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  • The Cutest Baby Costumes Ever

    If there's anything cuter than a sweet, cuddly baby it's a baby in an adorable Halloween costume. Below are our picks for the cutest baby costumes of the year.

    Piglet Baby CostumePiglet Baby Costume
    Dressing up a chubby baby as a piglet is a no-brainer. This supercute pink satin pig costume ($30 from Buy Costumes), which features a footed onesie and a hood with and ears and a nose, is sure to make your little one the most adorable in the room.

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    Spider Baby CostumeSpider Baby Costume
    We love this baby spider costume ($40 from One Step Ahead) because it's perfect for little ones who aren't very mobile yet. The spider's creepy, crawly legs surround the baby's own and look great whether you're carrying him or he's sitting down.

    The Scariest Costumes Ever

    Pea Pod

    Pea Pod Baby CostumePea Pod Baby Costume
    This adorable pea pod baby bunting costume ($20 from Spirit Halloween) has become a Halloween staple for parents of infants. Not only is it no-fuss to put on, it'll keep baby warm, and it's adorable!

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  • What Not to Buy at Victoria’s Secret

    Have you ever walked out of Victoria's Secret spending less than $100? With most of the bras starting at around $50, it's almost an impossible feat. Once you throw in a few pairs of underwear, a couple bottles of lotion, and some PINK sweatpants, you're pushing the two hundred mark. But is it worth it? Was that $200 well spent?

    When navigating the racks at a specialty store, it can be difficult to determine whether its flagship item is truly worth the cost. And Victoria's Secret is no different. Yes, the bras are a staple in almost every woman's closet. And yes, the options are limited when buying lingerie, but when it comes to Victoria's Secret, there are definitely a few items worth skipping.

    Fall's Cutest Tops and Blouses Under $50

    We should first give credit where credit is due: Victoria's Secret can make an amazing bra. Some of their lines are truly transforming and many women even call them life changing. But the trick is determining which lines are

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  • 10 Easy Habits that Help Prevent Signs of Aging

    Whether you're at an age where you're starting to notice life's wear and tear or you're still oblivious to the slow, sure deterioration of your body, you'd be wise to adopt and practice the following 10 habits, which will keep you looking and feeling young long after you're anything but.

    1. Play games that require strategy.

    Think of your brain as a muscle. Exercise it with games that make your mind work, such as Sudoku, Scrabble, and crossword puzzles. According to numerous studies, just a small bit of cognitive calisthenics can help prevent memory loss.

    2. Floss.
    It takes less than two minutes to do each day, yet many of us neglect threading helpful floss through our teeth. Ironically, flossing can prevent much more than the occasional cavity. In fact, according to the American Academy of Periodontology, people with periodontal disease are almost twice as likely to have heart disease. Plus, several studies suggest links between oral health and strokes and even premature
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  • What Not to Buy at Department Stores

    While it can be convenient to tackle your entire shopping list at department stores, in some cases what you save in time may cost you in expense, quality, or variety. If you want to get the most for your money, we recommend you avoid buying any of following nine items at department stores, unless they are deeply discounted and of known quality.

    1. Luggage

    $200 vs. $54$200 vs. $54If you don't mind forgoing brand names, you can get a better deal on travel accessories from luggage specialty stores and online sources. But if a well-known brand name is essential to you, you'd be wise to browse in stores and shop online, where prices tend to be cheaper for the same merchandise.

    2. Jewelry
    While department stores have lots of variety in jewelry, you can often find equally attractive everyday items for far less elsewhere-just step into Forever 21 or H&M to see what we mean. But even brand-name items may not be the best investment while shopping the sections; At Macy's a Michael Kors Women's Chronograph Gold Tone

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  • The Best (and Worst) Places to Buy Electronics

    With the dozens of national chains, websites, and neighborhood shops to choose from, it can be difficult to decide on the best place to purchase electronics. But after a lot of research and a little help from the savvy shopping community at Kaboodle, we found the five best places to snag everything from small gadgets to large-scale devices-as well as the places you should avoid.

    Where to Shop

    With its unrivaled catalog of products, easy-to-access bank of useful consumer reviews, and competitive prices, Amazon ranks as one of the top places to buy electronics-online or off. Plus, depending on the independent retailer on the behemoth shopping site, you can score free shipping. While Amazon's return policy is a bit convoluted-it varies depending on the type of item you'd like to return-we like that it requires its sellers to provide a full refund for items returned within 30 days of receipt of shipment. Restocking fees also vary, but Amazon holds its sellers to a fee that

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  • The Top Trends in Fall Shoes

    This year, fall shoe trends aren't terribly dissimilar from years past. If anything, the trend is that designers are putting new twists on previously popular styles. Like what? See five of our favorites below-which incorporate more than one trend in a single style, giving you even more bang for your fall-fashion buck!

    Chunky Heels

    Steve Madden Steve Madden
    If you're over last year's stiletto trend, or just want a more stable heel to help you navigate fall's wet sidewalks, you can rejoice that chunky heels are making a comeback. Snag the look (as well as fall's suede trend) with Steve Madden's "Sarrina," which is available in six colors from Zappos ($100).

    Fall's Cutest Tops and Blouses Under $50

    Buckle Details

    Christian Siriano for Payless Harness BootChristian Siriano for Payless Harness Boot
    Buckles popped up on plenty of fashion shows last fall, and there's back this year, too. High-end designer Christian Siriano sent them down his runway-and incorporated the look into his fabulously affordable collection for Payless. His harness ankle boot ($70) features a printed snakeskin upper

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  • What Not to Buy Online

    While it's very convenient to shop from the comfort and convenience of your own home, online shopping is not always the best option-especially when you're looking for something that needs to feel as good as or better than it looks, might require returns or maintenance, or can only be determined as right for you from a face-to-face encounter. Following are five items that are best bought in person.

    Plenty of websites are filled with mugs of adorable mutts and kittens, but we caution against purchasing any animal over the Internet. For one, it's difficult to find out who the suppliers behind the website are-the site could just be a benign facade to a cruel mass-producing business like a puppy mill or kitty mill. Also, you won't know the condition of the critter until it arrives on your doorstep-that is, if it survives the shipment. Finally, it's not a good idea to buy a potential pet online because you won't get valuable face time, which is critical because only then can you glean

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  • 9 Tricks to Saving Money in Restaurants

    Eating out can really add up-and blow your budget-if you're not strategic about how you dine. Here are nine tips we have found that help keep restaurant meal costs down while keeping satisfaction up.

    1. Seek Price-Fixed and Early-Bird Menus
    Restaurants rely on all kinds of clever ways to get diners in the door during a tough economy like this one. And one of those ways is offering dinner deals, including multiple courses at an affordable fixed rate and select menu items at cheaper prices during off hours. Reserve a table at a participating restaurant at the right time, avoid overindulging in drinks and extras and you'll save big.

    2. Use Online, Print, and Flash Sale Deals

    More and more local deals websites are offering deep discounts on restaurants in your neighborhood. A few of our favorites include LivingSocial, Groupon, and Savored. Even Yelp often surfaces discounts or freebies that can be yours if you print out or mention the promotion. Print publications and coupon mailers

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  • The 10 Wackiest Pet Accessories

    Devotion to one's four-legged friend is admirable, but there are products out there that take things to extremes. From doggie highchairs to gizmos that cover your pet's unmentionable areas, nothing compares to these totally strange and over-the-top pet accessories.

    1. Dogbrella
    The Dogbrella ($30 from Hammacher-Schlemmer) is the thing for dog owners who can't stand the idea of their pooch getting wet in the rain. The top of the umbrella hooks to your pet's leash to keep it from moving out from under the protective canopy. Silly, but it will help minimize wet-dog smell and keep your home dry.

    2. Diamond Dog Collar
    Amour, Amour Diamond Dog CollarAmour, Amour Diamond Dog Collar
    For the pooch who truly has everything, may we present the "Amour, Amour" diamond dog collar ($3,200,000!). Dubbed "the Bugatti of dog collars," the chandelier design features 52 carats of diamonds-over 1,600 in all-set in 18-karat white gold. There are no words.

    3. Dog Beer
    Bowser BeerBowser Beer
    We couldn't believe our eyes when we first spotted Bowser Beer ($16 for a six-pack on Amazon), but

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  • 5 Hot New Celeb Hairstyles for Fall

    From dramatic cuts to subtle style changes, several A-list actresses are debuting new 'dos this fall. Following are the five hottest au currant celebrity hairstyles you'll want to try on your own tresses!

    Olivia Wilde's Heavy Bangs Although the House actress debuted bangs back in December 2010, she recently attended a bash for Nylon magazine with thicker, blunter fringes. The sultry style, which has recently been embraced by everyone from Zoey Deschanel to Mena Suvari, works flawlessly with chic buns, swept-up ponytails, or straight-down hair.

    The Best Haircuts with Bangs

    Dianna Agron's Edgy Cut Dianna turned heads at the premier of GLEE: The 3D Concert with a daring razor-cut, ultra-textured 'do. Hairstylist to the stars, Giannandrea, whose clientele also includes Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz, revealed how he created Dianna's look: "I started with wet hair and razor cut her bob into a more playful 'shab.' This cut is a progression of the bob, but it has more life and does much more

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