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  • Stunning Cocktail Rings Starting at $45

    Holiday parties are coming up and what better way to accessorize than with a fun, bold cocktail ring. And, while a sparkly necklace or bracelet might not work during the day, you can get lots of wear out of a ring-meaning more bang for your buck!

    Teardrop Ring
    Banana Republic Red Teardrop RingBanana Republic Red Teardrop Ring
    We love the simplicity of this teardrop-shaped solitaire ring from Banana Republic ($45). The large single stone stands out without being overly flashy-making it perfect for both day and evening wear.

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    All Wrapped Up Ring
    Kate Spade All Wrapped Up RingKate Spade All Wrapped Up Ring
    Leave it to Kate Spade to offer such an adorable ring ($78) for the holiday season. The 12-karat-gold-plated bow really looks like it's been crafted from grosgrain ribbon. It's bold enough to wear with a feminine dress at night and understated enough to wear to work. Perfection!

    Titanium Quartz Ring

    Titanium Quartz RingTitanium Quartz Ring
    If you want to make a bold statement, this handmade ring ($60 from Etsy seller AstralEYE) is the choice for you! Taking the current superhot quartz and druzy trends toRead More »from Stunning Cocktail Rings Starting at $45
  • 6 Genius Inventions that Make Parenting Easier

    Ask any parent and they will tell you there are not enough hours in a day-or limbs on a body-to keep up with the demands of raising children. However, there are some amazing gadgets available to help make the day's challenges a little bit easier. Beyond the basics like Aquaphor and exersaucers (both essentials!), we present you with six inventions that are parents' lifesavers.

    Bubble Bum

    Bubble Bum car seat
    Any parent whose kids ride in booster seats know the saga of pulling out the seat and sending it off for play dates and carpools. But most don't know about the downright amazing Bubble Bum, which is a safe, incredibly compact alternative to the clunky booster. It fits in any kid's book bag or backpack, inflates for use, and easily deflates for simple storage. We honestly can't say enough good things about this lifesaver. ($39.99 at Amazon)

    Musical Toothbrush

    Many dentists recommend the singing toothbrush to parents with toddlers who are adverse to getting their teeth

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  • 10 Impossibly Cute (and Affordable!) Winter Hats

    Bundling up in the winter doesn't have to mean puffy Michelin Man coats and unflattering hairdo-crushing skull caps. There are structured hats, supercute knit chapeaus, and plenty of styles in between. Best of all-you can pick up a warm and stylish winter hat starting at $9!

    Hot Pink Cloche
    Ribbon Flower Cloche HatRibbon Flower Cloche Hat
    Take a cue from Boardwalk Empire and opt for a 1920s-inspired cloche. This hot pink version from Charoltte Russe will help you stand out in the crowd and-best of all-it's only $14.50!

    Open Knit Beret
    Open Knit BeretOpen Knit Beret
    So much of winter can seem dark and dreary, so we love the idea of a bright yellow hat, like this beret from Forever 21 ($9), to help keep our spirits up.

    Knit Hat with Brim

    Merona Grey Brim HatMerona Grey Brim Hat
    This hat from Target's Merona brand ($25) combines the benefits of a cozy knit cap with a convenient-and stylish-brim to help keep the wind and sun out of your eyes.

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    Bow-Accented Beret
    Magenta Contrast Bow BeretMagenta Contrast Bow Beret
    The traditional black beret gets a fun update with the addition of a fuchsia edge and Read More »from 10 Impossibly Cute (and Affordable!) Winter Hats
  • Healthy Twists on the Thanksgiving Feast

    Between the appetizers, turkey, gravy, biscuits, mashed potatoes, stuffing, pies, and luscious leftovers that come with the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, it's not surprising many people gain a few pounds over the gluttonous three days. But there are plenty of ways to wholeheartedly celebrate and cut calories. Consider one or all of the following X tips, which can help you get through the holiday with plenty of flavor but far less fat.

    Swap Mashed Potatoes for Mashed or Pureed Cauliflower
    If you've never had pureed cauliflower, you probably don't know that it does a pretty good job of mimicking mashed potatoes-especially considering the latter is mostly a vehicle for the flavor of the gravy that usually accompanies it. Even better, it's a spectacularly high-protein, low-carbs, good-fiber option, which means you'll still be ahead of the game if you include milk, cream, or butter in your cauliflower mash.

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  • Is One of These Your New Favorite Mug?

    If you enjoy a good cup of Joe or spot of Earl Grey in the morning, add a little excitement to your daily routine with one of these awesome mugs or tea cups.


    Your co-workers will know you mean business when they see you sipping from the Fisticup ($18 from Fred Flare)-a tough-looking brass-knuckles-esque mug.

    My Cuppa

    Ensure your cup of coffee or tea is always prepared to your liking with My Cuppa ($20 from Amazon), which helps you add just enough milk by following the color-coded options on the mug's interior.

    Heart-Shaped Teacups

    Aw! What could be cuter than a cup of tea in a heart-shaped teacup and saucer set? This set of six ($60 from Acorn) is made from colorful porcelain and edged in 14-karat gold.

    Tank Up

    Help yourself stay functional with the Tank Up mug ($12 from ThinkGeek). With a quick glance down at the side of the mug, you can see whether or not you need to refill the mug that fuels your body throughout the day.

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  • The Best Affordable-Chic Rain Gear

    While getting around in rainy weather can be a bit of a drag, the attractive boots, umbrellas, hats, jackets, and gloves featured below will make navigating even the most torrential downpour a little less dreary.

    Water-Resistant Jackets
    Water-soaked clothes are one of the worse things about getting caught in the rain, so be sure to outfit yourself in a water-resistant jacket on days when the forecast calls for drizzle. Target's Merona line offers water repellent jackets for both men and women for under $50!

    Men's jacket ($35) and women's trench ($50) at Target

    Stylish Umbrellas
    An umbrella is an absolute must have in winter, but why opt for a boring style when you can bring a little color to an otherwise dreary day? We're smitten with the adorable cloud- and polka-dot-printed-versions from ModCloth ($40).

    Cloud umbrella ($28) and polka-dot umbrella ($38) at ModCloth

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    Cute Rain Shoes
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  • 9 Weird Flavor Combinations that Work

    There are some flavors that are just meant to be together-peanut butter and chocolate, French fries and ketchup, and oil and vinegar are just a few examples. But most of us wouldn't think of creating the following combinations, lest we experience a palate clash akin to orange juice and toothpaste. Ironically, the following duos are surprisingly delicious. Check them out then tell us your favorite surprising food combinations.

    Brie cheese and raspberries
    There's something about the creaminess of the cheese and the slightly sweet delicacy of the raspberries that works wonders on the tongue. Try them as a bite together or puree the berries to create a sauce to pour over the cheese and you will be delighted with the results.

    Champagne and popcorn
    Wine pros have long known that the buttery flavor of popcorn is an outstanding companion to bubbly. It also takes the stuffiness out of enjoying sparkling wine, so next time you pop a cork, serve your bubbly with

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  • How to Drive Safely in Snow

    Given the early surprise snowstorms of late, it's time to be reminded that when the weather calls for snow or icy conditions, it's optimum to change your plans and stay put. But if you absolutely must head out into the elements, heed the following preparations and driving tips to reduce your chances of getting into an accident.

    Check the tread on your tires
    As you hit the slick roads outside, your biggest ally is the tread on your tires. Driving in snow, or even worse, ice, with tires with little to no tread is extremely dangerous. It's the tread that helps your car hug the road-and keeps you from hydroplaning into a ditch. According to, a tire needs at least 6/32-inch deep tread to have adequate snow traction. So if you live in an area with lots of snow, stop by the local car shop and ask about your tires. It just might save your life.

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    Get a good window scraper

    While it's tempting to hop in the car, let it Read More »from How to Drive Safely in Snow
  • How to Host Thanksgiving Dinner for Less

    It's expensive to host Thanksgiving Dinner. Whether you're entertaining four or 24, the cost of preparing the highly anticipated annual turkey dinner can add up. As you start planning for the big day, here are some ideas to help you cut costs while still presenting a gorgeous and delicious feast.

    Have a Potluck
    If you are hosting, dressing and cooking the turkey, and making stuffing and gravy, you're doing the hard part, so why not delegate the rest out? Your family and friends will jump at the opportunity to contribute-and the chance to show off their cooking skills without carrying the bigger burden of hosting. (Don't forget to have some extra serving dishes and utensils handy!)

    Cook Half a Bird
    How many people are coming over? Do your leftovers often get tossed after a few days? If it's just another couple or two and don't regularly polish off the leftovers, you should consider buying turkey parts rather than a whole bird. You'll save money and cooking time! No,

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  • 5 Stunning Handbags Under $55

    With handbags often priced in the hundreds-or even thousands!-of dollars, we're always looking for a cute purse at a reasonable price. We searched the Web to find five bargain bags you'll be able to bring home without breaking the bank.

    Radically Retro

    This cross-body bag from Target's Mossimo Supply Co. line is just the thing to pair with fall's '40s-meets-'70s fashions. Available in black, tan, and (our favorite), red, it's a bargain at just $24.99.

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    Deeply Discounted

    Killer bags can often be scored at a discount at the end of the season. This genuine leather bag (in your choice of tan or white) from Rachel Zoe's collection for QVC was regularly priced at $96 and can now be snagged for only $54.80-a great price for a real leather bag!

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    Marvelously Metallic

    We love this silver mesh evening bag from ModCloth because it's not your typical going-out clutch. The cute pouch shape and bow

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