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  • How to Play Hard to Get

    When executed the proper way, playing hard to get can be an extremely powerful tool that will leave your crush (and most likely several other men) craving your attention. It's all about balance and moderation - don't be overtly eager or too elusive. Remember the whole point is to demonstrate your VALUE! Finding a happy medium can be difficult, but we've found some idiot-proof steps that will keep him coming back for more!

    Image of Superior Quality
    Okay, this doesn't mean it's time to turn on snob mode, it just means that gaining a guy's respect is important when playing hard to get... It requires a good understanding of yourself and awareness of your sexual imprint, meaning why you are attracted to certain types of men but aren't to others. Like preferring Lanvin over Emanuel Ungaro (thanks to Lindsey Lohan... see PFW, but still in general). At this stage flirting while out with your crush is important, but make sure to flirt with other guys in his presence. This is the

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  • 6 Trends You're Wearing That Guys Hate

    If you work in fashion, or around a lot of girls and gay men, you tend to dress more for yourself or them than with a "man-catching" mentality. I get chastised all the time by my roommate; she's constantly confused as to why I don't dress sexier or wear tight, short everythings. It's easy to forget that sometimes it's nice to try and impress someone other than Keegan Singh or Anna Wintour. Since we like guys for the most part, here are six trends they hate us wearing. Not to say you shouldn't totally rock them, but maybe leave them in your closet on a first date.

    Motorcycle Boots (pictured above)

    Unless they have a stripper or dominatrix quality, guys are more intimidated by stomping buckled and studded motorcycle boots than turned on by them. You're not Dog the Bounty Hunter, and he might be afraid you're hiding some kind of Harley Davidson fetish.

    Drop-crotch pants

    Wear a pair of drop-crotches around a guy who doesn't know you too well, and you''ll

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  • How to Wear 1 Piece 5 Ways: The Perfect Sequined Jacket

    Sequins are a huge fall trend that can be tricky to pull off.
    How and when to wear them is always a cause for discussion. I asked the StyleCaster girls to lend a helping hand by showing us exactly how they would incorporate this major fall trend into their wardrobes. Take a look at how 1 sequined piece can take on 5 completely different personalities.

    Meg Cuna makes sequins completely work appropriate by pairing it with slouchy, wide leg trousers by Helmut Lang and a simple white tank. You can't see, but she is wearing towering pony hair, leopard print Christian Louboutin wedges that have been swallowed up by her pants.

    Image 2 - 75647.jpgImage 2 - 75647.jpg

    Karen Wisdom plays with textures by adding a knit cap and patterned wool tights from Topshop. The bolero has updated all of those basic staples that you already have in your closet.

    Image 3 - 75648.jpgImage 3 - 75648.jpg

    Elizabeth Monson updates her weekend staples with a little sparkle. It is a great update to the classic stripped shirt.

    Image 4 - 75649.jpgImage 4 - 75649.jpg

    Carol Han is known for her glam style.

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  • 5 Relationship Books That Will Change Your Life

    After reading What Type of Girlfriend Are You, I decided that some self-help relationship books, or guides, if you will, might be desperately needed (like ASAP). Agreed?

    With that said, here are some remedies in book form that might help you change your relationship and life for the better. Plus, it's crunch time (must have boyfriend before the holiday season)! These books cover it all, from finding a guy, what to do with him once you find him, and even getting over a break up...

    1. Why Him? Why Her? By Helen Fisher, $16.50, at - The book offers a chemical/biological basis for four basic personality types and advice on how the four relate romantically.

    2. He's Just Not That Into You! by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo, $14.95, at - A fun, easy to read, yet sometimes a tad harsh book geared towards heterosexual women in need of a kick in the pants to get them on the right dating track. It is written by two former Sex and the City staffers (a

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  • 5 Products to Instantly Makeover Your Makeup Bag

    A girl's makeup bag often reflects a lot about her personality--some look like a second purse and are packed full of every beauty product under the sun, and others are tiny and concise and only hold the few products you need each day.

    Janice Chou for instance, has (or had before it was stolen out of her car...) the smallest makeup bag ever, but packs it full of stuff for Carol Han to take from her every night. So, just to make our lives easier, we have listed below the five must-have beauty products we think you need to be stuffing into your makeup bag each day:

    1. Maybelline Great Lash BIG Mascara in Very Black, $5.99, at

    This mascara is an updated version of the tried and true classic from Maybelline, and let me tell you-- it makes your lashes HUGE. I've used it for months now, and I'm sticking with the classics-- I don't even use an eyelash curler anymore (half because I'm scared of them, half because I don't need it.....)

    2. Clinique

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  • Are You Dressing Wrong For the Season?

    Change is hard...David Bowie knows it, She and Him know it, I certainly know it. That's why transitioning between seasons is especially hard for your wardrobe, especially when it means repacking some of your favorite cotton summer dresses and pulling out wool gloves. Sometimes it's just too hard to let things Alex Wang or men. Here are five items you can keep for the upcoming chilly months...and what you need to just say 'peace' to.


    Generally, sunglasses are known as a summer accessory, but in winter they're actually functional. When you wear sunglasses in cold weather, it shields your eyeballs from the wind, causing them not to water. This actually keeps you you don't have to pack your Pradas quite yet.

    Sheer Tanks

    Everyone rocked the sheer one-pocket tanks this summer, to the point where we said "enough! We're aware that you have nipples!" This fall, you can keep them in your wardrobe, but only if worn under a cute

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  • What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?

    This is a not a ridiculous quiz, because we know you better than that

    Multiple choice options may seem like the easiest way to get a feel for your role in a relationship, however, we've bypassed all of the tedious questioning and are cutting straight to the categories, so you can determine once and for all, what type of girlfriend you are. Here's a look at the top eight choices; decide which type you are, which type you'd rather be, and which type your best guy friend's girlfriend is, and email her this link!

    Loving and Loyal

    You are one of the few women who can actually be deemed honest. You don't cheat, you don't lie, and you are genuinely loving. Yes, you partake in the occasional fight, but your intentions are always to move the relationship in a forward direction, even if that means admitting you too were wrong. You show your affection in a natural way, by listening and supporting your boyfriend. You never put too much pressure on him and you expect the same in

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  • 5 Beauty Products You Should Never Try

  • Paris Fashion Week: Will The Runways Reflect the Poor Economy?

    Americans aren't the only ones feeling the effects of the struggling economy. Paris Fashion Week kicks off today, and people overseas are buzzing over whether or not the final set of spring 2010 collections this season will acknowledge the continuous decline in consumer spending and an obvious need for more affordable retail options. The question on everyone's lips: Will design houses like Chanel, Lanvin, and Yves Saint Laurent, known for their luxury goods, cater to the changing economic climate?

    While France boasts one of the largest economies in Europe (second out of 16 countries in the eurozone union), the country is still struggling to regain its economic strength; unemployment is at the highest it's been in three years at 9.5 percent. And as Fashion's Night Out firmly drilled into our consciousness, a decline in jobs translates to a lack in shopping. In August, consumer spending on manufactured goods in France dropped for the second month in a row.

    As the shows in

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  • Acne Alert! Your Bed May Be The Culprit

    You can do everything right: wash your face twice a day, scrub a few times a week, tone, moisturize, apply treatment…but acne still rears its ugly head! There may be just one tiny, missing link in your quest for clear skin: your pillowcase.

    As non-skincare-related as your linens seem, they absolutely affect your skin's health: they are what your face is making intimate contact with for eight hours (if you're lucky) each night. When it comes to your appearance, washing your face and washing your sheets are about even.

    It is important to wash, or at least change, your pillowcase every week, to prevent your precious skin from rubbing up on dirt, bacteria, dust, oil from your hair, and old make-up. These are the agents that can cause acne despite your best (and expensive) efforts to prevent it with a slew of beauty products.

    A few more tips for eliminating acne:

    1. Clean Your Cell Phone:

    Like our pillowcases, cell phones are seemingly innocent (on the

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