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  • 10 Kitchen Tools that Add Romance to Mealtime

    Valentine's Day doesn't have to mean fancy gifts or expensive dinners out. Simple gestures, like a surprise breakfast in bed or a romantic home-cooked dinner for two can be even more special-especially if you prepare them using any of following 10 kitchen tools.

    Heart-Shaped Bottle Stopper

    Heart Bottle Stopper
    Leave a sweet note atop your V-Day bottle of wine with the dry-erase heart-shaped wine bottle stopper ($5 from

    Red Velvet Cake Pan
    Red Velvet Cake Pan
    Not only will this heart-shaped pan ($17 from Kohl's) produce a supercute cake perfect for Valentine's Day, but also it has a recipe for a delicious red velvet cake printed inside!

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    Egg Molds
    Non-stick Egg Molds
    Nothing says, "I love you," like breakfast in bed. Go the extra step by using these Teflon-coated heart-shaped egg molds ($6 from Cool Stuff Express).

    Romantic Pizza Cutter

    Slice of Love Pizza Cutter
    A great way to bond with your loved one is by cooking together. This year, spend Valentine's Day making a pizza (you can even shape the

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  • 7 Unique Photo Gifts for Valentine’s Day

    The days of framing a 4x6 photo of your sweetie and considering it an awesome gift are over. With all the incredibly cool photo gadgets now available, the bar for photo-related gifts has officially been raised. Luckily, the following seven products leverage your snapshots to create spectacularly sentimental Valentine's Day gifts.

    iPhone Skin

    Photos to go

    If your sweetie is a techie, skip the photo mouse pad and upgrade to a phone or e-reader skin. These fun and functional skins are very durable and scratch resistant-and lets them carry around a favorite memory anywhere. Available for iPhones, iPads, Blackberrys, and most laptops and cameras. From $19.99 from Snapfish

    Playing Cards

    Stack the deck in your favor

    Do you two play a lot of gin? Do you guys love Texas Hold 'Em? Then liven up your next game with a deck of personalized cards. Pick a funny photo of the two of you and get ready for some big laughs during your next game. Pssst: did we mention they cost less than $10? $9.80 from

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  • Modern Dating Relationship Statuses Decoded

    Where does your relationship stand?

    Where do you stand with your man? As evidenced by Facebook's "It's complicated" relationship status option, modern romance is no longer black and white. In fact, given today's dating practices, it's becoming increasingly difficult to define exactly what kind of relationship you are in. But the five relationship statuses below help make sense of the matter.

    Does one of these apply to you and yours or did we leave something out?

    Friends: There is a mutual trust and affection for one another, but there is no physical intimacy or feelings above being just friends.

    Friends with Benefits: Everyone has needs and what better way to satisfy these needs than with a trusted friend? This is taking the "Friends" status one step up to include physical intimacy, presumably without commitment or "ties."

    Dating: You've gone on a few dates with this person, or spent a lot of time with them. You've shared more than one kiss and want to continue to keep seeing each

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  • The Most Famous Kisses of All Time

    In honor of Valentine's Day, we decided to take a look back at some of history's most iconic kisses. From famous movie moments to real-life romances, the following eight smooches are those that continue to be felt 'round the world and in romantics' hearts.

    V-J Day in Times Square
    V-J Day in Times Square
    Alfred Eisenstaedt's photograph taken in Times Square on V-J Day in 1945 was published in Life magazine the following week. It has since become one of the most famous images-and kisses-of all time.

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    Gustav Klimt's The Kiss
    The Kiss
    The Kiss, completed by Austrian artist Gustav Klimt 1908, is considered a masterpiece of the modern period. The painting of two lovers embracing, one of the most popular and recognizable in the world, can now be found on everything from mugs and T-shirts to mouse pads and notebooks.

    From Here to Eternity
    Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr
    The beach scene from 1953's From Here to Eternity was pretty racy for its time. In fact, the scene from the novel was toned down

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  • How to Choose the Best Eye Makeup Color for You

    The best shadow choice depends on your eye color

    Finding a new eye shadow color to wear is an easy way to update your look. But with so many shades available, how do you choose one that's sure to look great? Heed the following guidelines.

    Hazel Eyes


    Reach for a shimmery bronze or gold shade, such as Smashbox's 24K ($16 at Ulta Beauty) or MAC Cosmetics' Amber Lights ($14 at MAC), which can really accentuate the golden tones of hazel eyes.

    Brown Eyes


    Try a soft green, such as Ulta's Eyeshadow in Mint ($7 at, for a captivating contrast.

    Grey Eyes

    Urban Decay

    Bring out the blue hues in grey eyes with a crisp blue color, such as Urban Decay's Eye Shadow in Goddess ($17 at Sephora).

    Blue Eyes


    Blues eyes can be magnified with a spunky pink color. For a great result try using Stila's Twig Eye Shadow Pan ($18 at Sephora).

    Green Eyes

    Bare Escentuals

    Make emerald eyes pop with a dazzling purple, such as, Bare Escentuals Flamenco Eye Color ($13 at

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  • 4 Things You Should Never Do to Your Denim

    How to care for your jeans.How to care for your jeans.Jeans are a wardrobe staple for most of us. And, while you used to be able to pick up a pair for under $50, nowadays quality denim is more expensive than ever. To make your next pair a true investment piece and ensure your favorite figure-flattering jeans remain in good shape for years to come, follow these four basic rules of denim care.

    Don't Wash Jeans Often

    Unless you've spilled something you can't wash out with a simple wet cloth, resist the urge to wash after every wear. Repeated washing will cause your jeans to fade, lose their shape, and wear out faster. CNN recently reported that one University of Alberta student resisted washing his jeans for 15 months. While that may sound gross, after swabbing the jeans for bacteria, it turned out that they were no dirtier than when they were washed and worn for just 13 days!

    The Hottest Nail Polishes of the Season

    Never Wash in Hot Water
    When it is time to wash your jeans, be sure to do so in cold water. Hot water can cause

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  • The Most Stylish IPad Covers Under $30

    Loving the iPad you got for Christmas but still don't have a fabulous case for it? Fret no more-we've found eight of the most fashion-forward cases on the market that won't break the bank.

    The Saki Pad Sleeve

    Floral fun from Piperlime

    Feeling girly? This pretty sleeve from Piperlime is a great way to add a pop of color to any outfit while also keeping your iPad protected.$29

    Missoni for Target Leather Case

    Missoni for Target

    This incredibly chic case from Target is only available for a limited time so we suggest hopping on it today. It was originally priced at $60 so at $21, it's quite a steal!

    Merkury Innovations Zebra iPad Case

    Animal print from Kohl's

    Finally-a case as sassy as you! And since it's made of neoprene, it'll keep your iPad safe against unexpected weather and accidental drops. $29 from Kohl's

    rooCASE Dual-View Leather Folio Case

    rooCASE is a case and a stand

    This hot red case lets you stand your iPad horizontally or vertically-so it's fab and functional. Is red too bold? It's available in pink and

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  • Shocker of the Week: Hotel Nail Polish?

    Hotel style on the go

    We've seen some unlikely people create their own nail polishes. (Ahem, Justin Beiber!) We've also seen polishes inspired by unpalatable things (like bruises and blood) Now we can add this lacquer to the weird list: The Ace Hotel has teamed up with Uslu Airlines to create Ace X Uslu Airlines Nail Kit ($19 from Ace Hotel), a gunmetal-gray polish reminiscent of the NYC hotel's interior. Even though we think it's really random that a hotel is producing nail polish, we have to admit the shade is great and the striped nail file that comes with it is too cute not to keep.

    What do you think? Is this polish sleek or silly?

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  • 5 Ways to Update Your Look for Under $20

    Update your look!
    With daily responsibilities pulling us in myriad directions, it's easy to get into a style rut, returning again and again to the same old outfits. Fortunately, if you turn to any of the following five tips, it's just as easy to freshen up your style without spoiling your budget.

    Shop Your Own Closet

    When we get busy, we usually grab whatever is in the front of the closet and wear it in the same old ways. But, chances are you have a bunch of fabulous clothes hidden away and just waiting for you to pull them out and breathe new life into them! Take an afternoon and really see what you have. Go through everything in your closet-clothes, shoes, handbags, everything-if it doesn't fit anymore, if it's worn or pilled, or is now hopelessly out of style, it needs to go. Then have fun and experiment with what's left. Try on your fancy blouses with jeans, your tees with work skirts, blazers over tanks. Take your suits and turn them into separates. See how you like a belt cinching your waist

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  • 4 Products that Help You Wake Up in the Shower

    Sometimes we all need a little help waking up
    Showers are a great time to relax. The warm water…the soothing suds…ahhhh! But more often, we need showers to wake us up and help us prepare to face the day. Of course, cold water will do the trick-instantly-but if you'd prefer a less aggressive transition, try any of the following four products, which help wash away the zzzzz's.

    St. Ives Energizing Citrus Body Wash

    St. Ives

    This moisturizing and uplifting blend of citrus, mint and eucalyptus truly invigorates, inside and out! ($4.39 from

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    Bliss Super Minty Soap n' Scrub

    Bliss's way to wake up

    Great for use after workouts, this scrub packs so much minty power, it actually cools the skin. ($30 at

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    Origins Blade Runner Energizing Shave Cream

    Made for the sleepy man

    This refreshing shaving cream not only gives you a smooth, friction-free shave, it also cools and revives skin with coriander, Australian

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