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  • Don't Let Your Diet Give You Cancer!

    The sad, but true fact of the matter is that by now, most of us can't name a single person who hasn't been affected by cancer in some way. It could be your best friend's uncle, a co-worker in your office, or even someone in your own immediate family who has struggled with the disease. With all the research that's been done over the years, we still don't know for sure why one person develops the disease (sometimes the healthiest person you know) while your chain-smoking great grandfather is still cancer-free at age 99. So how do you help protect your body from becoming a part of the statistic when it all seems like such a crap shoot?

    What research has shown in the last decade or so is that the most significant way that you can work to prevent developing cancer, or keeping it from coming back, is to revamp your eating habits. Unfortunately, many studies have shown that medical doctors aren't trained thoroughly in basic nutrition, so eating recommendations often take a back

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  • What Was Your Worst First Date Ever?

    As if dating wasn't hard enough to begin with, you have the added pressure of awkward, uncomfortable first dates that can make a lasting impression. Then again, some of those first dates take it one step further, and become the kind of experience that you will recount with your girlfriends for months to come. At least if we aren't cringing we are laughing.

    Take a look below for just a few examples of the worst of the worst of these situations:

    The Unexpectedly Expensive Date:

    Every girl likes the idea of being wined and dined on a first date and it is great when he takes the initiative and chooses the place. The problem is that not everyone has the same idea of what is affordable or even appropriate. You can be on what feels like the best date ever until that critical moment when the bill arrives. Suddenly you flash back to how pricey the entrees were and think about that extra appetizer he ordered for you to share. Two things can happen; either he will take the

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  • Creepy or Not? Would You Buy Strands of Michael Jackson's Hair?

    This week, 12 strands of Michael Jackson's hair will be up for auction at the Edwardian Radisson Hotel in London. These precious (is, "precious" the word I'm looking for?) strands were collected by Ralph Cohen who was the executive producer on set during the infamous Pepsi commercial gone awry when Michael Jackson's hair caught on fire in 1984.

    These singed bits of hair are expected to bring in $1,600 when they go up for auction on Saturday, October 17. To put that amount into perspective, a clump of Elvis Presley's hair will be up for auction on Sunday, October 18 and is expected to bring in $12,000.

    You can preview the take when Jackson's accident happened below:

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  • The 5 Most Unlikely Spots For Romance

    We all probably find ourselves, at one point or another, day dreaming of the most romantic spots for first encounters with a significant other. Places like Central Park while walking on a sunny fall afternoon, a Grecian escarpment overlooking the vast Aegean Sea, or an enchanted evening in Italy at a waterside restaurant off the Amalfi coast might come to mind. As much as we'd all love to have a fairy tale ending, sometimes finding your soul mate can happen where you'd least expect it. Here are a few unexpected destinations that you might be telling your kids about one day.

    The Courtroom
    Now here is a place that might normally spark feelings of dread and skepticism. Whether it be jury duty or an appearance for a speeding ticket, no one would think that love could lurk where judges pound a wooden hammer for order... But it could happen. Just make sure he is not on trial...or that you don't talk to him during a trial...or anything illegal. Lawyers, maybe?


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  • Are You Paying Too Much For Your Haircut?

    We all know that cutting corners has become necessary in the world we now live in, but one thing that shouldn't be compromised is our hair. The cost of hair maintenance, however, is notoriously high: an average haircut in Los Angeles is $55, but of course can skyrocket to over a couple hundred. In Oklahoma City, the average cost of a haircut is $40, and in Chicago the price tag is closer to $65. Here are some solutions to keeping your hair cute, healthy, and cared for, all while adhering to an economy-mandated budget:

    1. Training Schools

    For trims and simple cuts, we recommend going to a training school such as Paul Mitchell's The School where a cut and style is $10. (Attention weak-of-heart: for drastic styling or color, consider sticking with a trusted professional.)

    These schools provide advanced training to their students, rendering them effective, competent stylists for a fraction of the cost of a professional. (For the truly brave, Bumble & bumble's

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  • Would You Date a Nerdy Guy?

    Ultimate artsy type Spike Jonze has had his fair share of hot women. Would you date him?

    The pop world has their Justin Timberlake, TV has McDreamy, and blockbusters have George Clooney. Though they may act too cool for it, the indie film scene has a pimp Casanova in their midst; Spike Jonze. The director of movies like Being John Malkovich, and the upcoming Where The Wild Things Are, Jonze has run the romance gamut when it comes to Hollywood dating, and he's done it with as little paparazzi coverage as possible. Reportedly fresh from breaking up with actress Michelle Williams, we take a look back at the seriously high-class women Jonze has snagged.

    Sofia Coppola

    After being close friends for nearly 10 years, Jonze and Coppola got married, and stayed that way until 2003, when they parted amicably. What a cute, shaggy-haired couple they made.

    Julia Hatfield

    Although it's unconfirmed when they actually dated, singer (and homeless ghost in My So-Called

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  • What Kind of Shopper Are You?

    Most of us love to shop. But just as we have different tastes in what we buy, we have different preferences for how we buy. Whether you're a thrift-store snob or an emotional shopper, you might be asking the question; 'What kind of shopper am I?

    The One-Store Shopper: Do you find yourself gravitating towards one store, no matter what you need? Are you constantly shopping that brand, whether in the market for new boots, a cardigan, or trendy jewelry? You store-loyal shoppers are commonly found at stores like Banana Republic and J. Crew; what store are you loyal to?

    The Bargain-Hunter: Can you be found in Loehmann's every Sunday, checking to see what their latest Barney's shipment brought in? Have you mastered the art of wrestling old ladies for the last size-8 shoes? If so, then you're a Bargain-Hunter. You know the layout of Century 21 and TJ Maxx as well as your own apartment's, and you aren't afraid to dig through a mess to find a good deal. But be careful; sometimes

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  • Red Lipstick 101: Which Shade Looks Best on You?

    Which is your perfect shade?

    Everyone has trend-envy. It's that one style or look that some people can pull off and, no matter how hard you just can't nail it. Mine is red lipstick. I've died over Gwen Stefani for years for just that reason and now that it has hit the mainstream, I wish my grandma were here to teach me how she perfected the look for years. I agonize over the Sephora lipstick counter and breathe a sigh of resignation when I end up buying eyeliner instead. However...I need to get over this, and so should you. Anyone can pull off a bright crimson lip...all you need is the right shade, a deep breath, and maybe some balls.

    Fair Skin

    If you're an Evan Rachel Wood, try a coral-y red. It will add a shot of color without overpowering your face. Try Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Fire & Ice, $8, at, or LORAC Breakthrough Performance Lipstick in It Girl, $22, at

    Tawny Skin

    If your skin is somewhere in the

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  • Does Your Guy Have a Secret Porn Collection?

    Porn first went mainstream in the '70s, with the breakthrough film Deep Throat. Constantly questioned by religious groups, disparaged by feminists, and defended by First Amendment advocates, the ever-questionable porn industry made a breakthrough into the hands of most men.

    In the traditional sense of porn collections, the trend use to be compiling as many videotapes and Playboy magazines as possible and hiding them from well, us girls. Now-a-days, you'll be hard pressed to find VHSs or even Penthouse hidden under your man's mattress (because we all know how good guys are at hiding things from us). But that doesn't mean that your guy isn't watching porn anymore.

    In Manhattan there's a XXX shop every 10 blocks, and we're pretty sure your guy has stepped in at least one of them. We're not saying he spends his afternoons shopping for X-rated material or even more than 15 minutes in such a shop. Hiding DVDs is much easier than magazines or VHSs. Stashing them in CD cases

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  • 16 Ways to Wear the Fall Fur Trend

    The upcoming release of the new movie Where The Wild Things Are has created a craze for shearling, inspired by the movie's beasts. And since fur was seen all over the runways as a major trend for fall, it may be a necessity for your wardrobe this season. Not all of us are capable of pulling off an elaborate full fur coat (and not all of us want to for that matter- for ethical reasons). For a more wearable look, pick up an adorable fur trim bomber jacket or sleek shearling gloves-- you will be sure to turn heads and no animals will be harmed in the process.

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