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  • Cool Chain-Link Jewelry Under $30

    What jewelry trend has Kim Kardashian been rocking lately that is edgy, glamorous and affordable? If you guessed chain link you got it right! Jewelry designers have given the chain an upgrade with chunky oversize styles, fun colors, and innovative materials. Make room in your jewelry box for these chain link finds guaranteed to get noticed.

    Chunky Link Bracelet

    Chunky braceletChunky bracelet

    Pair this chunky linked bracelet with a nifty fold-over clasp with other gold accessories to bring out its luxe look. Bonus: It comes in lots of colors. $17.30 at Go Jane

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    Ribbon Chain Link Necklace

    Ribbon necklaceRibbon necklace

    Pink ribbon and gold chain link combine for an elegant, on-trend look. $30 at TopShop

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    Oversize Enamel-Chain Necklace
    Colorful linksColorful links
    Bold, chunky metal is brightened by a pop of enamel color on this 18-inch long option. $14 at Old Navy

    Long Chain Link Gold Crystal Drop Earrings

    Here gold-colored crystal hangs from the textured link chain for Read More »from Cool Chain-Link Jewelry Under $30
  • Delicious Diet-Friendly Desserts (Under 100 Calories!)

    Just because you're on a diet doesn't mean you can't indulge in the occasional treat. But instead of ruining your hard work with a bowl of Ben and Jerry's or less-healthy artificially sweetened snacks, try one of these low-calorie desserts-all with 100 calories or less per serving. They're all natural and a cinch to make. Finally, diet desserts that taste good!

    Chocolate Covered Strawberries

    Chocolate-dipped strawberriesChocolate-dipped strawberries

    One of the world's most elegant and satisfying desserts is also one of the most diet-friendly! Don't believe it? Consider this: one decadently chocolate-dipped berry will set you back only 35 calories!

    Fresh strawberries, medium sized
    3/4 cup chopped chocolate or milk chocolate chips

    Line baking sheet with wax paper. Melt chocolate chips in microwave for 1 minute. Stir then continue microwaving, stirring every 20 seconds, until melted. Dip bottom half of each strawberry into chocolate. Place on baking sheet and repeat with remaining Read More »from Delicious Diet-Friendly Desserts (Under 100 Calories!)
  • Stylish (and Affordable!) Back-to-School Fashions Under $30

    Back-to-school bargains are already on the shelves, so why not stock up on fall must-haves now, before you're stuck picking through the dregs? Following are 10 of our favorite finds, all at prices that make updating the annual school wardrobe affordable and fun.

    Speechless® Lace Blouson Dress

    Dress for successDress for success

    Perfect for stylishly sashaying from summer into fall, this cute dress is a hallway showstopper. $20

    Coral Animal Print Mini Skirt

    Maximum style miniMaximum style mini

    They had us at "animal print," but the tiered ruffles, smocked waist, and on-trend coral make this mini a flirty-fun option. $15

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    Carrie Skimmer

    Skimmer with styleSkimmer with style

    There is no such thing as too many versatile flats, and these inexpensive options, which come in a variety of colors, make investing in a few pairs an affordable indulgence. $19.50

    6 Degrees Juniors Peter Pan Collar Tank

    Bold blouseBold blouse

    Bold and cute, this red, black, and white blouse makes stylishness effortless. Just throw it on with a pair of skinnies andRead More »from Stylish (and Affordable!) Back-to-School Fashions Under $30
  • 10 Fabulous Camisoles Under $30

    If there is one thing you need this summer, other than a great sundress and skirt, it's a go-to camisole. Nothing looks or feels as effortless as a lightweight tank paired with your favorite pair of jeans or leggings. Perfect for warmer weather and great for layering, the following handpicked camisoles make dressing for summer even easier, thanks to price tags that start under $5!

    Crochet-Eyelet Trim Cami

    Everyday essentialEveryday essential

    This timelessly elegant style gets even sweeter when you consider it's available in multiple colors and the price is under five bucks! $4.97

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    ASOS Cami With Collar And Button Detail

    Relaxed eleganceRelaxed elegance

    With a sweetheart neckline and contrast collar and button, this relaxed cami has a fluid, stylish fit.

    Jennifer Lopez Racerback Chiffon Camisole

    Smooth operatorSmooth operator

    Purple, flowing and perfect for work and play, J-Lo's light and breezy top will pair perfectly with jean shorts and heels or work slacks and a light jacket. And it's

    Read More »from 10 Fabulous Camisoles Under $30
  • Disgusting Hidden Ingredients in 12 Common Foods

    Bugs in broccoliBugs in broccoli

    When you pop a maraschino cherry into your mouth, you're probably thinking your only health concern is red dye and sugar, right? Wrong. According to FDA's "Defect Levels Handbook," there is a certain amount of maggots that are expected in each jar of the popular preserved cherries. And that's just the beginning! From mold to insects to rodent filth, there are all kinds of undesirable extras in everyday edibles that, while considered harmless, aren't exactly appetizing. Read on for the shocking unexpected ingredients that you're probably swallowing along with your favorite foods.

    Brined and maraschino cherries
    An average of five percent or more cherries are said to carry maggots. Think about that next time you pop one into your mouth!

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    Macaroni and other pasta
    We all love pasta, despite the fact that sample testings show it has an average of 225 insect fragments or more of "insect filth" and an average of

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  • Supercute Summer Accessories Under $20!

    It's easy to update your wardrobe without spending a lot of money--if you reach for fantastic accessories at amazing prices. Check our the following nine outfit enhancers, which are supercute and shockingly inexpensive.

    Kelsey Crochet Skimmer
    Crochet cuteness

    The key to summer shoes is slip-on comfort. And this skimmer, which is available in various colors, has cozy written all over it, not to mention supercute style at a rock-bottom price. $14.50

    Spinning Globe and Binoculars Necklace
    Worldly jewelryWorldly jewelry

    A travel lover's dream necklace, this adorable tribute to sightseeing looks amazing with everything from a V-neck tee to a summer dress. $9.94

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    Wall Flower Flat Frame Wallet
    Floral funFloral fun

    Made of multicolor eyelet floral fabric, this wallet is the perfect size to fit all your money, cards, and loose change. It also works as a cute clutch for sultry summer eves. $9.97

    I Cone Dig It Earrings
    Sweet style

    Celebrating the season's most beloved and refreshing dessert, these Read More »from Supercute Summer Accessories Under $20!
  • 5 Ways to Burn 100 Calories in 10 Minutes

    Fast calorie burnerFast calorie burner

    Crunched for time but itching for a quick workout? No problem. We've got five ways to burn 100 calories in 10 minutes-and most don't require equipment. So, there's really no excuse to skip a daily workout!

    Shadow boxing
    This is a great option during the summer because you can do it indoors. Plus it's pretty easy to do: just hop up on your toes and keep bouncing around while throwing imaginary punches in rapid succession. Not only does this exercise tone abs, legs, and upper arms, it burns 107 calories in 10 minutes.

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    Jump rope
    Have you tried jumping rope recently? It's definitely not as easy as it was on the elementary school playground. But, this nostalgic workout has a great payoff: if you jump rope for 10 minutes at a moderate pace, you'll burn 119 calories. And if you really push it and jump at your top speed for 10 minutes, you can burn upwards of 142 calories!


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  • 5 Deliciously Simply (and Fast!) Corn Recipes

    Summer's favorite side dishSummer's favorite side dish

    There's more than one way to enjoy the most symbolic vegetable of summertime. Try these deliciously easy recipes, each of which is healthy, fast to prepare, and squarely focused on celebrating corn!

    1. Corn salad
    Bright, healthy, light, and perfect for picnics and backyard cookouts, corn salad should be a summertime staple-especially because it looks and tastes gourmet with very little effort and partners perfectly with everything from hot dogs to grilled steak. To make corn salad, cut cooked kernels off the cob and throw them in a bowl with diced tomato and avocado. Add a hearty splash of your favorite vinaigrette, toss, and serve!

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    2. Chili-and-cheese kissed corn on the cob

    Easy summer flavorEasy summer flavor

    It's easy to fancy up everyday grilled or boiled corn on the cob! All you have to do is mix together ½ cup mayonnaise, 1 generous pinch of cayenne pepper, a handful of chopped basil, and the juice of 1

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  • Fabulous Flats Under $30!

    Flats are not only a sensible shoe choice for the days of relaxed, warm summer fun. They also look great with everything from shorts to skirts to dresses to the bright cotton pants that are so on trend this season. An even better reason to invest in a pair right now: You can snag a sensational pair for less than $30, as evidenced below.

    Mittie Capped-Toe Ballet Flat

    Blue stepperBlue stepper

    These bright beauties will perk up any outfit and come in a variety of colors, and the price can't be beat. $8.74

    Leather Lace-up Skimmer
    Laced-up lovelinessLaced-up loveliness

    These sweet and versatile shoes can easily become your go-to flats.
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    Gonna Be All Bright Flat
    Two-toned temptationTwo-toned temptation

    Crafted in a cute and comfortable ballet-flat shape, this vegan faux leather stepper flaunts a bold yellow glow along with prim aqua trim and a multi-layered bow to convey a bit of cheer. Perfect for pairing with a pleated mini skirt! $29.99

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    Lina Skimma Flat
    Sunny-day shoesSunny-day shoes

    An everyday shoe that goes with virtually

    Read More »from Fabulous Flats Under $30!
  • The Coolest Barbecue Gadgets EVER!

    With barbecue season in full swing, why not stock up on a few tools that will improve the quality of your food and grilling experience? The following gadgets are our favorites for outdoor cooking fun.

    Grill Clips
    Make veggie grilling easyMake veggie grilling easy
    We love grilled veggies, and these handy new clips make it easier than ever to grill individual portions. $14.95 for set

    Porter Barbecue Tray
    Simplify the grilling experienceSimplify the grilling experience
    Tired of trips to and from the grill and kitchen? Check out this multipurpose barbecue tray, which has containers with lids that keep raw food safely separated and a serving platter and condiment caddy that holds everything a grill chef needs at hand.$29.99

    Knuckle Meat Pounder
    Tenderize your food the cool wayTenderize your food the cool way
    This handheld meat pounder makes you look tough and your meat taste tender. Genius! $12.95

    Wireless Barbecue Thermometer Set
    Monitor meat without missing the funMonitor meat without missing the fun
    There's nothing worse than overcooking a killer slab of meat on the grill. That's why we love this remote meat thermometer, which monitors internal temperature of meat from 300 feet away! Finally we can enjoy the party and manage the grill

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