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  • 7 Kitchen Tricks You Should Know

    Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. Ironically, many of the following tricks for fixing common kitchen dilemmas aren't widely known. But tuck them in your proverbial apron and you'll have a far easier time resolving the following problems next time you face them:

    1. How to Open Stubborn Pistachios
    Pistachios are way too expensive to waste. Yet many of the delicious roasted nuts arrived in shells with little to no opening. Rather than attempting to bite them open or ruin your nails in a struggle you can't win, next time try this foolproof method for opening stubborn shells: Take one half of a shell, stick it into even the littlest opening of an unopened pistachio, and turn the shell half like a key. The pistachio will pop right open!

    How to Easily Remove Egg Shells Dropped into Eggs

    It happens to all of us: You crack open an egg and a tiny piece of its shell falls into the bowl along with the raw egg. If you've tried to get it out with your finger or a

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  • The Best Free (and Inexpensive) Hobbies

    While a tighter budget may mean you don't go on as many vacations or splurge on as many "toys," you can indulge in activities that provide ongoing amusement, social opportunities, education, and even morale boosts-for little or no money. Following are 10 ways to pass the time that fit the bill.

    1. Photography

    Who says artistic pursuits require a lot of materials costs? To begin a photography hobby all you need is a camera or phone with a camera and an interest! With free iPhone apps that will enhance, store, and share your photos with ease and online tutorials that can help you improve your skills, you'll be amazed at the results you can garner-not to mention the memories you'll capture!

    2. Blogging

    Infinite free platforms are available for you to begin sharing your daily outfits, thoughts, and obsessions with the world. Try turnkey sites like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, or Posterous to get started. Who knows, you could become the next Man Repeller or Perez Hilton and eventually

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  • The Origins of Classic Cocktails

    Renewed interest in classic cocktails over the last decade has inspired mixologists and cocktail lovers alike to research the origins of their favorite adult beverages. While the history of some concoctions are more certain than others, here are the tales (some true, some most certainly fiction) of five classic mixed drinks.

    Noted 20th century essayist H.L. Menken once said the martini was "the only American invention as perfect as the sonnet." Despite its status as the ultimate cocktail, the origins of the martini are disputed. One tale attributes the creation to a bartender in San Francisco's Occidental hotel in the 1860s. Another story says it was first served in Martinez, CA, a town outside San Fran. Yet another theory is that the martini was invented at the Knickerbocker hotel in NYC in the early 20th century. Wherever it was first mixed, we're just thankful it was!

    Make the Most of Your Favorite Wines and Spirits

    The popular rye-whiskey-based cocktail is noted

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  • The Best Drugstore Soaps Under $5

    When faced with the dozens of options, it can be overwhelming trying to determine which drugstore soaps are worth the purchase. But with a little help from the Kaboodle community, we found four cleansers that stand above from the rest. Bonus: Each costs less than $5!

    Dove Beauty Bar
    Formulated with one-quarter moisturizing cream, Dove Beauty Bar ($4 for two bars at CVS) leaves skin squeaky clean without feeling dry or tight. We love how quickly Dove develops a rich, thick lather and that it's both strong enough to wash the body and gentle enough to use as a facial cleanser. Plus, it's got a wonderful, soft fragrance that lingers on skin long after use. No wonder it's a fan favorite on Kaboodle!

    Skincare Products Our Editors Can't Live Without

    Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar

    Consider yourself cursed with an oily T-zone, waxy complexion, and overall acne-prone skin? This non-comedogenic cult-favorite cleanser ($4 at Walgreens) effectively cleans pores without over-stripping them of their

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  • 10 Things to Do with Old Bridesmaid Dresses

    Because it's definitely so not true that you can shorten bridesmaids dresses and wear them later, we've compiled ten ways you can reuse them-and save yourself extra money at the same time!

    1. Make Pillow Shams

    Yes, really! Decorative throw pillows can cost upwards of $25, but you can trim your old dress down to slip over an existing pillow and boom!-a new facelift for your home at no cost!

    2. Donate a Prom Dress
    You can save your little sister, cousin, or neighbor around $300 by passing down your bridesmaid dress to her for her homecoming dance or prom! She can make the dress hers by adding crystal embellishments or a snazzy belt around her waist. Don't know a prom-goer? Check out Donate My Dress or The Princess Project to lend a hand to someone in need.

    Snuggly Sweaters We Love

    3. Construct a Halloween Costume
    Why spend around $50 at a costume store when you can tweak your bridesmaid dress into endless outfits? Consider shortening it to create a princess look or tearing up the

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  • Why Not Having a Facebook Account Can Hurt You

    Thanks to the Internet we are more connected than ever. A simple Google search can lead to rekindling long lost friendships and a quick browse on Facebook can keep you current on all your friends' and family's goings on without ever picking up the phone or having face time. (Whether or not that's a good thing is another question.) But there's more to social media than passive communication and extending our social circles: the instant background check.

    Nowadays, people's online profiles and name mentions, be they via Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, reassure potential roommates, landlords, Craigslist sellers, and even new love interests that you are who you say you are. They also create the perception that because you are traceable, you are relatively trustworthy.

    Wardrobe Basics Every Woman Should Own

    Conversely, people whose names garner no results in a Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn search might garner suspicion, especially when the person is being considered as a roommate,

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  • Are Energy Bars Really Better for You Than Candy Bars?

    With more and more energy bar brands coming out with flavors like Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch and Chocolate Cookie Dough, we can't help but ask: Are energy bars really good for you or are they just candy bars in sheep's clothing?

    A little research gave surprising results. While almost all energy bars have a solid amount of protein per serving (plus other workout-friendly ingredients such as carbs) most aren't much lower in fat and calories than a Milky Way. Don't believe it? Check out our assessment of the following energy bars. You might be surprised just how close to dessert they are.

    Original Clif Bar - Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch

    Original Clif Bar – Chocolate Chip Peanut CrunchOriginal Clif Bar – Chocolate Chip Peanut Crunch
    Clif Bars claim to be a good source of protein and fiber-and the bars deliver on both counts. Overall, Clif falls right in the middle when compared to other energy bars. But when you put it up against Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, the news is a little disappointing. While Clif Bars have more fiber, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups actually have a lot less

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  • The Best Fall Boots Under $100!

    Boots tend to be expensive, especially if they look good and are made well enough to keep their shape for more than a couple of weeks. That said, keeping your fall footwear on trend doesn't have to cost a small fortune. Some of our favorite styles, like the seven below, can be picked up for $100 or less!

    Knee-High Heels

    Colin Stuart Convertible BootColin Stuart Convertible Boot
    If you're going to pick up one boot this season, this basic high-heeled style ($99) from Victoria's Secret's house brand Colin Stuart is the one to get. It's classic silhouette and not-too-high heel makes it perfect to pair with everything from jeans to fall dresses. Since it's available in four shades, there's a choice that will work with every woman's wardrobe.

    Casual Flats
    Madden Girl Madden Girl
    We love the contrast zipper detail on Madden Girl's "Zandora" boot ($79 from, which takes a basic flat boot and turns it into a stylish must-have to wear with all your casual denim-based looks this season.

    Vintage Lace-Ups
    Wanted Wanted
    Vintage lace-up boots, which were on everyone's radar last

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  • What to Snag (and What to Skip) at Gap

    Gap can be a hard nut to crack-it's usually on trend and sometimes it even teams up with high-end designers for special one-of-a-kind collections. But is the retail fashion chain where you should buy your three or four trendy pieces for the season or should you just play it safe with their go-to jeans and classic button ups? Here we reveal what to snag and what to skip during your next shopping spree at Gap.

    What to Snag
    1) Denim, Denim, Denim

    1969 mid-weight high-rise legging jeans 1969 mid-weight high-rise legging jeans
    They've made great jeans for years-and when it comes to denim that fits well, Gap is still at the head of the class. With constantly updating styles and washes, it's a great one-stop shop for your denim needs this fall. Our favorite fit? Their boot cut styles. They fit well and don't break the bank. Also, don't forget to try on a pair of their new high-rise jeggings.

    2) The Classic White Button Up
    The perfect shirt in optic whiteThe perfect shirt in optic white
    If there's one thing Gap does well, it's classic staples-and the white button-down is their crown jewel. And even though they've nailed it, each

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  • The Best Diet-Friendly Meals at Chain Restaurants

    What's the toughest part about losing weight? Eating out! Finding something to chomp on that won't blow your diet is nearly impossible. Yet with almost all chain restaurants publishing their nutritional information online, you can now plan ahead so you'll be more prepared when it comes to order.

    We checked out three of the major chain restaurants and put together some of the best options that are less than 400 calories. Sometimes it's a lot of food-and sometimes, you might leave the restaurant a little hungry. (Surprising tip: At some restaurants, the salads pack as many calories as the entrees!)

    Chili's Diet-Friendly Favorites

    Grilled SalmonGrilled Salmon

    It's best to stay away from the appetizers if you're counting calories. The Chicken Crispers and Fried Cheese are a little less than 400 calories, but that doesn't include any dipping sauces and leaves no extra calories for the rest of the meal. All other appetizers start at around 500 calories and go up to 2,120. (That's the Texas Cheese Fries.)

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