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  • The Hottest Food Trends of 2009!

    As we close out the first decade of eating in the 21st century, here's a look at the most notable trends of 2009:

    1. Food Activism

    First Lady Michelle Obama started a vegetable garden at the White House. The documentary Food Inc. showed us how the industrialized food industry has become more dangerous than the tobacco industry. Alice Waters, one of the most prominent figures in the "slow food" movement, went primetime on 60 Minutes to show how changing our eating habits can improve our lives. And at restaurants across New York City, menus reflected a localized focus, listing the farms, butchers, and artisans who supply the chef's kitchens. Changing the way we eat became a rallying cry for many, and let's hope it continues even louder in the next decade.

    2. Twittering Food Carts

    A food cart was just a food cart until it became the carrier for gourmet waffles, artisanal ice cream, and authentic carne asada. With the rapid spread of Twitter, food carts became a cult unto themselves; if

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  • The Best Free Tools to Help You Find Your Dream Job -- Fast!

    With the ongoing recession, searching for a job is something that has unfortunately become a part of many Americans' daily routines. The problem is that not only can it be extremely time consuming, it can also be very tedious. Know that it doesn't have to be that way. There are many helpful online tools that if properly utilized, can make your job search become virtually stress and hassle free. Just follow these easy tips and you'll be racking up the interviews in no time.

    1. Do Your Research

    If you're at the beginning of your career or are going through a career change, you may feel overwhelmed by the vast number of possible options available. Start by reading up on topics that spark your interest by conducting a simple Google search. Thoroughly research the topic before taking the next steps to make sure that the career you're looking into is a good fit for your skills and assets. Plus, the more knowledgeable you are about the targeted industry, the more impressive and valuable you

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  • 10 Steps to Creating a Budget You'll Actually Stick To

    Image courtesy of

    We all wish we could save more, spend more wisely, and stick to our budgets--but with the average American hanging on to approximately $8,000 in credit card debt, budgeting is clearly not a priority for most of us. The problem is, saving and sticking to a budget is a lifestyle change, which is why saving money is about as easy as losing weight. But no worries--here are 10 great tips for budgeting and saving your money so that you can start making those changes easily and effectively.

    1. Be Realistic:
    Make sure your budget is realistic. Giving yourself close to no wiggle room will make following a budget more than miserable, and we all know the harsher the budget is, the less likely you are to stick to it.

    The 7 Types of Money Personalities to Avoid Dating!

    2. Recognize Past Habits:
    Before making your budget, look at your statements for the month and figure out exactly what all of your money goes towards.

    3. Determine Problem Areas:
    After you categorize

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  • Simple Steps to a Sexy Side Ponytail

    The winter weather brings all sorts of bad things-- cold wind, snow (okay, we kind of love it the first five times but then hate it the rest of the season), freezing rain--the list goes on. And, because of all these things, we tend to stop doing our hair in cute little summer styles. Chalk it up to hat hair, static, or whatever you want, but winter is not easy on our 'dos. Emily Baca of Platinum Salon showed us how to create a fun and easy new look that can go with any outfit (for work or play) that is actually quite easy to carry over from season to season.

    Check out our hair tips for the perfect ponytail

    Step 1:image

    Start with "second day hair" which will hold the look longer. If you have clean hair, you can always dirty it up with dry shampoo. If you're pressed for time, you can easily brush your hair and blow dry it quickly for a smooth, sleek look. If you are looking for an evening look or something more romantic, Emily recommends curling the hair a bit with a

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  • 10 Diet Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

    As 2009 comes to an end, too many of us are still eating loads of cholesterol, sodium, sugar, and unhealthy fats. We've made resolutions each year, but daily stressors and our constant time-crunch lifestyles lead to mindless and unhealthy eating. Here are ten simple steps to a healthier diet and lifestyle for 2010--so cross off your list of excuses and start January off on the right foot. Healthy diets don't require a major overhaul, just a few changes here and there are all you need.

    1. Don't Cut Out, Simply Add In
    Instead of depriving yourself of foods you love, start slowly by adding in healthy, wholesome foods such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables at each meal. Avoiding the foods you can't live without will only set you up for disaster. Moderation is key when you can't resist your guilty pleasure foods, so don't beat yourself up for savoring sweets. Just be sure to keep yourself in check throughout the rest of the day.

    5 Bogus Diets NOT to Follow!

    2. Watch Where Your

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  • Cleaning Out Your Closet for the New Year: What to Keep, What to Toss!

    Sarah Jessica Parker's Most Iconic Sex and the City Looks Here!

    Parting with items in your wardrobe is never easy, but one of the best ways to start the New Year off on the right foot is to clean out your closet. We all know that you can never have too many shoes, bags, and well...clothes, but keeping old trends in your closet gets in the way of a fresh new you.

    Do yourself some good and get rid of your tired attire by re-organizing your closet. Bring out the good citizen in you and donate what you no longer wear. Even though a piece in your closet may no longer suit your style, there are many people in need of warm clothes this winter. Unsure of where a donation center is near you? Go to to find a drop box or schedule a pickup in your area.

    Dating Advice: How to Get Out of the "Friend Zone"

    Toss Graphic Tees:

    Remember all those graphic tees you have stuffed in the way back of your drawers? Get rid of them. Graphic tees are only good for one thing: looking

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  • A Gossip Girl Stylist's Trend Predictions for 2010

    There are three reasons that the scandalous drama Gossip Girl has gripped people around the world. The first being the gorgeous cast. The second, the salacious gossip. The third, the fashion. Who wouldn't want to raid the closet of one of these New Yorkers? Well, now it's possible. Gossip Girl's head costume designer Eric Daman is now unleashing his styling tips to the masses in his new book, You Know You Want It. With the New Year upon us, Daman has made some trend predictions for 2010 and future episodes of Gossip Girl. Here are our 12 pieces to buy now to satisfy your future fashion cravings.

    1. Statement Bracelets (above)

    Daman predicts that 2010 jewelery will be all about cuffs and mixing materials. Really go for it and get a cuff that makes a statement with your ensemble. Pictured above is the John Hardy Gold and Sterling Silver Dot Cuff, $1,995, at (left), and the Lee Angel silver and Crystal Small "Charlotte" Cluster Cuff, $170, at (right).


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  • John Mayer Taking a Break from Dating (Plus 12 Signs You Should Too)

    Guess who's taking a much needed break from relationships?! And no, it's not Jude Law... Undeniable heartthrob, John Mayer, declared that after his failed attempts at relationships with well-known celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson, he will cease and desist from his once serial dating habits and remain unattached for the New Year. Don't get too sad ladies--we are sure that like most New Year's resolutions, this one won't last for long...

    Can't seem to make a relationship stick? Here are 12 signs that you should take a break from dating too.


    1. You can't (or won't) commit...
    If you constantly find yourself crushing on a new guy/girl every other day, you might have a problem. Step away from the scene; it will still be there when you're finally ready to handle a more mature outlook on relationships.

    2. You like your current crush's best friend...
    So the guy/girl you think you like has a really hot best friend and now you kind of like him/her a little bit more...

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  • Holiday Beauty Blunders: Don't Make These Makeup Mistakes!

    The upcoming holidays signal a time of parties, social gatherings, and moreover, a fabulous reason to get dolled up and try out some new makeup trends. Whether you're attending an office party, a family dinner, or meeting your boyfriend's parents, there are some cardinal rules of beauty to adhere by. Here are some makeup disasters to avoid so you can keep shining as belle of the ball.

    Dramatic Eyes and Lips

    Click here for simple steps to a sexy side ponytail!

    A smokey eye and a statement lip are great party looks, but wearing both at the same time is definitely overkill. Yes, both trends are current and classic, but together they look outdated--think '80s; and not in a good way. The key is to choose which look to wear; decide on which feature you want to enhance, either a full lip or sultry eyes. If you have an envious pout, why not rock a punchy red and leave the rest of your face minimal with just black eyeliner and a swipe of mascara? The same applies to a smokey eye; play up

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  • V Magazine Spurs Model Weight Controversy

    The ongoing controversy over the rail-thin gold standard in the modeling industry is one that some publications have openly addressed while others have continued to perpetuate with silence. But here comes a warning to all--even if you attempt to make positive commentary on an important issue, it can easily blow up in your face, as is the case most recently with V Magazine.

    Inside the January issue of the fashion mag is an editorial called "One Size Fits All," which we're assuming was an attempt to demonstrate that every body--no matter the size--can be equally beautiful, even in the same clothes. Over the course of several spreads, size zero model Jacquelyn Jablonski and "plus-size" model Crystal Renn pose opposite one another in--you guessed it--the very same sample sized designer looks.

    While the shots by Terry Richardson are colorful and crisp as always, and the similarity in appearance between the two models in uncanny, we can understand how V's purpose was misconstrued. Is it

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