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  • 5 Recipes to Make Your Easter Eggs Last!

    Best Easter Dresses for Spring!

    After Easter, I'm always left with a dozen hard boiled eggs in my fridge. After eating two of them plain, I find myself looking for ways to do something a bit more appetizing with them. Here's a a few simple and tasty recipes that will make sure the eggs don't go to waste after the novelty of coloring them has worn off. It may sound simple, but properly cooking the egg is key to making these recipes a success. If you cut into the egg and you see a green ring around the yolk, you know you've overcooked them-- and they'll have an odor of sulphur. Toss them out and try again.

    Perfect Hard Boiled Egg


    • 12 large eggs, room temperature

    Place eggs in a large saucepan. Cover them with cool water by 1 inch. Slowly bring water to a boil over medium heat. When the water has reached a boil, cover, and remove from heat. Let sit 10 minutes. Transfer eggs to a colander. Place under cool running water to stop the cooking. Eggs can be Read More »from 5 Recipes to Make Your Easter Eggs Last!
  • 5 Products That Boast Youth in a Bottle!

    Embarrassed About Overly Flushed Cheeks? Get Rid of Them Now!

    Anti-aging has been a hot topic among females ever since we learned that tanning was bad for us. (What, spreading oil over our bodies and baking in the sun can cause wrinkles? Who knew?) Now, there are those who slather on SPF daily to stay wrinkle-free and those who simply haven't caught on yet. That "other" group tends to reach for cures for crows feet forming under their eyes, dark circles, and lines around their mouths -- and they stock up on any anti-aging product they can get their hands on.

    As a beauty editor, a question I hear often is "are your 20s too young for anti-aging products?" Honestly, the choice is yours. However, most dermatologists say that it is never too early to start. According to Anthony Gonzalez, Avon's Senior Manager of Global Skin Care Product Development, "You should start as early as you can, obviously using SPF as a teenager to prevent problems, and starting with products to fight signs of

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  • Best Easter Dresses for This Weekend-- and All Spring Long!

    Doc Marten Celebrates 50 Years of Rebel Style

    The Easter dresses of our childhoods were often completed with tulle that itched and white tights that rested uncomfortably somewhere around our knees, with bunching around the ankle-- just to make them that much more flattering. Somewhere around high school we rebelled and wore dresses that were more appropriate for a house party, paired with chunky Steve Madden wedges-- our moms were not pleased. Now that we've grown up a bit, we'll skip the bonnet and opt for some family brunch-worthy frocks.

    Get Ahead of the Fall Trends!

    Below, find a selection of the best dresses in all shapes and sizes. Whether ruffled, maxi, asymmetrical, plaid, floral, or anything in between, these little numbers make for an utterly styling Easter Sunday and will remain wearable all spring long.

    Above, clockwise from top left: Black silk chiffon floral dress by Ralph Lauren Rugby; Cream star print dress by Isabel Marant Etoile; Mint broderie cup sundress by Topshop

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  • Most Fashionable Mother Daughter Duos

    Get Secondhand Shopping Savvy Now!

    Madonna is no stranger to reinvention, but this time she's admitting she had a little help from 13-year-old daughter, Lourdes. The mother daughter duo will launch a juniors' clothing line for Macy's called Material Girl in August.

    Essentially giving the stylish high school student full credit for the dance-inspired designs behind the label, Madonna was quick to keep Lourdes out of the spotlight (and focused on her studies) for now.

    While Lourdes hits the books, let's take a look at some of our other favorite stylish mother daughter duos.

    Carine Roitfeld and Julia Restoin Roitfeld:

    It doesn't get more glamorous than this. The French Vogue editor-in-chief is known for her edgy style, and model daughter Julia has been the face of several campaigns including Tom Ford's fragrance, Black Orchid.

    Faux Fur: Ease Into the Trend with Subtle Pieces

    Jane Birkin and Charlotte Gainsbourg:

    Icons through and through. Our inspiration boards are covered with pictures

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  • Faux or No? How to Ease Into the Fur Trend

    Get Secondhand Shopping Savvy Now!

    Chanel's Fall/Winter 2010 ready-to-wear collection featured an outrageous amount of woolly faux fur-- presumably inspired by the tauntaun of Star Wars. Copious amounts of the fake stuff was found on coats, pants, boots, and skirts. Considering that the Chanel clog spring trend sparked so many assured replies from our Facebook fans, we wanted to see how everyone felt about Chanel's upcoming faux fall trend.

    StyleCaster took a Facebook Quick Poll to see if fans wore faux fur. The general consensus was that faux fur is best worn as a detail. Below are three suggestions for how to subtly add and style faux fur pieces into your wardrobe for spring, summer, and of course into fall.

    Outfit #1 (above):

    Somehow, the lack of sleeves makes a faux fur vest a lot more tolerable and easier to wear than a full jacket. Pair your vest with a brightly colored, printed chiffon dress for an ultra-luxe bohemian look. Also, just because the fur isn't real, doesn't mean

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  • Chic Athletic Wear That Will Motivate Your Workout!

    Common Exercise Excuses and Why They're Wrong

    It's that time of year again! The days are longer, the temperature is rising, and you can finally put away those heavy winter coats. All of this can only mean one thing-- bikini season is looming around the corner.

    Rewind to three months ago-- right around the New Year, when most of us were reciting the same mantra-- get in shape, get in shape, get in shape. Somehow, between the many blizzards and all of the winter comfort foods, motivation to fulfill those resolutions may have fallen by the wayside. Not to worry, it happens to the best of us. Luckily, this time of year is perfect for getting back on the proverbial horse.

    You still have two months until Labor Day, when swimming pools officially open for business. The weather is finally heating up, which means you don't have to limit yourself to routine indoor gym workouts anymore. Skip the treadmill and opt for a run in the park instead, or take up something new-- try yoga or

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  • Make Your Eye Shadow Last All Day Long!

    Would You Wear Pastel Eye Shadow?

    When you take the time (whether it be in the morning or the evening) to apply a great smoky eye or a light shimmery shadow, it's rather disappointing when it's barely there an hour later. It takes multiple steps to layer it on and make it precise-- but one wrong move like crying during Up throws it all off.

    Maggie Ford Danielson, a makeup artist from Benefit Cosmetics, shows us how to apply our eye makeup for long-lasting wear.

    Step 1: (above)

    Apply eye primer on top of the eyelid. If you have a primer that goes all over the eye such as Benefit Stay Don't Stray 360 Eye Primer, apply the primer to under the eye as well. This will give your eye makeup an extra grit to adhere to and extend wear.

    Step 2:

    If needed, sweep concealer on under your eye to mask any bags.

    Day-to-Evening Quick Fixes From Makeup Artist Carmindy

    Step 3:

    Using a synthetic eye shadow brush with stiffer bristles to pick up the product, apply cream eye shadow to the crease and

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  • Top 15 Dating Mistakes Guys Make

    Okay fellas, the ladies have to hand it to you-- you do a lot of things to make our hearts swoon. You surprise us by taking the initiative to invite us out to dinner-- where we will undoubtedly enjoy a romantic meal by candlelight, talk for hours, spoon feed each other creme brulee-- wait a minute, are those your friends from college about to sit with us? And you wonder why we're mad later. Needless to say, sometimes guys trip up their own game with the ladies without even realizing it. Here's a list of the most common dating mistakes guys make-- so you can keep your game in check.

    7 Things in Your Apartment That Will Scare A Guy Away

    1. Overly possessive
    Stop. Just, stop. If the girl is dating you, she obviously wants to be with you doofus-- there's no need to call her every hour, resort to extreme PDA to show the world she's yours, or be on her back all the time about her guy friends. It's not sweet, it's stifling, and nobody wants to date a guy like that. Except that chick from

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  • Eyebrow Shapes: The Good, the Bad & the Crazy!

    Are your eyebrows more bushy than bold? More angry than arched? Find out how to determine the fine line between good and bad brows.

    Get Ahead of the Fall 2010 Trends!

    Remember when your mother refused to let you pluck your eyebrows because she claimed that you were too young? Your bushy brows probably made you look even more awkward in an already uncomfortable pre-teen phase that may or may not have also included braces and bad skin. Fast forward to the first time you plucked, threaded or waxed, and you most likely instantly looked ten times more mature and put together.

    We all know the importance of a good brow shape. Angles and arches can instantly frame your face, giving your features a more balanced look. However, what happens when brows are neglected, overly plucked, or start transforming into one single line of hair across your forehead? The unpleasant results are below in our-- The Good, The Bad, and The Crazy: Eyebrow Edition.

    The Good:

    1. Naturally Thick

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  • Get Ahead of the Top Trends for Fall!

    Now that we've had a full month to process the bevy of designs that made it down the runways for the fall '10 season, we've narrowed it down to the best of the best-- here are our favorite trends that we'll be emulating come summer's end.

    Our Favorite Fashionable Mother Daughter Duos!

    Best Updated Classic: Plaid

    Whether it came in the form of skirts, blazers, scarves, pea coats, or dresses (in velvet, no less)-- plaid was a fabric that got some serious play on the runways for fall. Rag & Bone styled it for the chic outdoorsy woman, Jill Stuart sexed it up with a draped tartan mini dress paired with over-the-knee lace up boots, and Chris Benz made it work appropriate with an embellished blazer.

    Left to right: Chris Benz, Rag & Bone, Rodarte, Jill Stuart, Peter Jensen, Tommy Hilfiger.

    Best Print: Gothic Florals

    High Waisted Jeans: Love 'Em or Hate 'Em?

    We've already talked your ears off over our current obsession with bright spring florals, but the fall '10 season brings in a moodier

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