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  • 5 Tips for Cleaning Pots and Pans

    Dirty dishes don't have to monopolize your time.

    With holiday feasts come the inevitable dirty pots and pans marred with baked-on remnants of your favorite preparations. While they do ultimately need to come off, you don't have to spend your precious holiday minutes (or hours!) forcing them to do so-if you have the following five tips for easy cleaning.

    Soak Before You Wash
    Before you break out the elbow grease, start by soaking your dirtiest pots and pans in very hot, soapy water. By the time the water cools enough for you to do the dishes, it may have done most of the work for you.

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    Boil Your Cares Away
    Cast-iron pots or pans with baked-on mess become easy to clean if you fill the pot with water while it's still warm, heat the water to boiling, then let the water cool down enough so that you can dump it out and wash the pan.

    Break out the Baking Soda
    This multipurpose cupboard essential can be a godsend for the evening's dish washer. To

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  • The Top 10 Presents for Moms and Dads

    Picking the perfect gifts for Mom and Dad can be difficult sometimes, but with a little help from Kaboodle, you can surprise your parents with supercool gifts they're sure to love. Check out 10 of our favorite picks below!

    Veuve Clicquot Champagne

    Help them celebrate with bubbly!

    The Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label (pronounced Voov KLEE-koh) is so well known as an affordable quality champagne, it's often the go-to bubbly for posh celebrations. Plus its hints of toast and biscuit accenting lightly honeyed flavors of quince, apple blossom and peach have garnered 90 points from persnickety Wine Spectator magazine. $44 from BevMo.

    Family Traditions Journal
    Give them a sweet keepsake.
    Meant to be filled, shared, and revisited by all members of your family for years to come, this seven-inch-square 20-page keepsake journal is a fun, collaborative and personalized way for Mom or Dad to recount your family traditions. $30 from

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    See's Candies

    What's not to like about chocolate?

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  • 5 Questions You Should Never Ask During a Job Interview

    Interviewing for a new job can be stressful. From researching the company to pulling together a list of intelligent questions, prepping is just as demanding as the one-on-one interview itself.

    As you think about the interview, it's important to remember that the questions you ask them are just as meaningful as the ones they ask you. As you pull together your list of questions, keep in mind that some things are better left unasked.

    Will I have to work overtime?
    The fact you are even asking about overtime will make it appear that you're not interested in working any extra hours-even if you are. A better approach is to ask what a typical workday entails. You'll get a good idea of workload and daily hours without seeming inflexible.

    Is it possible to telecommute?
    If there has been no mention of telecommuting in the job description or in previous conversations, this question will feel like it's coming out of leftfield. Plus, if you're already asking for big

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  • What Not to Wear to Your Office Holiday Party

    It's that time of year-when you get to gussy up and celebrate the season at your company holiday party. But, as much as you may want to dress to the nines, always remember an office party is more like a day at work than a night out with friends. You'll be sure to stay on your boss' good side this year by following these five tips.

    1. Don't Show Too Much Skin
    Holiday parties are often superfun shindigs, especially if you love your co-workers, but as much as you want to celebrate in a killer outfit, never forget you're at a work event and be sure to dress accordingly. If a skirt would be considered too short or a top considered too low-cut for the office, it's too revealing for your office party as well.

    The Miraculous Push-Up Ruched Bra Top DressThe Miraculous Push-Up Ruched Bra Top Dress
    The Miraculous Push-Up Ruched Bra Top Dress, $40 at Victoria's Secret

    2. Do Wear Appropriate Undergarments
    Visible bra straps and panty lines are fashion mistakes in general, but they're especially bad at an office party. If your dress requires a strapless bra, get one. If you're not

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  • Surprising Secret Talents of Celebrities

    Did you know that Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry plays the flute? Or that Patrick Dempsey placed second in a national juggling competition? Some celebrities are even more talented than we thought! Here, we reveal Hollywood royalty's most surprising hidden talents.

    Justin Bieber: Rubik's Cube Expert

    Justin rocks the Rubik's Cube.

    Turns out Justin Bieber has even more tricks up his sleeve! The 17-year-old heartbreaker can solve a Rubik's Cube in less than a minute and a half. In fact, last year on a Spanish TV show, Bieber solved the cube puzzle in just one minute and 23 seconds!

    Patrick Dempsey: Competition Juggler
    Patrick Dempsey, aka McDreamy, aka the kid from Can't Buy Me Love, is an avid juggler. Seriously! The 45-year-old actor used to be a champion juggler before his acting career took off-tying for second place in a national competition as a teen.

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    Colin Farrell: Line Dance Instructor
    When you think of

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  • The Best Holiday Gifts Under $25!

  • How to Choose the Right Hair Color for You

    Could you pull off red hair?

    The perfect hair color highlights your skin tone and makes your eyes stand out. But, which color is right for you: bright blonde, bold brunette, or radiant red? Here we reveal a few tips to help you discover which hair color suits you best.

    You'd be a Perfect Brunette if…

    • You prefer a super low maintenance morning routine each day. Unlike most other colors, it's pretty easy to keep brown hair shiny. Plus, at-home coloring kits work best for brunettes so monthly coloring bills won't break the bank.
    • You're hair is naturally limp or heavily damaged. Brown hides bad hair breakage and reflects light best.
    • You have a yellow-based complexion. If you go too yellow or light, you'll look sallow. Try a deep chestnut along with a couple cinnamon highlights around your face to help neutralize the yellow undertones.

    You'd be a Perfect Blonde if…
    • You were born with blonde or dark blonde hair, regardless of your color today. If your hair was blonde as a child then
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  • The Best Gifts for the Pop-Culture Vulture

    Not sure what kind of present to give your favorite pop-culture lover this holiday? Wrap and offer any of the following finds, which reflect our cultural obsessions and also happen to be pretty cool gifts.

    Storming the Castle: The Princess Bride Game

    princess bride

    For anyone who loves board games, this one from is a must play. The rules are simple: storm the castle, save the princess, and win the game! Inconceivable? Not in the least! $20

    The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents Earth (the Book): A Visitor's Guide to the Human Race

    jon stewart

    The end of the world gets The Daily Show treatment, as this book chronicles the human race and life on earth, as told by the writers of the popular show ($17 at Barnes and Noble).

    Game of Thrones Letter Opener

    game of thrones

    Fans of the HBO show Game of Thrones can avoid paper cuts and keep up on their correspondence with this letter opener fit for a king. $25

    Sex Panther Cologne

    sex panther

    This manly,

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  • 4 Delicious No-Cook Desserts for the Holidays


    Whether you're hosting a holiday dinner or bringing dessert to a celebration, there's no need to slave in the kitchen when you can whip up and present any of the following four no-cook desserts.

    Triple Chocolate Trifle
    This decadent dessert is a real crowd pleaser and can easily be modified with other bakery items, ice cream and syrup flavors for those who don't like chocolate. In a tall glass or classic soda glass, put a large piece of bakery-bought brownie followed by a handful of sliced strawberries, a scoop of chocolate ice cream, a dollop of store-bought vanilla pudding, a small handful of toasted peanuts or almonds, a drizzle of chocolate syrup, and a final dollop of whipped cream. Top with chocolate sprinkles or chopped toasted nuts and serve.

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    Pumpkin Pudding Pie
    You'll get all the flavor of pumpkin pie without turning on the oven if you create this delicious masterpiece: Mix one cup of

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  • Would You Pierce Your Baby’s Ears?

    Is she too young?

    Talk in our office this week is turning to children and pierced ears. One of us has a six year old who is begging her parents to get hers pierced-since two girls in her already class have them. Another staff member divulged that her mom got her ears pierced for her when she was four months old-and got lots of grief about it from other parents.

    That got us wondering: Would you pierce your baby's ears, and if not, when do you think a child is old enough?

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