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  • Hairbanglez: Genius or Gimmick?

    Stylishly stealthy way to wear a spare hair band

    There are few beauty predicaments worse than getting stuck without a hair band when you need to pull your hair back. (Right?!) But sometimes wearing one around your wrist (which we all seem to do!) can be a bit of an eyesore. So what's a girl to do? That's the question Hairbanglez answers.

    Offered in black in the thicker "classic" style ($20, below) and the thinner "skinny" style ($16, above), Hairbanglez are stylish bracelets that feature strategically placed groves for hair elastics to sit in. When you need to toss your hair up, simply snag your band off the bangle and pony up! Luckily, Hairbanglez look equally chic dressed up or dressed down-and with or without anything around them.

    What do you think? Genius or gimmick?

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    Subtle and On-Trend

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  • What Not to Do on Valentine’s Day

    Don't mistakenly lose that loving feeling

    There are plenty of expected behaviors on cupid's annual holiday. For anyone in a romantic relationship, they might include enjoying an intimate dinner for two, gifting a loved one with candy or flowers, or both. But there are some things that should just not be done on February 14, including the following 10 no-nos.

    1. Attempt going out to dinner without a reservation.
    Whether you're celebrating with a sweetheart or simply looking for dinner made by someone else, attempting to dine out without advance notice is not the best idea. Since Valentine's Day is the busiest evening of the year for most restaurants, you're likely to have to wait for hours to get a table. If your stuck without a reservation and need a dinner to impress, pickup takeout and spruce it up at home with candles and music, which is probably more romantic anyway.

    2. Show up late for a dinner reservation at a restaurant.
    This is one night when the host will be quick to give up your

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  • 7 Ways to Fight the Seven-Year Itch

    The best defense is finding ways to reconnect

    After several years of dating, a big wedding, a couple kids, and regular Saturday nights at Chuck E. Cheese, you've started to feel it. You love your spouse but things are a little stale and frankly, watching TV every night after putting the kids down is getting a little boring.

    Don't worry-everyone feels this way. But when the neighbor down the street starts looking a little more attractive or you find yourself flirting with your son's tee ball coach, it's time to address the issue: you have the seven year itch. Here are seven ways to fight it (and avoid doing something you'll regret).

    1. Schedule a date night-and stick to it
    We know you're busy. But scheduling a weekly or even monthly date night is an important first step to reconnecting with your spouse. Find a regular babysitter if you have kids, put a date on the calendar, and try your hardest to make it happen. Working late, drinks with friends, or exhaustion are not acceptable excuses to reschedule.

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  • Hot Valentine's Day Nails for Under $10!

    Sally Hansen Sally Hansen
    The biggest date night of the year is still a couple weeks away, but we've already found our perfect match: Sally Hansen's Valentine's Day Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips ($9.99 each). The love-themed decals adhere to nails-with zero dry time-and last up to 10 days.

    Tell us: Is it love at first sight?

    Sally Hansen Salon Effects Valentine's Day Collection
    Sally Hansen Salon Effects Valentine's Day Collection

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  • 6 Signs Your Boss Doesn’t like You

    Heed warnings to avoid being fired

    Feel like you've been getting the cold shoulder from your boss? Chances are it's all in your head. But if you're worried you might be right, check out the following six telltale signs that your boss is not your biggest fan.

    1. He doesn't look you in eye
    If your boss doesn't make eye contact with you while chatting about work or during meetings, it either irritates him to see your face or he's considering getting rid of you. If this is the case, it's probably time to brush up your résumé.

    2. She excludes you from meetings
    Are you included in less meetings or important discussions than you used to be? Are you the last to learn about department news or changes that affect you? If so, you've definitely annoyed her in some way. If you think she's accidentally forgetting to invite you, walk by the meeting room to give her a chance to wave you in. If you do that and she still doesn't ask you to join, it's a safe bet she doesn't want you there.

    3. He goes to

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  • Cool and Unexpected Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $50

    Given the pressure and feelings of obligation around Valentine's Day, when shopping for loved ones it's easy to fall back on classic but uninspired gifts. But the following unexpected and utterly cool presents provide fresh ways to show your love-and your good taste-without breaking the bank.

    Wall Art
    San Francisco Map Print
    Brighten up your loved one's wall with the gift of an original screen-print poster from Ork, which offers versions depicting his or her favorite city or hometown ($22).

    Kitchen Gadgets You'll Really Use

    Whimsical Phone Dock
    Jonathan Adler Phone Stand
    How cute is Jonathan Adler's porcelain cell phone dock ($48)?! Designed to look like an old rotary phone, the base accommodates the cord from your phone's charger and is able to cradle most smartphones, making it an awesome gift for the gadget lover you love.

    Killer Kicks

    Shoes for him and her
    If your honey is a fashionista, wrap up a killer pair of shoes for them this Valentine's Day. Thanks to retailers who offer last season's shoes at a discount, you can snag a stylish pair of kicks

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  • 8 Gym Etiquette Rules You Need to Know

    Everyone's happiest when you play by the rules

    With coming of each new year and its resolutions, there is always an uptick in the number of new faces at the gym. Unfortunately, their orientation usually doesn't include a quick course in universally known but rarely documented gym etiquette. Whether you're fresh to the exercising party or an old timer at your local workout Mecca, following are eight rules of gym etiquette that all members should abide by.

    1. Re-rack your weights
    Make sure when you're done with an exercise to put everything away. It is extremely frustrating when you're trying to start an exercise-be it a weight machine or free weights-to find all the weights are scattered or completely MIA.

    2. Abide by the posted time limits
    In the case of gym equipment, sharing really is caring. Most gyms have a posted time limit for their cardio machines, and these time limits are there to ensure that everyone has a chance to use them. If you're gym has posted time limits, adhere to them! Even if

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  • 7 Snacks that Help You Lose Weight

    Weight loss
    If you've recently made resolutions to lose weight or eat better you're probably already finding that sustaining such health-minded goals can be difficult. But success can be yours if you create good habits to replace the bad ones. This is especially true of snacks. Stock up on and reach for the following healthier options instead of convenient standbys like chips, energy bars, or cookies and you'll not stop your metabolism from crashing midday. Better yet, you'll also drop pounds, since many of these snacks have been proven to increase weight loss!

    1. Soup
    According to a 2007 study conducted at Penn State University, eating a low-cal soup (think broth-based, not cream-based) before a larger meal can help you eat less in general because it contains a combination of liquids and solids, which seems to satisfy hunger better than either does on its own. It also makes a great solo snack or meal.

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    2. Yogurt

    A 2004 study published in Obesity

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  • Will Your Nails Go Goth This Year?

    StrangeBeautiful's goth nail set

    Considering the momentum of creative, cool, and wildly funky manicures in 2011, we're betting nail art will continue to be all the rage this year. And if the runways of Cushnie et Ochs, Chanel, and Rag & Bone are any indication, extremely dark, goth-like nail polish is destined to be part of the 2012 hit list.

    StrangeBeautiful's Dickensian Volume Nail Polish Set, which costs a whopping $85 and was inspired by the slightly disturbing tales of Charles Dickens, Edward Gorey, and the Brothers Grimm, shows that goth has grown up. Not for angsty teens, it's priced for well-heeled fashionistas who want to go to the dark side with10 shades of black and gray in gloomy-yet-glamorous metallic finishes. Still, there's nothing stopping you from rocking the trend with more affordable drugstore options.

    So we wonder: Will you go goth with your nails?

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  • 7 Routine Medical Exams that Should Never Be Missed

    Regular checkups are essential for good health

    It's a new year, which means it's time to take an inventory of your health. In addition to an annual physical, there are other exams you might need to schedule, depending on your age, overall health, and risk factors. From the mammogram to the prostate exam to the colonoscopy, here is a list of exams you might need to schedule this year.

    Tests Women Should Consider

    A mammogram is an x-ray of the breast that doctors use to screen for breast cancer. The National Cancer Institute recommends women over the age of 40 have a mammogram every one to two years. If breast cancer runs in your family, talk with your doctor about whether to start getting tested at an earlier age.

    Pap Smear/Pap Test
    This exam checks for changes in your cervix-more specifically, it can reveal whether you have abnormal or unhealthy cervical cells or cervical cancer. Previously, it was recommended that all women have this screening once a year. In recent months, new federal

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