famous-Prince Harry, Giorgio Armani, Beyoncé and Jay-Z whooped it up here-Hvar is ready for its close-up. You'll rub shoulders with incognito celebs, VIPs, and island hoppers and discover why Lonely Planet named Hvar one of its top destinations for 2012. The south side beach of Parmizana in particular boasts non-stop sunshine, enticing sugar-hued sand, and a fashionable, nubile crowd.

    Paradise Beach, Mykonos Island, Greece Meet the beach with a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde complex. Underneath the midday sun, families build sand castles and splash amidst the rolling surf. But don't let this daytime serenity fool you. Come cocktail

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  • Move Over, Acai: The Fat-Fighting Super Food You Haven’t Heard Of

    Salmon for its omega-3s. Avocados for their healthy fats. Nuts for their protein. And the newest superfood? Chia seeds. What you may associate as pet "fur" growing out of an animal-shaped terracotta pot is a veritable health-booster, as more research shows this seed-packed with omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and fiber-can lower blood sugar, cut tummy flab, and more.

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    In one study cited in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, scientists fed lab rats a typical American diet high in sugar and fat. One group also ate chia seeds, and after eight weeks they had 39 percent lower blood sugar, 25 percent less stomach fat, 50 percent less liver fat, and 46 percent less joint inflammation. In an Appalachian State University study, 10 post-menopausal women had 25 grams of chia a day for seven weeks, and at the end of the study they showed significant increases in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Additional research has indicated that

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  • 6 Inexpensive Beauty Tricks Only Stylists Know

    Inexpensive beauty secrets only stylists know.Inexpensive beauty secrets only stylists know.Save a little money on your beauty regimen with these inexpensive secrets from the pros.

    1. Baby your brushes. Good makeup brushes should last a lifetime. If yours look destroyed, here's how to keep your next brush in tip top shape, according to InStyle's experts. First, never let your brushes sit with product on them for too long; it can permanently damage the bristles, according to makeup artist Fiona Stiles. Wash them regularly with shampoo or a mild dish detergent. To dry, lay brushes flat on a paper towel, says makeup artist Jake Bailey: "If you put them upright in a cup, water can seep into the base and rot the brush."

    2. Don't redo makeup-refresh it. There's no need to remove and re-apply makeup after a mid-day meltdown. "To sop up oil and refresh makeup, lightly mist your face with toner, then pat with a tissue," salon owner and makeup artist Eva Scrivo tells Marie Claire. Then dust with loose powder for a smooth, velvety finish.
    Plus: 10 ways hotels use promotion photos to

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