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  • 6 Foods That Help Ward Off Colds

    How to Decipher Tricky Food Labels

    Almost time to get excited folks. Although it may seem like the cold will never end, spring is actually just around the corner. Unfortunately, we're still in that dreaded three-month stretch of winter before temperatures start rising again -- and along with the current bitter cold comes the need to take some health precautions if we plan on making a seamless transition into warmer days. If you've been lucky enough to avoid catching a cold this winter but are fearing that your luck is running out, we've got some tips for how you can prevent cold symptoms. Eating foods that naturally boost the body's immune system is key, so take a look at our ideas and make this the first year you don't get stuck in bed with the sniffles.

    Check out the benefits of the following superfoods for a cold-free, healthier you all year long.

    1. Whole Grains (pictured above)
    Whole grain foods are loaded with zinc --- just one of the minerals that help maintain a healthy

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  • When Bad Movies Happen to Good People

    How to Throw the Best Super Bowl Party on the Block

    Movies either score big bucks in the box office or fail miserably, bringing in "two thumbs down" ratings from top movie critics like Ebert and Roeper. Though they have their share of blockbusters, even the most talented actors and actresses (like Ben and Sandra) fall victim to box office flops. Let's face it: sometimes, bad movies happen to good people.

    Take a look at some of these A-List celebs whose performances fell extremely short of award nominations (other than Razzies):

    How to Completely Makeover Your Outlook in 2010

    1. Ben Affleck in Gigli (above)
    What was Ben Affleck thinking? This was a major step down from his performance in Good Will Hunting. For starters, the $54 million movie made a mere $3.8 million during opening weekend and never even made the box office charts. The only way the nation's movie critics united over the film was in the general consensus that they all hated it. The plotline

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  • How to Style a Perfectly Undone Bun

    New Year Special: The Sexiest Men in 2010

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  • Why Do Only Married Men Hit On Me?

    Is He Really "Busy"? Or Just Not Into Me?

    Dear What Men Want:

    I came across your article, and I thought I'd ask a "real man" this perplexing question. I just don't understand why only married men hit on me. Single men show no interest in me, but married men…WOW!

    I'm a very respected and classy woman. I'm in my forties, but I look like I'm still in my thirties. I'm in good shape, educated, professional, and very fashionable, although a little conservative with my clothes (meaning my tops aren't low cut or anything like that). Single men hardly notice me, but married men chase me down like wild dogs. I don't believe I'm sending out any particular vibe to attract them. How do I get single men to start chasing me instead?

    Can't wait to hear your answer.


    Dear Perplexed:

    You need to analyze where you're meeting these guys, because from what it sounds like, you're hanging out at places that attract an older crowd. Even though you

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  • How to Throw the Best Super Bowl Party on the Block

    How to Get a New You in the New Year!

    Football season is coming to a close, which means it's Super Bowl time. Your man is probably already anticipating the big day with intense excitement while keeping his fingers crossed that his favorite team will be a participant (if said team hasn't already fallen out of the running…). Meanwhile, you're just looking forward to the commercials and the halftime performance -- but regardless, some major party planning is in order to make the day enjoyable for all.

    Here are some tips on how to plan your perfect Super Bowl get-together:

    1. Spreading the Word
    Start planning early and spread the word. There's always a plethora of invites every season, and you'll want your party to be first on everybody's priority lists. Sending e-vites are the best way to get started. Send a Save-The-Date first, informing your hopeful guests that you are indeed throwing a Super Bowl soiree. Then, send the actual e-vite with RSVP required as a

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  • Fashion Reality TV: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    The Top 6 Collections From Men's Fashion Week

    There's simply too much on TV. Between award season, NCAA basketball, and The Office, there's just not enough time in the week to catch all of our favorite shows. The thing that sucks the most? There are so many fashion-related shows that we just don't have the time to sift through to see if they're worth watching.

    Well, aren't you lucky: we've done the dirty work for you. Take a look at our guide to fashion TV -- what to skip, what to record, and what you simply can't miss.

    Worth watching live: Kell on Earth
    (cast pictured above)

    We first saw her on The Hills, then on The City, and we're convinced Kelly Cutrone might just be one of the toughest bosses of all time. She's the genius behind People's Revolution, a marketing, branding, and PR agency that has produced shows for some of fashion's major players like Vivienne Westwood, Sass & Bide, and Jeremy Scott.

    Now, the fashion PR maven is breaking into the spotlight as the star of

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  • 10 Signs It's Time to Switch Careers

    It's not easy to land your dream job, and you've got to start somewhere. We've all been in the same position -- getting the coffee and bagel order in the morning, filing, copying, and answering more phone calls than you ever thought possible. But, as you begin your career with an internship or entry level position, you welcome these daily challenges in the hopes that it will lead to something bigger and better in the field that you love.

    For example, if you want to get into fashion, you want to get Anna Wintour's coffee every morning, even if it means waking up at the ungodliest of hours. If you're trying to make it in the music world, you're willing to handle anything John Mayer throws at you, even if that includes personally begging Jennifer Aniston to give him a second chance. You get the picture: to get to the top, you have to work your way from the bottom (which is sometimes way deeper than you thought). No one likes being down there, but it's the journey to the top --- knowing

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  • Top Recovery Tips After Big Party Weekend

    3 Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out

    You're lying in bed. Your head is pounding like a jackhammer and your stomach feels like you just rode a roller coaster 20 times in row. As you're lying there (staring at a ceiling that will not stop spinning), the only question that comes to mind is: Why did I drink so much last night?

    Let's face it, we've all been there. You had that one drink that put you over the edge, and now you're paying for it. No matter how many times you tell yourself that you'll never drink that much again, you almost certainly will, and the dreaded hangover will inevitably strike back.

    Luckily, you don't have to suffer through the torture of a terrible hangover twice. To all you party animals out there, here are some tips that will get your hungover-self detoxed after a night of one too many tequila shots.

    1. Drink, drink, drink! Water, that is. If you do anything for your hangover, drinking water should be #1 on the list. Your body is naturally 90

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  • 14 Moves That Will Send Him Running

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  • SAG Awards 2010: Red Carpet Hits and Misses

    Street Style: New York - Yoon Shin

    We're a few weeks into awards season, and Hollywood's A-Listers are starting to turn up the heat on the red carpet. Color was the name of the game at Saturday's Screen Actors Guild Awards, where shades of blue led the multi-hued pack.

    While Sandra Bullock was the toast of the town for her performance in The Blind Side, Diane Kruger, Carey Mulligan, and Anna Kendrick stole the show with their vibrant gown selections. Unfortunately, some celebs (like Meryl Streep and Anna Paquin) missed the mark with their graphic prints -- they'll have to redeem themselves at the Academy Awards on March 7.

    The SAG Awards were a cheery surprise after the Golden Globes, where neutrals trumped bold statements. Take a look at our picks for best and worst dressed of the evening.

    See more SAG Awards red carpet looks here.


    Diane Kruger (pictured above) proved us right yet again, popping in Jason Wu and Harry Winston jewels.


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