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  • Style Inspiration from the Stars at Sundance

    It's that time of year again when the stars flock to Park City, Utah to hit the slopes and the cinema for the Sundance Film Festival dressed to the nines in casual wear - definitely not an everyday sight we're used to, but inspirational nonetheless. It's the perfect time to take a cue from our favorite starlets as they hit the pavement bundled up looking chic during the remaining cold winter months before springtime. Give your outerwear a much-needed makeover with style inspiration from our favorite starlets' sartorial choices from Sundance 2010:

    Dakota Fanning (above):
    Dakota Fanning is the epitome of casual chic at Sundance 2010; she looks adorable in her grey and black layered ensemble and combat boots.

    Kristen Stewart:

    Twilight's Kristen Stewart's laid back style is perfect for the snow. Sometimes warmth over fashion fares well.

    Jessica Alba:

    Jessica Alba has boho winter chic down pat with her forest green beanie, fur, plaid shirt, light wash jeans, Read More »from Style Inspiration from the Stars at Sundance
  • How to Be Kinder in 2010

    The holiday season is behind us now. It's a time of year where we look forward to food, vacations, shopping, food, decorating, giving, food, presents, food, sharing, food, family, friends and food. Did I mention food? It's also a time of year where we endeavor to do the best we can for our friends and family. Wouldn't it be great if we could harness our holiday spirit so we can access it 24/7 and touch lives well beyond our own immediate network.

    In Idanics, I call it "Kind-Errific." In other words, imagine a fantastic red velvet cupcake where the red velvet cake represents random Kindness and the absolutely delicious white cream cheese frosting represent Terrific, together they blend to make "Kind-Errific": a chance to make life better for someone else. The idea behind "Kind-Errific" came to me a few months ago.

    I attended the funeral of my brother-in-law's father. He was a great man, father, husband, grandparent, co-worker, colleague and friend. At the end of the funeral service,

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  • The Best Big Screen Boyfriends of All Time

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  • Julia Roberts' Best and Worst in Beauty

    The Golden Globes 2010: The Best and Worst in Beauty

    Pretty Woman, indeed! Julia Roberts, who was named Lancôme's newest spokeswoman in the Fall of 2009, made her official debut this week at Paris' Hôtel de la Monnaie. Wearing a black Alexander McQueen dress and Christian Louboutin heels, the Oscar-winning actress -- with Cartier diamonds dripping from her wrists -- looked every bit Paris chic at a press conference announcing her role as the new Global Ambassador for the beauty giant.

    The 42-year-old mother of three, who has admitted to falling behind on her beauty regimen since having children (hard to believe after her sexy turn in vintage YSL on the Golden Globes red carpet!) spoke to WWD about her new responsibilities as a beauty spokeswoman. "I think I have to stand up straighter and wash my face more," Roberts laughed. "I think the nice thing about getting older is it forces you in a way to take a greater interest in your beauty regime. And so it's a good moment for me to join

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  • 6 Steps to a More Confident You

    7 Easy Organizational Tips to Make Your Home Clutter-Free

    A lack of self-confidence prohibits us in our everyday lives. It's a problematic issue for those who struggle with it because it doesn't allow for a person to reach their full potential. Oftentimes, a lack of self-esteem becomes ingrained in a person, causing them to be unhappy and confused about how they can make it better and leaving them caught in a downward spiral. In order to achieve a sense of self-confidence and worth, we must first change our perception of ourselves by setting important goals that are within our reach. Realizing your self-worth and setting out on a positive journey will eventually allow you to shine in all of your endeavors.

    It's important to prepare and take a deep look into yourself in order to get started. We're not asking you to start analyzing your every character flaw; instead, realize that no one is perfect and that it's normal to make mistakes -- regretting the past or being scared of the

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  • 7 Easy Tips to Make Your Home Clutter-Free

    How to Make Everything in Your Closet New Again

    It happens to everyone: we leave one dirty dish in the sink, and ten more seem to appear. That small pile of laundry in our closets quickly snowballs into a messy mountain. And before you know it, our homes are a crazy disarray of stacked mail and cluttered shelves.

    A home should be an escape from the chaos of work and school, not an overwhelming reminder of all that you have going on in your busy life. After all, it will be impossible to relax if your life is strewn across your bedroom floor.

    You don't have to go all Danny Tanner on us, but everyone will admit that they're happier when living in a more organized environment. Utilize these tips in your daily routine and take control of your home (and your life).

    1. De-clutter a little bit every day. Barely anyone has a weekend that they can fully devote to sorting through the junk in their home, so tackle your clutter gradually by tossing out five things every day. Whether it's old

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  • How to Decipher Tricky Food Labels

    A Guide to Lower-Calorie Dining Out Options

    How many times have you taken a personal vow to watch what you eat? If you consider checking out the number of calories on the food label "watching what you eat," we hate to break it to you, but that's an insufficient attempt.

    Don't feel too badly, though; consumers aren't to blame. Food labels today are tougher to decipher than The DaVinci Code. But have no fear: we've done the research for you, and here we provide a quick guide to understanding food labels -- just think of it as a Rosetta Stone: Food version.

    Let us take a guided tour down a nutrition facts label (see above for reference). Most eyes stop at the calorie count, but just below to the right is the Percent Daily Value column. These percentages show how much of a certain nutrient you are getting by eating the product in question based on a daily serving of 2,000 calories. For example, if the packet says the item contains 25 percent sodium, this means that eating said food will

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  • Warning Signs That He's Not Over His Ex

    Foods That Feed Your Sex Drive

    You're smitten with your new boyfriend, and he's almost perfect in your eyes -- there's just one minor problem. You have a hunch that he may not be over his ex. Sometimes you wonder if it's all in your head, but other times you suspect that there may be a method to your madness. Instead of pushing your thoughts aside for a rainy day, pay some closer attention to his actions in order to find out whether or not your suspicions have any validation. Here are some tell-tale signs that your beau is still pining for his ex -- meaning, you'd be doing yourself a favor to call it quits or confront him before you find yourself in a serious dating dilemma.

    If he...

    1. Constantly brings her up in conversation
    This is obvious sign #1. If he's talking about her all the time, then clearly he still has feelings for the girl. Even if he speaks about her in a negative way, the fact of the matter is that the thought of her is still fresh in his mind.

    2. Compares her to

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  • Day to Evening Hair in 10 Minutes Flat

    More From StyleCaster: How to Perfectly Shape Your EyebrowsLearn From a Professional!

  • The Trends Men Wear That Women Hate

    Dating Deal Breakers: When You Know It's Time to Get Out

    Guys, we've heard it time and time again and we get it --- you hate the trends that girls fall for. You can't stand our oversized sunglasses, you despise that we wear spandex as pants, and you detest how we insist on adding a belt to everything. Well, since we're all being honest, we're finally ready to issue a rebuttal, because guess what -- we're not exactly in love with the stuff you wear, either.

    You laugh at us for spending hours combing the racks for the trendiest pieces (which you later tell us look like costumes), but we too joke endlessly with our girlfriends about the silly things you put on. From your cargo shorts and bad leather shoes, it's time for a wardrobe overhaul, gentlemen.

    Here is our list of eight men's fashion trends we just can't stand.

    1. Graphic Tees (pictured above)
    We get it --- you heart party girls. From trite phrases to tacky screenprints, wearing these ridiculous tees might be one of the

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