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  • How to Find and Style the Perfect Tee!

    Bluefly resident stylist, Tanesha Smith, gives us some insight and professional tips on how to buy and style the perfect t-shirt.

    Who Was Best Dressed at the Post-Oscar Parties!

    Before we were introduced to American Apparel, our t-shirts were bought in packs of three in the boys' department of Wal-Mart-- just two aisles over from tires and electronics. Despite being fiscally responsible, what kind of value are we really getting from a shirt that is so boxy and ill-fitting that it results in that bunchy, muffin top look when tucked into jeans?

    T-shirts are the most fundamental basic in any woman's wardrobe-- second to jeans, maybe. But there is an art to wearing a t-shirt to make it feel refreshingly basic and not as if spin class is twenty minutes away. Alas, Bluefly resident stylist, Tanesha Smith, gives us some insight and professional tips on how to buy and style the perfect t-shirt.

    SC: How much should a woman really spend on a t-shirt? What are the benefits of spending more?

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  • A Quick Fix for Banishing Under Eye Bags!

    The Must-Have Beauty Products Real Women Can't Live Without

    Dear Beauty Banter,

    Let's face it-- sometimes our work and social lives get too busy for us to get the recommended eight hours of sleep per night. Who even wants to when there is so much fun to be had? But, after a few sleepless nights, the effects of all that partying can sneak up and appear in the form of dark circles, puffy eyes, and pale skin. What are some of the top products that will help bring my eyes back to life? Many brands I have tried in the past have made me look like Jack from "The Nightmare Before Christmas." Sometimes, the products cause extreme dryness, while others leave a flaky finish. What can I buy to help soothe my eye area, while creating a cooling sensation to help wake me up?

    Puffy and Baggy

    Get a Salon-Style Blowout at Home!

    Dear Puffy and Baggy,

    Here is my favorite way to combat under eye puffiness-- start with an eye mask that is made out of cloth and lay it under your eyes. My

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  • How to Do Date Night on a Dime

    Find Out if You're Dating Mr. Right


    In your attempt at budgeting money, you have probably cut back on your daily excursion to Starbucks, eaten out less, and taken the bus or subway to avoid costly cabs. However, your new fiscally responsible lifestyle doesn't have to interfere with your love life. Avoid more tired dinner dates followed by movies. Below are our top 8 picks for budget-friendly dates:

    1. Bring the theater to you- If you have access to a patio or outdoor space, all you need is a projector and you have yourself a foolproof date. Pop your own popcorn, lay out a blanket, and just wait for the sun to set. Although you may have to wait until the weather warms up a bit for this one, what could be more romantic than viewing your favorite film together out in the fresh air?

    2. Go to a game-
    Reminisce about your glory days by taking your significant other to your local high school football game. Bring a thermos of hot chocolate and a blanket to cozy up with in

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  • Exclusive Video Interview: Victoria's Secret Angels Reveal Their Secrets to Looking Sexy

    Curvy Models on the Paris Runways!

    SC: What would you title your memoir?

    Alessandra Ambrosio: If I had thought about that, it would already be out!

    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Days of a Rosebud.

    SC: What does your daily beauty routine consist of?

    AA: Moisturizing my face and taking my makeup off.

    RHW: Sleep, eat, water, and cleanse, tone, moisturize with organic products.

    Alessandra gets her makeup done in the StyleCaster studio.

    SC: If you weren't modeling, what would you be doing?

    AA: A rock star.

    RHW: Interior designer.

    SC: iPhone or BlackBerry?

    AA: BlackBerry

    RHW: Both

    SC: Where is your next travel destination?

    AA: Paris

    RHW: Paris-- this evening.

    SC: What books are you currently reading?

    AA: JFK and Marilyn.

    RHW: My Friend Leonard, by James Frey.

    SC: Do you have a favorite film?

    AA: Stealing Beauty. I love the soundtrack and the picture.

    RHW: Nine.

    Beauty Products That Real Women Can't Live Without!

    SC: How would you describe your sense of style?

    AA: Bohemian chic. I like

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  • Beauty Video Tutorial: How to Contour Your Skin

    James Boehmer, Nars International Lead Stylist, shows us how to contour our skin.

    Highlighting the skin lends your face a subtle glow while you're waiting for the weather to warm up, and contouring calls attention to your best features. The key to any brightening technique is to know the exact places to focus on.

    James Boehmer, International Lead Stylist for Nars Cosmetics, shows us how to contour our skin and then add a highlighter to specific places to exaggerate the effect.

    Step 1: Prepare the skin by applying foundation with your fingertips.

    Step 2:
    Use a darker product such as foundation, concealer, cream blush, or Nars Multiple to contour your cheekbones, eyelids, nose, and chin.

    Step 3: Apply highlighter over the contour lines. James is using Nars Orgasm Illuminator.

    Step 4:
    Apply more highlighter over the forehead, bridge of the nose, and lips.

    Learn How to Do a Feminine Eye In Just 5 Minutes

    Step 5: Set the contour and highlight makeup with a powdered blush.

    Step 6: Finish

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  • The Best Statement Jewels Under $50

    Curvy Models Seen on the Paris Runways!

    We say when in doubt, accessorize! Whether it's a necklace, earrings, a bracelet, or a ring, a little something extra can easily turn a seemingly boring outfit into a masterpiece. A dramatic necklace or a bold pair of earrings will instantly draw attention to the face-- your most beautiful asset. We recommend a statement piece of jewelry to pair with this season's toned-down nude and khaki trend. Here are our picks for the best budget-friendly jewelry pieces to jazz up any outfit.

    1. Banana Republic cast-your-net necklace (above), $39.50, at
    Bib necklaces are a huge trend for spring, and we especially love the netted look of this one from Banana Republic. The rich gold color will instantly liven up any outfit.

    2. Topshop pearls on fabric, $40, at

    We love the feminine pairing of pearls and ribbon on this necklace. The floral fabric combined with the rich coral color makes this

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  • Foolproof Your Medicine Cabinet! The 12 Must-Have Items

    10 Important Foods You're Missing From Your Diet

    Next time you're at the drugstore, stock up on these medicine cabinet must-haves so you'll never find yourself unprepared at home. Here are 12 items to have on-hand at all times:

    1. Advil- No household should be without pain reliever. You will be thankful you have these pills around when you are on the verge of a splitting headache. Advil temporarily relieves minor aches and pains, so pop two in the next time you get a backache, fever, or even pesky menstrual cramps.

    2. Band-Aids-
    Use these to protect any scrapes, cover up blisters, or to keep your ointment from rubbing off. Plus, wear your favorite heels longer with strategically placed Band-Aids to prevent blisters. Growing up, there was never a shortage of Band-Aids, but as we get older we may have forgotten to stock up on this essential item. Barbie and Disney Princess Band-Aids are not required, but we know you're dying to sport them on your next boo-boo anyway-- it's ok, no one

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  • 5 Beauty Products Real Women Can't Live Without!

    Up Close and Personal With Two Victoria's Secret Angels

    We polled our Facebook fans to determine the one beauty product that they would never be caught without-- even if they were taking off to a tropical island (as we all know, the beachy, natural look is gorgeous).

    We agreed with most of the results (although some were just out there). Here, we've compiled the top 5 must-haves that real women just can't leave behind. Could you take off for a week without these?

    1. Moisturizer

    The top must-have product was moisturizer-- with brands like Kiehl's and Clinique rising above the rest. Moisturizers with SPF included were also on the need-to-have-it list. We recommend Clinique's Moisture Surge for those times when you just can't beat the dryness. (Clinique Moisture Surge, $34, at

    2. Mascara

    Mascara was the second runner-up-- and our personal favorite. At the very least, we'll take some flirty lashes! StyleCaster fan Meg C. declared, "Diorshow Unlimited Mascara, hands down."Read More »from 5 Beauty Products Real Women Can't Live Without!
  • Is He the One? 10 Signs to Tell If He’s Mr. Right

    Get Up Close and Personal With Two Victoria Secret Angels

    If you have any doubts that your significant other is "the one" for you, then put away the tarot cards and cancel that appointment with your psychic. We know the search for Prince Charming can be a tricky one, so we put together a list of 10 signs that prove he's Mr. Right:

    1. Your friends approve-
    You'll know he's the right guy for you if your friends feel the same way. If your man hasn't earned your friends' stamp of approval, he might as well be waving a big red flag.

    2. He gets along with your family- Introducing someone to your family can be awkward and tense-- we can thank Ben Stiller for his excellent portrayal of all the worst-case scenarios. However, if he does mesh with the fam and becomes an instant member of your Dad's "circle of trust," then you'll know he's a keeper.

    3. He listens to you- Communication is the foundation to any good relationship. If you're trying to build a life with a guy who doesn't think that

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  • Get a Salon Style Blowout at Home!

    Easy Ways to Cut Costs on a Budget!

    There is a certain charm to messy hair-- a breezy, laissez-faire attitude that comes with a slightly disheveled look. However, trying to achieve this look by allowing your hair regimen to fall by the wayside is not a good idea. It's more likely that you'll end up looking like an unkempt wild-child than a free-spirit. You need the proper styling technique. Kristin June Senkiew from Cutler Salon shows us how to get perfectly undone hair with a basic blowout!

    Step 1:

    The #1 rule when it comes to blow drying is to never begin with sopping wet hair. Working with hair that is already 80 percent dry will keep your blowout from getting weighed down.

    Step 2:
    Before you begin blow drying, spray the hair with a heat protectant. Kristin uses Cutler's Heat Protectant Spray.

    Step 3:

    Along the side of the head, start with a diagonal section of hair along the parietal ridge, which runs from the front of the face to the nape of the neck. Blow dry starting with the

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