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  • Is Your Boyfriend Hiding You From His Friends?

    Dear What Men Want: I'm a 21-year-old teacher-to-be currently existing as a breathing reminder of all that is Long Island suburbia. My boyfriend and I have been together for three years now. After my first college roommate, a wealthy, too-sheltered, only child from Connecticut, brought him back to our closet-sized room and proceeded to pass out (making my now-boyfriend fair game), my instincts made me turn off the lights and turn on the makeout. Long story short, I single-nightedly won him over and soon after began what would turn into an almost blemish-free relationship. It is now three years later and our only issue is one that surfaced early on: a one-way street paved by my friends, and lined with my pride. Whether it's a birthday party, a night out for drinks, or just grabbing a quick bite, my friends always invite my boyfriend and even expect him to attend. But when his friends make the plans, not only is my presence never enthusiastically welcomed, it's not even

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  • Daily Desire: "Her Fearful Symmetry" by Audrey Niffenegger

    Object Of Desire

    Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger, $16.19, at

    Reason #1

    Indian summer is here, and what better way to embrace your last days lolling lazily outdoors than with a mysterious and eerie story set in Highlands Cemetery in London?

    Reason #2

    Niffenegger has created a patchwork of odd and captivating characters-- including American twins, an OCD crossword puzzle setter, and a cemetery scholar-- who are beautifully depicted and are gripping to read about.

    Reason #3

    When this haunting book inevitably inspires a film version starring A-list actors, you will already be in-the-know. Besides, it's good to read actual print from time-to-time, as well.

    More To Take You Into The Weekend From StyleCaster:

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  • Nicole Darmanin of Mario Badescu Shares Her Top 10 Must-Have Products

    Nicole Darmanin, Mario Badescu's public relations manager, definitely knows a thing or two about beauty... At 14 years of age she started her career as a "shop girl" in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Her love for fashion and beauty took her to New York City's FIT where she obtained a degree in Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing. Her experience in sales, product development, makeup artistry, spa management and public relations make her a force to reckon with. Here are her top ten beauty picks, be sure to take note. Then head over to 320 East 52nd Street to experience one of New York's best-kept secrets for a MB signature facial, attracting clients like Naomi Campbell and Martha Stewart, you'll be sure to get top of the line treatment.

    1."Besides making my blowouts last an extra day, this oil absorbing spray smells fantastic."

    KMS California Makeover Spray, $13.59, at

    2. "I live in sunglasses. These have a great shape and I love the cheerful color."

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  • Scoring a Date at the Apple Store? Genius Idea or Urban Myth?

    My friends and I are always on the quest for the next great place to meet guys. We thought we had exhausted all our options when we realized we still had unexplored territory: the Apple store. Apparently a couple years ago Cosmo proclaimed the Apple store to be the best place to meet men. This instilled the hope in single women across the country that they could, indeed, meet the love of their life among a sea of MacBooks.

    Having trouble finding love? Take some advice from the experts.

    I volunteered to be the guinea pig of the experiment, as my iPod conveniently happened to crash around that time, and I set up an appointment at the Genius Bar. I chose the time and location strategically: 8PM (most non-bartenders would be done with work) at the Soho store (5th Avenue being too touristy and the Chelsea store being a hot spot for dude-on-dude flirting).

    The selection did not disappoint. Here they were; the cute, bright, young men of New York City--the ones you

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  • The Best Fall Coats For Under $100

    The month of September brings back to school and preparation for colder weather to come. The first step is to find your perfect coat. We are all looking for a steal that won't break the bank but will still leave you looking like a million bucks. That's why we've given you these affordable options for under $100. Let your search end here; save yourself time and money with these flattering styles.

    Check Out More Fall Fashion For Less!

    1. Delia's green bomber jacket, $59.50, at

    2. Old Navy red cadet jacket, $69.50, at

    3. American Eagle Outfitters black moto jacket, $89.50, at

    4. American Eagle Outffitters black cadet jacket, $79.50, at

    5. American Eagle Outfitters black light peacoat, $69.50, at

    6. Delia's Adrian dress coat, $109.50,

    7. Delia's blue devin cuffed peacoat, $89.50, at

    8. Hurley black newman jacket, $72, at

    9. Fred Flare black and white pleated houndstooth coat, $82, at

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  • Style and the Real Woman: Aviator-Inspired Looks for Less

    The fall 2009 Hermes collection that propelled down the runway has inspired us to channel our inner Amy Johnson, a pilot in the 1930s whose runway accomplishments made her almost as well known as Amelia Earhart, and a record breaking trendsetter. The collection was filled with aviation-inspired pieces such as fur-collared bombers, leather jumpsuits, ultra-slimming suede boots, and Kelly bags. Pioneer your own jet-setting look this fall.

    Check Out More of Fall's Hottest Trends on a Budget

    1) Delias Kieran Bomber Jacket, $79.50, at

    2) Ricardo Beverly Hills Aviator Hat, $59.95, at

    3) Calvin Klein Sheer Orange Button-up Shirt, $48.30, at

    4) Topshop Leather Three Bow Strand Belt, $65, at

    5) Noble Youth Burgandy Wide Leg Trouser at

    6) J.Crew Toscana Shearling Gloves, $150, at

    7) Fred Flare Round-Framed Sunglasses, $11, at

    8) Forever21 Flying Rose Hoop

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  • Top Five Sex And The City Moments, In The Last 5 Seconds

    After we caught some of the first glimpses of the Sex and the City sequel filming yesterday, any speculations we may have had about the success of a second movie were put to rest. I mean, (is Rachel Zoe rubbing off on me?) how could any SATC fan...or New Yorker...not want to watch Carrie Bradshaw think out loud as she continues to write a column for a faux-NY newspaper all while miraculously making enough money to wear only the latest from Barney's second floor collection. We're pretty sure a writer's salary doesn't support a Madison Avenue studio and endless cab rides...sigh, I've got to find myself a Mr. Big.

    Digression over: the point is, after only a day of filming we've already been able to round up our top five filming moments from the last five seconds.

    #5: Cynthia Nixon's on-set personality, Miranda Hobbes, wears a cowl neck sweater, cropped suede jacket and white pants. The only thing worse than this outfit, (aside from the suede overload: shoes and bag)

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  • Our Top 6 Moments in U.S. Open Fashion

    So while some of us are gearing up for Fashion Week, with our MAC warpaint and high heels sans cleats, some of you might be more excited for something more universally considered a sport: the U.S. Open. Not wanting to discriminate (and maybe indulging in some good old fashioned sport-related fashion), we've compiled our favorite U.S. Open moments, from Anna Wintour sprinting from Phillip Lim to Roger Federer, to the Anna Kournikova's notoriously short skirts.

    Anna Visits Roger
    Being an avid fan of Roger Federer, Anna Wintour was found at his midday match at last year's U.S. Open, regardless of the fact it was smack in the middle of fashion's busiest week. Come to think of it...we guess Anna has been to Queens before. (Her t-shirt signing for Fashion's Night Out will apparently not be a first.) We love when you pop out of nowhere unexpectedly, Anna. What's next? Santo's Party House?

    Serena and Venus' Braids
    Although you should not follow every trend

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  • The Rachel Zoe Project: Our Top 10 Moments from Episode 2

    10. "Please don't try that on, Brad." -Rachel, referencing an Armani Prive dress.

    9. "Taylor, you're having a skinny day." -Brad

    8. "I pulled a Richard Gere and ordered one of everything on the menu." -Rachel

    7. "New York Fashion Week is like going to the Olympics. You have Diane von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs, and Isaac Mizrahi. It's like watching Kristy Yamaguchi skate." -Brad

    6. "I'm DVF-ing right now...excuse me." -Rachel

    5. "You wouldn't show up to the Gucci show wearing Valentino. That would just be fashion suicide!" -Brad

    4. "I love Fashion Week! You start the day wearing a pom pom hat, and end it at a party with Lindsay Lohan." -Brad

    3. "It's called recessionary Valentine's Day, Rach." -Rodger

    2. "Next thing you know, I'll be in a PETA campaign." -Rachel, while uncharacteristically wearing faux fur.

    1. " still have on the necklace..." -Diane vonFurstenberg, while Rachel walks out of DVF wearing a sample.

    More Zoe!

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  • Daily Desire: Military-Inspired Jacket for Under $100

    Object Of Desire

    BB Dakota Battalion Jacket, $79, at

    Reason #1

    There's almost no way you can afford Balmain, or any of the other military-inspired jackets from the Fall '09 runways (unless you max your credit card, or are Beyonce); this version is only $ insanely reduced price compared to Phillip Lim's.

    Reason #2

    Pairing it with a boho, floral dress and boots will underplay the whole "I'm in a war" thing, and it's a nice change from the usual peacoat or leather motorcycle jacket.

    Reason #3

    After seeing Inglourious Basterdstwice in two weeks, maybe taking a fashion tip from Brad Pitt isn't such a bad idea. Just, you know...don't start killing people or trying to trick Nazis.

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